Northumberland and Durham  Collie Club Championship show 13.4.19

Rough Collie Dogs Critique

It was a huge honour to be asked to judge at this show. I have wonderful memories of showing here, especially with my Ch Rio Grande as a youngster, when he was awarded a top collie trophy for 2006. I did not have many to choose from, but happily the majority of dogs were the correct type, fit for function, even if some did balk at the floor.
Thank to the committee for the opportunity, my hard working stewards, and the exhibitors who gave me the pleasure of judging their dogs, and also my co-judge Rod Slater – we agreed every In Show award, so did not need the services of Jill Oliver, the Referee.  I have decided to critique every dog.

Minor puppy dog (2,0)
1st Blaikie’s Kourika Knock on Wood. 9 months on the day sable with a lovely clean length of head. Super size, substance and condition , he coped well with the floor. He had a lovely dark eye, erect ears and a masculine expression. His skull needs to flatten, but he has time on his side. BPD and with his overall quality and promise, he made the final 4 in the CC challenge. My co judge and I agreed that he should be Best Puppy In Show – congratulations!
2nd Wray Ramsden’s Takhisis Magic of Dreams. Lovely substance and temperament on this tri boy. I liked his flat skull and beautiful eye and expression, but he is a little less clean through the cheeks than the winner. He really enjoyed himself and moved freely. Excellent jet black coat, beautifully presented.

Puppy (1,0)
1st. Brown & Jopson’s Nithview This Is Me. 11 month sable a little unsure of the floor at first, but I could see his confidence growing as the class progressed, and he finally moved freely. He was a good size, with an excellent shoulder, correct length of back and rear angulation. I liked his dark eye, but I found him a little strong and deep in back skull and I would prefer more underjaw.

Junior (5,1)
1st Randall’s Ladnar Balthasar. What a lovely head on this young blue. Super flat skull, no coarse breadth or depth of backskull. Correct stop, lovely moulding of foreface and super correct sized and shaped dark eye giving a sweet expression. This boy is not the biggest, but his head fits the rest of him. He is at the dreaded teenage stage and a little high over the loin at the moment, but he moved freely. He made the final 4 in the CC challenge, and I look forward to seeing him mature.
2nd Welsh’s Thistlewing Rhapsody. This young sable had better angulation than the winner, but was not quite as refined in head. I would prefer a more oblique eye shape and more quality in skull and expression. He moved freely and has a lovely elegance about him.
3rd Ross’ Danfrebek Dizzy Rascal. This blue boy is a lovely masculine size, and his head fits his body. He has a nice length of head, and is maturing in body and he moved freely, with very good rear movement. I wish his colour was clearer, but his coat was the correct texture and well presented.
4th Radford’s Ladnar Stake Out at Fivejays.  Tri boy with a wonderful happy character, although the floor was not his friend. He had a clean head, but a little narrow in skull and long in foreface, which caused his eyes to be set a little too close together. His angulation was correct fore and aft, and what a super jet black jacket.

Yearling (1,0)
1st Brown & Jopson’s Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview.  23 month tri d with a beautiful dark eye and expression, and a lovely flat skull. His head could be cleaner through the cheeks, and I’d like more underjaw, but his expression was wonderful; so difficult on a tri. His angulation was correct, lovely shoulder. He was in excellent condition and coat. He moved freely, just wish he’d keep his tail under a little more under control.

Maiden (1,0)
1st Wray Ramsden’s Takhisis Magic of Dreams
Novice (1,0)
1st Wray Ramsden’s Takhisis Magic of Dreams

Graduate (1,0)
1st: Gregory & MClarty’s Phreelancer Phortunes Leap. Lovely, quality 2 year old sable in excellent coat, well presented and handled. Super balanced head, with correct eye, stop, flat skull, correct underjaw, moulding of foreface and excellent ears giving a lovely expression. He had an excellent shoulder, but was a little slack in top line and stands a little cow hocked at the moment. Some route marching road work could really sort this out, as he was very close to making my final cut in the CC challenge.

Post Graduate (2,1)
1st White’s Mejola Dangerous Liaison. Lovely 2 year blue, with much to like. Not really in coat at the moment, which made his correct body angulation visible for all to see. Super balanced head with lovely flat skull, correct stop and moulding of foreface and dark eye. When his ears were tip top, his expression was fantastic But, he totally hated the floor. Such a pity.

Mid Limit (1,0)
1st Benton and Smith’s Brooklynson El Dorado. This 2 1/2 year sable has a lovely masculine head and super flat skull. Excellent ears and dark eyes give a wonderful expression. He needs time to mature and  drop in body as he is a little short in upper arm, but when he behaved he moved freely with a super firm top line. 

 Limit (2,0)
1st Welsh’s Karafaye Scotch Blend at Thistlewing. This 4 year old shaded sable was my star of the day. He ticked all my boxes and then some. I loved his correct, elegant angulation, definitely standing with impassive dignity and fit for function. He flowed round the ring, maintaining a level top line, and he could go on all day I’m sure. His head was splendid, masculine without coarseness. Super flat skull, correct stop, moulded foreface, correct ears and a super dark eye giving a truly noble and superior collie gentleman expression. In the challenge he stood out for me. Thrilled to award him his first CC. It is so exciting as he still has scope to develop further in spring of rib, which he will  with time, so my co judge and I awarded him Best Opposite Sex in Show, as the CC and RCC winning bitches were just more finished.
2nd White’s Mejola Fate and Fortune. Such a pity about the floor today, as I really like this boy, but he just would not move. I love his size and elegance, such masculinity but fit for function too. His head is balanced, with a lovely expression. He needs time to mature in foreface, but he is still so young. Can’t wait for him to be a magnificent 6 year old.

Open (3,1)
1st Quince’s Ch Karafaye Black Quillan. I gave this lad his first RCC as a junior, and was so delighted that he attained his title last year. He is a splendid dog in so many ways, lovely masculine but not coarse head, great ears and foreface, correct stop and flat skull. Super size and substance, fabulous jet black coat, gleamingly presented. He moved freely round the ring. The CC winner just had the better front angulation and a slightly darker and more oblique shaped eye. But I was so pleased to award him the Reserve CC. A super day for this clever breeder! Congratulations!
2nd Tipper’s Tiganlea Two Tone. Upstanding tri with a lovely shoulder, but he hated the floor, and was reluctant to make the most of himself while standing or moving. His head was  lovely and clean through the cheeks, but a little deep in skull, and I found his eyes, although super dark, were just a little small and deep set for me, and he was just not happy, so his expression did not appeal to me today. But I liked his  size and substance. I’d love to see him on the grass, then he’d be a different dog.

Miranda Blake - judge