Crufts 2019 
Rough Collie Dogs
Friday 8th March 2019

I would like to thank the Kennel Club committee  for inviting me to judge  my chosen breed at Crufts the Worlds premier dog show, Something which is beyond anyone`s  wildest dream as a young exhibitor so many years ago. I was both proud and humbled when looking at the catalogue after the show, to see entries from many countries. I would like to thank my exhibitors for  allowing me the privilege of judging their dogs and the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions showing the sportsmanship we have come to expect of collie lovers.  Many  thanks  must go to my steward Robert who on his own kept the proceedings running smoothly.

Nevertheless I  felt  a little  disappointed as I  thought  we should have had a second steward who could have saved a few minutes here and there, especially with our stalwarts of the breed who are feeling the aches and pains  following operations etc to keep them mobile. I`m not being facetious  in my comments as these are the people who are the lifeblood of our lovely breed and their skills and experience must not be lost. I just felt I received a  few black looks from the people who mattered as we had run over our allotted time, this may have  caused   a temporary hold up as  they were waiting for the big ring. I offer my sincere apologies, I personally like to feel that every dog and its exhibitor are  given the respect it deserves in being gone over and allowed to show its merits and movement off to the judge.

I found Type and size in most cases was exactly as  I like, I did have one exhibit overshot, still a small amount lacking underjaw, a couple who decided they would rather not be gone over, a couple of exhibits barely up to size. Also movement on some unplaced dogs leaves a little to be desired either in front or rear, but could be remedied with more exercise. Temperaments of most exhibits were excellent, one or two exhibitors not paying enough attention to the teeth, and just a little more attention to grooming doesn’t go a miss, If there is a knot or tangle the judge will always find it.  It goes without saying we had a lovely sized ring, and it was pleasing to see the dogs stretch out on the move.

A special mention for our Best of Breed  CH TIGANLEA TINKERBELLE  AT  REVDVICI, I agreed with my co judge that she should go forward to represent our breed in the big ring, We all waited with fingers crossed and Tink along with her capable handler certainly did not let our breed down she stood and moved doing everything that was asked of her, we can`t ask for any more Well done !!

The first class of the day was Veteran 11/4.  What a fantastic class with some quality exhibits on show


At nearly 12 years of age, one could be forgiven for enquiring if he was eligible for the veteran class as he belies his years, I loved his overall make and shape, his temperament is just one of his wonderful virtues he possesses. He has a balanced head,  nice rounded muzzle,  lovely clean foreface,  clean stop, beautiful dark almond eyes , ears which he used  non  stop , that helped give him a wonderful expression, he has underjaw and his dentures are so clean for his age. He has a strong neck into well laid shoulders, ample bone to his front legs, he has a good spring of rib and good depth of chest, nice length of back, well boned short hocks with neat feet. He possesses strong hindquarters  and his thighs are so well muscled, with a  good turn of stifle. His coat was meticulously presented . He is so sound and covered the ground with effortless ease, I was later pleased to see him awarded the coveted Best Veteran in Breed albeit on the referees decision over a top quality lady. I note both of which had travelled across the Irish sea.


It gave me pleasure to go over this lovely dog, he also is a worthy Ch, just into his 7th yr so a new kid on the block with the oldies, He`s  a really glamorous Tricolour, with a fabulous white shawl which showed his neck off, I really liked his head pattern,   balanced with correct stop, again the eye shape and placement I was looking for, not a showing fool but when his ears are lifted boy what an expression, so many of his attributes were as the winner, lovely front well boned legs, lovely feet, he has a body of good length excellent rear quarters again lovely short hocks. His profuse coat preparation was first class and a credit to his owner. He moved with drive and purpose, I really was splitting hairs when I made my decision,  A quality exhibit and a credit to his owner both in handling and presentation.

