An enjoyable, but challenging day’s judging.

Overall, I thought that the bitches had more quality in depth than the dogs. Quite a variation in type, especially heads, with a few lacking the desired flat skull. Shoulder angulation was mixed, varying from good to virtually straight, and several lacked muscletone. All exhibits were clean, but a few would have benefitted from a good grooming of the undercoat. Some  looked the part standing but failed to move with the graceful power required.

Thankfully no short tails or very small eyes were apparent.  I was pleased with my main winners, and was delighted to see the BOB shortlisted in the Group.

MPD(10, 2abs). Some nice young puppies. 1. Gladwell’s Jotars Remembrance Dance. Promising 6m sable. Balanced throughout, with pleasing head for age. Nicely shaped well placed eye. Good bone, straight front with well laid shoulders, ribcage well developed for age. Well muscled, coat well presented, assured on the move for one so young. 2. Hassock’s Camanna Codename. Another promising puppy. 7m sable, mature for age with strong head, nicely shaped eye, kind expression, and well carried ears. Good angulation front and rear, good depth to chest for age, nicely muscled. In good puppy coat, well presented, not quite as positive on the move as 1, but another one to watch. 3. Brooker’s Corisian French Connection.

PD(5,1) 1. Cronk’s Culbrae Code Red at Chelborn. Well grown 11m sable. Well proportioned head , enough stop, good eyes and ears , attentive expression. Straight front with sound bone, well laid shoulders and deep chest for age. Well muscled, good turn of stifle, profuse well presented puppy coat, outmoved the others, BPD & BP. 2. Lockyer’s Riverside Song V I P With Gataj (Imp). 9m sable. Balanced with good outline. Strong head for age. Good  bone with straight front and adequate shoulder angulation. Well coated for age, moved OK. 3. Gladwell’s Sunswirl  Win Step To Jotars (Imp)NAF.

JD(5,1) Lockyer’s Think of Me Prince of Sunlight At Gataj (Imp). 12m sable. Nicely balanced overall body shape. Head could be a tad longer, but intelligent expression from  dark eye of good shape. Good set and use of ears. Well off for bone, straight front with adequate shoulder angulation. Strong, well muscled rearquarters, nicely coated, moved well. 2. Gladwell’s S Win Step to Jotars (Imp)NAF. 12m sable. Good overall shape. Skull a touch broad for me. Nice eye and expression. Well boned, adequate shoulder angulation, good depth and spring of rib for age. Movement needs to tighten. 3. Gallagher’s Kisalagi D’Artagnan At Galdana.

GD(5,1) 1.White’s Mejola Dangerous Liaison. 23m b/m of excellent type. Super  shape and outline. Nicely shaped and balanced head of good length. Well set and shaped eyes of good colour. Holds and uses his ears well. Arched neck, good front and shoulders. Plenty of heart and lung room . In good muscular condition with a quality well presented jacket. Free, fluent mover. Just needs a bit more overall maturity to trouble the best. One to watch. 2. Jones & Blackburn’s Erjon Early Edition. 3y sable. Strong, masculine head with nice eye and kind expression. Well boned with balanced front and rear angulation. Well off for rib, strongly muscled rearquarters with good turn of stifle. In excellent coat, just not as fluent on the move as 1. 3.Cooney’s Jopium Danny Boy at Lingwell.

PGD(5,2). 1.Lockyer’s Gataj Beau of Surprises JW. 2y tri. Balanced outline. Strong in head with good stop, perhaps a touch broad in muzzle. Well shaped eye giving soft expression . Nicely boned , good neck and shoulders with well shaped  deep ribcage. Well muscled with strong rearquarters, super coat colour and texture. Strode out freely . 2. Lister’s Jotars Platinum Moon At Newarp. 2y b/m with strong head and flat skull. Nice eye and expression. Well boned with straight front, adequate shoulder angulation and good depth of chest. Quality coat of good texture, not quite the movement of 1. 3. Corben’s Caprioara Prince of Thieves.

LD(9,2). 1. Gladwell’s Jotars Blue Moon JW. 4y b/m of nice type. Well balanced throughout giving pleasing outline. Masculine head without coarseness, nice eye and melting expression. Correctly set and carried ears. Strong neck, good shoulders and depth to chest. Good colour and texture to well presented coat. In hard muscular condition which showed in his fluent movement. 2. White’s Mejola Fate and Fortune. 23m b/m. Another of excellent type with good overall shape and balance. Correct wedge shaped head with soft expression from well set and shaped eyes. Nicely placed and carried ears. Pleasing arch to neck, good shoulder angulation with balanced rearquarters. In hard muscular condition. Just needs to mature a touch in body and a little out of coat at present. Easy, ground covering movement. 3. Hassock’s Camanna Colour Me Perfect.

OD(12,2).Quality class, some good dogs went cardless here. 1. Falletto’s It Dk Int Ch One Extraordinary Blu Di Cambiano. 4y b/m of impressive outline and balance. Clean, well balanced, masculine head, not coarse in any way. Super eye shape, set and colour giving kind expression. Well set ears. Lovely arch to neck, with good forechest. Well laid shoulders with balanced rear angulation. Ribcage with plenty of heart and lung room. Well muscled rearquarters with nicely turned stifles. Tight feet, all topped off with a well textured coat of excellent colour and marbling. Moved out well. CC, BOB and shortlisted in the Group. 2. Pryor’s Astrelita Dr No. 4y rich sable with lots to like. Well balanced overall with masculine head, correct stop, parallel planes and flat skull. Nice eye and expression, well set ears. In good muscular condition and well boned. Straight front, good shoulders and ribcage, nicely arched neck. In good coat with impressive mane and frill. Moved well. RCC. 3. White’s Ch Mejola I Am Persuasive.

