Southport and Birkdale Kennel Association
24th November 2108
Judge Steve Webb Shadowpark

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge such a lovely entry, all of the dogs were very well presented on the day.

Rough Collies

P (3,2) 1 Whittaker’s Siluto Over the Blue Moon
Nice B/m lovely sweet head with good muzzle, correct stop and ear placement. Good proportions and moved well but a little close at rear. Attentive to handler and nicely presented but coat needs to clear.

PG (3,0) 1Savage’s Pebleu Gold Reflection at Savataurus Lovely s/w boy well presented and in good coat, nice head with sweet expression, good reach of neck and used his ears well. Good spring of rib, liked his profile, front assembly and his overall construction, held his topline on the move, would liked to have seen just a touch more drive from the rear but that did not stop him from gaining. BOB G2

2 Whittaker’s Siluto Misterious Girl Nice 11 month tri girl with a slightly strong head but still sweet and with well rounded muzzle, correct stop,used her ears well, was very attentive to her handler. Moved with good reach and held her topline and was the better mover on the day over her litter mate to gain

3 Barrenclough Golden Linnet (Dr LW Boyle)

L (3,1) 1Whittaker’s Aniesh Misty Blue Moon of Siluto B/M with lovely head and eye, liked her proportions good angulation front and rear, stood with a nice profile. Moved well both coming and going with good reach and showed some drive. 

2 Barrenclough Heart of Gold (Dr LW Boyle)
Very nice 13 month s/w boy with lovely sweet head, good reach of neck, correct ear placement, in good coat, liked him a lot but would have preferred a slightly longer tail. Moved well, but 1 had it on the day.

O (3,1) 1 Boyle’s Monsolana Love Style over Barrenclough Tri with lovely deep black coat, nice sweet head with good under-jaw, well rounded muzzle and good ear placement. Liked her angulation and moved well, was attentive and well presented RBOB

2 Whittaker’s Jopium Magical Dream
A well proportioned tri girl with good head qualities with well placed ears which she used a lot giving a sweet expression. Nicely fitted coat, moved well with drive but a little close at rear today, well presented.


Shetland Sheepdogs

P ( 1,0) 1Spencer’s Balidorn Rock Star 8 month s/w with nice head qualities, correct stop and good ear and eye placement. Moved very well which showed in the puppy group placing, well presented BP, PG1 

PG (6,2) 1 Spencer’s Castlerose Northern Soul, nice B/M with clean head good eye and ear placement, good reach of neck. Liked his size and moved with plenty of drive. 

2 Barrowclough’s Shadowess Eternal Spirit, nice head qualities with good eye placement and head planes, correct proportions, moved well.

3 Gamble’s Solyric Original Gold


L (6,1) 1 Gamble’s Solyric Inaugural Gold JW A very nice quality girl 14 months I really liked, good head planes, correct stop and a nice arched neck. Moved very well coming and going, liked her angulation and profile RBOB

2 Savage’s Willowthorn Kobalt Star by Savataurus JW, Jun CH
B/m with lovely masculine head, nicely constructed dog, well angulated and moved well, tail was a little short for my liking, tough choice between 1&2 but preferred movement of 1on the day.

3 Ritchie’s Jaelis Mystique Eternity

O (2,0) 1 Ritchie’s Jaelis Mystique Reflection JW beautiful quality sable girl with a really lovely sweet feminine head with flat skull, correct stop and muzzle. Very nice in profile, graceful arched neck with everything in proportion, best mover of the day BOB, G3. 

2 Barrowclough’s Milesend Musical Lady. lovely sable almost 10 and in excellent condition. Nice head properties, good angulation and moved well.