3rd Mr C P Bartram, AQUALITA  ONE LOVE,

 Rich sable 7.5 yrs. He has a balanced head piece, Good stop , with nice rounded muzzle, not quite the eye of 1  and 2. He has a good body shape, with a fitting coat he held his top line on the move with a good length tail kept nice and low and presented a pleasing picture when moved

Minor Puppy,   3/0


An unusual name as one would expect a Blue or Tri,  but no he is an upstanding Golden Sable with a wealth of coat,  he possesses  a lovely wedge head , balanced with excellent  back skull, rounded muzzle well filled foreface,  clean stop, he has the sweetest of eyes, neat ears giving him the most appealing expression, he has ample neck, lovely front, super boning, neat feet, I found it hard to believe he was only 8 months old as he possesses a good rib cage, excellent body shape, nicely  fitting tail of good length, fabulous rear quarters with short hocks, he moved with drive and his handler certainly got the best out of him


 Just 8 months but such a baby, one could almost mistake him for a bitch, He is a tricolour with a flashy white collar which shows he has neck, his head is in balance with his size, although his stop needs to clear, and for me his eye was a little full , he used his ears and certainly wanted to please his owner, I hope he grows on  as at the moment I would like a little more size,body and bone. He handled well for his owner but his movement is still a little loose both front and rear, although he has time on his side

3rd Mr and Mrs S Newton, FIOCARA  BRAVE EXPLORER.

Puppy, 6/0    


  A rich sable with a striking white shawl, he has a good body shape with fitting coat, he is nicely boned both front and rear with neat feet, he has a pleasing head pattern, just enough stop with flat back skull, sufficient  underjaw, correctly placed ears and he has  a good eye placement, I liked his rear angulation  he was well muscled in his thighs for a youngster, he has a good tail length carried correctly and he presented a pleasing picture on the move

2nd Mrs and Mr A Esser and Otner, SKABONA  BLACKJACK ( ATC AV2326 SWE)

 Tricolour as his name suggests, well built young lad, excellent boning, He has a balanced head piece just enough stop and he excels in back skull with parallel planes, pleasing eye shape and placement, and ears correctly positioned, he has a good body shape and he is really well muscled in his hindquarters for a youngster. He is well off for coat with a large white ruff. He was a bit bouncy on the move, but given the chance his handler eventually got him to settle and he moved reasonably well, he certainly enjoyed the outing and was not fazed  by the surroundings

3rd H and R Brown and Jopson, NITHVIEW  THIS IS ME,

Nicely balanced puppy still plenty of growing to do, his coat presentation was excellent, good length  head with sweet eye giving a pleasing expression, I would like a little more underjaw. Just needs time

Junior 14/2

 1st Mr B and Mrs Hawkins and Foy, BELDONES  BLUE  ECHO,

 What a cracker this young lad is, just out of puppy by a day and so mature for his age. He is the most lovely colour merle so well broken, he has a fabulous coat fitting his frame,  his head has to be gone over to be appreciated, as it is a lovely wedge of good length with flat  backskull, rounded muzzle with plenty of underjaw, correctly placed stop the sweetest dark eyes and along with his rich tan facial markings he has the most wonderful expression. He possesses a strong neck into good shoulders, he has a deep chest and super boning, his feet are oval and tight, he has a good spring of rib, excellent body shape with  fabulous rear angulation,  he has a tail of good length carried correctly, his handler certainly showed how he could move as he covered the ground with effortless  ease. He is just so sound with a superb temperament,  I had several breeders who possess fabulous skills on preparing a show dog this kennel is one. I was so pleased to award him the Reserve CC in the challenge. He really has an exciting future ahead of him.

2nd Mr G and Mrs M and Mrs L Walker and Richie, NORSKA  DE REMEMBER OUR LOVE FOR  STARLENGA,

Soundly built Tricolour with gleaming  black coat, and another with a flashy white collar,. He  presented such a lovely picture both standing close to and also away from him, he has a head of good length with a nice well filled foreface and underjaw, clean stop, correctly placed dark eyes of lovely shape,  helped give him such a dreamy expression. He has an excellent body shape, well off for bone front and rear, and he has a nice turn of stifle with short hocks, very sound and made a pleasing  picture on the move, he was  unlucky to meet 1


Striking head pattern, good eye shape and placement, used his ears giving a lovely expression, nice reach of neck, nice overall body shape under his well broken merle jacket, performed well for his handler.

Yearling a lovely class with quality beyond my lower card  placings.

