Yorkshire Collie Club
May 2018
Best in Show

I would like to thank the Yorkshire Collie for inviting me to Judge BIS and BPIS

I found my winner and reserve in Smooth Collies.

Ms A  French        Breckamore Blossom 32mths old  sable/white bitch  lovely eye correctly placed. Flat scull with a slight but perceptable stop. Good under jaw all put together giving a lovely expression.     Beautifully balanced with  excellent reach of neck falling onto a good lay of shoulder. Correct front allowing her to move with reach. Level top line which she kept on the move and  strong hind quarters which gives her plenty of drive,  a real joy to watch

RBIS  BOS and BVIS  Mrs K & Mr R Russell

Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan  9yr old sable/white dog of good quality much the same qualities as my winner with enough bone and substance. Very masculine, with great presence. Overall two very nice examples of the breed I just preferred the overall look of the bitch.

BP Barrenclough Heart of Gold sable/white Rough collie 7mth old stood alone, very much a baby

 Judge Edith Pryor (Aqualita)