The most useful time to run a titer test is after your puppy has received her initial series of vaccinations. Especially if you’ve limited that series to just one or two vaccinations, the last being after 16 weeks of age. The odds are you’ve just conferred lifetime immunity to your youngster.

Note: If you vaccinate your pup at six weeks of age, or even younger, there’s about a 50:50 chance that no immunity will result to distemper or parvovirus as mum’s colostrum has given your puppy antibodies against both, and those antibodies are preventing the vaccine from stimulating his own immunity. Mum’s protection is temporary though, hence the need for long term protection.

If you want to know how effective your vaccinations were in conferring immunity (i.e. did vaccination = immunization?), ask your vet to run a titer test a few weeks later. If there’s any measurable titer to the disease in question, your puppy has actively made immunity to the viruses. It doesn’t need to meet some standard of “protective” to be useful, it just has to be positive.

Testing yearly will eventually show titers that fall off, but that does not mean immunity is gone. It only means the antibody levels are waning. The body won't make more antibotides when there is no exposure to a virus. But, the good news is, cellular memory is still very likely present and should your pet ever be exposed to this virus again, BOOM, the antibody production factory fires up and the titer rises once again, and rather quickly at that.

So, it’d be a mistake to equate a titer that’s fallen with a lack of protection, and a greater one to think you need more vaccinations to re-establish protection. Immunity is still there, quietly, watchfully alert.

VacciCheck does NOT test for Leptospirosis, only distemper, hepatitis and parvo virus in dogs (different diseases are tested for in cats).

The nature of Leptospirosis means that annual vaccinations are required and there is not a titre test available that can give reliable results for long term immunity
(as VacciCheck can for DHP).

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