12/0  1st Mrs G M McEntee, GERIAN  SUNDAZZLE,

 Soundly built golden sable not quite two years old  but in good body and  his coat fitting his frame to show his excellent shape, he has good bone both front and rear, super rear angulation  with well bent stifle and lovely short hocks. He has a balanced head, with nicely rounded muzzle good foreface , clean stop, with correctly shaped and placed eyes, along with neat ears, the whole  giving a pleasing expression, he possesses a good arched neck into correct shoulder he has a nice topline,  he  has excellent  rear angulation, his coat presentation was excellent and he set a pleasing picture on the move


 17 months. Yet another quality golden sable, not quite in full jacket, but so well presented, and he was so expertly handled  he was so attentive to his owner, many of the above attributes apply to this youngster as he is quite similar in type, I found him slightly deeper through stop but on saying that a lovely head piece with the sweetest dark eyes correctly positioned , he used his ears non stop, the handler really getting the best from him, as I’ve already said good body shape, I loved his boning and his strong quarters, he moved as well as I have ever seen him move, so unlucky to meet one, who just  had the edge on maturity.

3rd Mr P and Mrs M A Shipp, 17 months, NO MORE  HEROES  DU CLOS DE SEAWIND

 Golden Sable Pleasing body shape, his coat fitting his frame, with no exaggerations, he has lovely bone both fore and aft. I liked his turn of stifle and short hocks, He has a balanced head with flat skull, lovely almond eye correctly placed, he has neat ears. His owner produced the best out of him and he looked good on the move.

Post Graduate.

Another class with quality well beyond my minor placings  this enabled me to pull out extra  exhibits, 15/1

1st Mrs M A Hassock  CAMANNA  CODENAME,

 Not yet 18 months but so mature , he is all male and of correct size, he possesses a lovely balanced head of good length, well filled  back skull, as with many of my winners a nice mould to his foreface clean stop, the most lovely shaped dark eyes correctly positioned, he used his ears non stop and gave me the expression  I like he shows not an ounce of coarseness, he has a strong neck into correct shoulders, fabulous bone,   tight feet, he has a good spring of rib, lovely body shape, correct length to height ratio, as with all my winners a lovely rear assembly with well muscled thighs, something I’ve come to expect of  this exhibitor obviously the early morning runs on the beach suit this young lad, he has short hocks which  complete the picture, his coat presentation was first class and he moved around the ring with drive and purpose keeping a nice topline with correctly carried tail. Not quite in full coat at the moment. I can see the first two exhibits in this class having exciting futures.


 Blue merle well broken colour with nice tan, yet another who possesses a lovely white collar to accentuate his lovely reach of neck. His head handles well and is balanced, good underjaw , clean stop, ears which he could use, his eyes are correctly placed and give him such a desirable expression, he has a nice deep chest with good spring of rib , nice length of back , he like many other of my winners had the rear angulation  allowing him to show drive on the  move, again such a close decision, I just preferred the head pattern  and overall size on one.


3rd Mrs C Romelli,


Fine upstanding golden sable with a lovely headpiece, Nice moulding to foreface, clean stop fabulous eye shape and placement giving him a melting expression, his neck is shown off with a lovely white ruff, he has a good body shape lovely boning,  nice rear quarters, his coat fitted his frame and showed off his lovely outline, moved in unison with his handler who presented a sound picture on the move, for me he just needs to grow on and mature

 Mid Limit 8/2


 Just coming up to 2.5 yrs, Soundly built Merle, with balanced head, correctly placed eye of good shape, neat ears giving him a pleasing expression, yet another with a glamorous white shawl  as so many of them today, accentuating his reach of neck, he has a nice body shape and excellent top line, Tail of good length which was carried correctly, he is well off for bone, his merle coat was well broken and groomed to perfection, he moved with ease and presented a lovely picture on the move

2nd Mrs L Marques  DEANJAN  DYNAMITE  BOY.

 3 yr old golden sable, not quite in his full wardrobe, although  he has a  good body shape, just a tad small for me, he had a head pattern which I liked , nice rounded muzzle lovely eye set and along with his neat ears showed his inquisitive expression, he moved  freely although his tail  was carried gaily at times on the move. and this spoilt the overall picture

3rd Miss E Licini, KEYLINE  QUASAR, (ATC AT01569ITA.

A rich almost Mahogony sable, coat presentation was first class, pleasing head pattern  with nice clean stop, just a tad full in eye, he has a good front and lovely body shape, he is well muscled in his hind quarters. His owner really got the best out of him both moving and showing as his movement was outstanding, He painted a glorious picture on the move.