VD(2,1) 1. Mellish’s  Demelewis Catchmydrift. 7y b/m. Nicely boned with balanced overall body shape. Well proportioned, masculine head with nice eye shape and set giving knowing expression. Good use of ears. Straight front, adequate shoulder angulation and well shaped ribcage. In good coat and condition, strode out well.  

MPB(6,0) 1. Milligan & Marley’s Ladnar Trust In Me. 6m b/m. Promising youngster with good overall shape and balance. Well shaped  head on arched neck. Nicely set and carried ears, soft expression from well placed eyes. Straight front and good shoulders. Coat of good colour, well presented, true on the move. 2. Beaden& Arrowsmith’s Saganan Blue Diamond. 6m b/m. Not as mature in body as 1, but well balanced with feminine head, nice eyes and ears. Adequate shoulder angulation, well coated for age, moved steadily. Another youngster with promise. 3.Boyle’s Barrenclough Golden Linnet.

PB(6,2). 1. Lockyer’s Beldones Coco Mademoiselle at Gataj. 10m sable.  Well constructed and balanced youngster. Lovely feminine head with correct stop and smooth muzzle. Kind expression. Nicely set and carried ears. Balanced front and rear angulation. Well bodied for age, good coat and presentation. Best mover in the class. Should do well when she matures. 2.Ware’s Monsolana Call Me a Star At Wassail NAF TAF. 9m b/m. Well proportioned young lady of nice type. Not as mature as 1 and still much developing to do. Head progressing on the right lines, good eye placement and expression. Nicely boned, in good coat and condition, moved steadily. 3. Wray’ Takhisis Aphrodite.

JB(10,3). 1. Lockyer’s True Colors At Prince of Sunlight at Gataj (Imp). Well presented 12m sable. Good type with strength to head but retaining femininity.  Nice eyes for set and expression, ears well tipped. Straight front, well arched neck, adequate shoulder angulation. Good substance to body. Well muscled, in good coat, well presented, covered the ground easily on the move.  2.Jackson’s Ladnar Steppingstones. 14 m b/m  Strong but feminine head, with flat skull. Nice eye and expression. Good body shape and balance. Well boned, adequate shoulder angulation, well off for coat, moved OK. 3. Growcott’s Lillyway Lemonade Blush.

GB(6). 1.Geddes’ Ingledene Spirit of Ecstacy. 18m tri of nice type, balanced all through. Good outline which she could not hide, being somewhat out of coat. Well shaped, clean, feminine head, nice eye and expression. Balanced angulation front and rear. Good bone and substance. Her free flowing movement won her the class. Gave the impression she could work all day. 2. Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Country Bumpkin. 21m sable with lovely head properties, nice eye and expression. Flat skull, ears well set. Good forechest, straight front, well arched neck, adequate shoulder angulation and good depth of chest. Enough coat to enhance body shape, just needs to muscle up at rear to provide a bit more drive. 3.Jones & Blackburn’s Erjon Eye Candy.

PGB(14,5). 1. Hodges’ Jopium Secret Fantasy JW. 3y sable. Excellent overall shape and balance. Correctly shaped feminine head with flat skull, well placed and shaped eyes, soft expression. Good earset, carriage and use. Nice crest to neck. Good shoulders and depth of chest, with balanced rear angles. Well coated and in hard condition. Presentation first class, free, fluent mover. 2.Macdonald’s Brooklynson Hepburn At Rossavon. 3y sable. Different type to 1, but also has attractive head properties giving sweet expression. Nicely boned with good forechest  and  front. Adequate shoulders and ribbing. In good coat and muscular condition with strong  rearquarters. Another who covered the ground gracefully with reach and drive. 3. Geddes’ Ingledene Lace N’Grace.

LB(12,3). 1. Randall’s Fata Turchina Ladnar Di Cambiano. 2y b/m. Good shape and balance giving nice outline. Well shaped, feminine head, showing parallel planes. Well shaped eye, sweet expression. Ears well set, but could perhaps use them better. Nice length to neck, straight front, good forechest and shoulders, deep ribcage. Well angulated rearquarters , in hard condition. Just needs a bit more coat to complete the picture. 2. Beare’s  Jemspark Maid In Secret. 27m sable of nice type. Balanced overall  with feminine head, enough stop ,good eyes and ears, sweet expression. Well boned with straight front, enough neck, good shoulders and balanced rear angulation. Well sprung ribs. Amply coated, good on the move. 3. Wray’s Beldones Pandora.

OB(12,3) Quality class, hair splitting decisions. 1. Gladwell’s Ch Monsolana Love N Kiss Jotars JW (Imp). Impressive 22m b/m. Excellent outline and balanced all through. Good head, flat skull, correct stop giving good eye set, with soft expression. Well set and nicely tipped ears. Good bone, notable forechest, straight front, well arched neck. Balanced front and rear angulation, substance to body. In full coat and in hard muscular condition. Good reach and drive on the move completed the picture CC. Close decision over  2. Hodges’ Jopium Love Heart JW Sh CM. 3y sable. Another lovely b with excellent shape and balance. Super feminine head with everything in the right place to give a melting expression from well placed eyes of correct shape. Flat skull, well carried ears. Nicely boned, good straight front, well arched neck. Good angulation front and rear, nicely ribbed. Well muscled with tight feet, in super coat, presentation first class. Movement a joy to watch. RCC. 3. Smedley’s Antoc Soul Diva.

VB(1). 1. Corben’s Capriora Tiahatian Pearl. 8y tri. Nice enough head, kind eye, attentive expression. Well boned , heavily coated. Well off for depth and spring of rib. Good arch and reach to neck, adequate shoulder angulation. Well muscled, frisky on the move, obviously enjoying life.

Mick Taylor