 Limit 15/1

 Mr B and Mrs O Hawkins and Foy, BELDONES TOM WOOD

 2.5 yr old home bred golden sable, I’ve only ever seen him from a distance and it was a pleasure to go over him, he is a lovely sized lad, with a balanced wedge, well moulded  foreface with good underjaw, clean stop, the most expressive dark eyes correctly placed, along  with his nicely positioned ear carriage he has a fabulous expression, he has a well arched  neck into a nice lay of shoulder, he has nicely boned legs with lovely neat feet, his rear assembly is  so well angulated  he has nice short hocks, his tail  is of excellent  length and  carried  correctly. All put together he held a good topline on the move. Coat presentation was meticulously  prepared and a credit to the owners, one that will be challenging for top honours I`m sure


 2.5 yr old home bred, a young lad that has so much going for him, once you get close and put your hands on his head it is

 so balanced  and a lovely length wedge ,  he excels in back skull, with correctly positioned ears, cleanest of stops, gorgeous dark eyes which are superbly  placed giving him such an inquisitive expression, he is a rich sable, he has many  of the virtues of the winner , super neck, well laid shoulder nice deep chest, lovely boning, I liked his overall body shape, perfect height to length ratio, correctly set tail, lovely rear assembly, I hope I don’t upset the owner as I had a word re grooming where only the judge can see and a little more emphasis on getting him to lift his neck to show off his outline on the move as this dog is of such quality and in my opinion will have a bright and exciting future if he takes note, which I`m sure he will.

3rd Mr and Mrs C Scott, CHANTIQUE  STAR DUST.

 Glamorous golden sable, he has the lovely head with nice moulding, clean stop, sweet dark eye, correctly placed  they are of the most lovely shape, I would have liked his ears just a little tighter but when  I lifted them he had the expression I wanted to see, pleasing body shape not in full jacket as I`m  sure I have seen him in a heavier coat, although it fitted his frame, he`s nicely boned both front and rear, carried his tail correctly and moved with drive, and was well presented, unlucky to meet to cracking dogs placed above him.

Open 16/3 

This was a fabulous class, and i was able to shortlist several exhibits that unfortunately  went card-less , excellent quality way beyond my five cards available,

Mrs K McDevitt, CH/INT/CH/IR CH CARONLEA  LUKIN  BLACK . Fabulous tricolour  as his name implies he has a jet black coat which sparkled and gleamed with not a hair out of place, he is an object lesson as to how to prepare a collie coat, He possesses a glorious temperament, he  is home bred sired by my  veteran winner, his head is balanced from the tip of his nose to his well filled back skull, he has well placed ears, lovely moulded  foreface and rounded muzzle, correct  underjaw, he possesses a gorgeous dark eye, perfectly placed, he has the most inquisitive expression one that just melts your heart you really could die for it, lovely arched neck into well laid shoulder good upper arm nice deep chest and along with his spring of rib plenty of heart room, he has lovely boning  with the neatest oval feet, excellent body shape, tail nicely set, lovely rear angulation,  good bend of stifle, so  well boned  with short hocks, which enabled him to move  effortlessly with drive and purpose around our well sized ring, he held his topline on the move, and looked good both fore and aft indeed from all angles. It gave me enormous pleasure to award him the CC in the challenge which featured several top quality exhibits.


 Double champion bred, and nearly six yr old, flashy golden sable, head is a joy to handle balanced with lovely moulding clean  and correct stop, superb eye placement of good shape, I was really  taken with his expression masculine yet soft when lifting his neat ears.  He possesses a  good  neck  with excellent front and rear assembly, nicely boned, well off for body with his coat fitting  his frame with no exaggerations and groomed to perfection. He moved with effortless ease


A  very popular Blue Merle and a big winner, coat of good colour, his white mane accentuates his neck, good length wedge, just a little reluctant to use his ears but when he does his lovely eye shape and placement  give him a fabulous expression,  he has nice rounded muzzle. He is well off for body maybe carrying a tad too much for me, he has a good length of back and strong front nice depth of chest, lovely angulation with excellent  turn of stifle. I like his short hocks, and feet. He has an abundant coat  well groomed and he moved as his handler requested of him although I felt 1 and 2 did out move him. This completed a trio of top quality dogs, just a mention for my 4th and 5th both teeming with quality just unlucky to meet the winners.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme, 8/1,


 Golden Sable head of good length ,nice foreface with dreamy eye, soundly built, good overall body shape. His young handler pulled all the stops out in presentation and  also on the move to demand the first prize. Movement won him the day.



JOHN T CATLIFF.  Judge Rough Collie  (Males)