Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain Open Show 2018
Smooth Collies – Special Award Classes

Thank you to the committee for your kind invitation to judge these classes, to the exhibitors for your valued support and to my fantastic and efficient steward, Mr Nigel Price.

Smooth Collie Special Award Puppy D/B (7,2)
1. Benton’s Oakestelle Artemis
Ten month old blue merle bitch. What a sweetheart she is, full of showmanship and promise at this tender age, she stood out for me on overall balance, outline and movement especially in the rear where she has good muscular control and drive for one so young. Holds her topline well on the move. She is an elegant girl, not heavily boned, but still absolutely fit for function. Her head is clean and refined and she has a nice almond shaped dark eye and a sweet expression. I would like her stop to be cleaner and would hope that this plus a little more moulding will come with age. Ears used well, showed beautifully.
2. Benton’s Oakestelle Asteria
Ten month old tricolour bitch, litter sister to 1. Very similar in her elegant and refined type and also perfectly schooled. Her head pattern at this age is similarly clean, with a sweet and endearing expression. She also holds her topline well on the move but I preferred the rear angulation and drive on the move of 1.
3. Johnston’s Foxearth Full Moon

Smooth Collie Special Award Post Graduate D/B (6,3)
1. Lusty, Williams & Hutchins’ Blamorder Ice Cream Dream
Blue bitch of almost two years with lots to like. Nicely marked elegant lady who had the best angulation both front and rear in the class. Her head planes pleased me greatly, parallel when viewed in profile, with enough stop, clean flat skull and nicely moulded foreface. Eye is dark, well shaped, sized and set and creates a soft expression. Ears well set, carried well and lightly tipped. She moved out with power holding her topline well.
2. Carpenter’s Plaisance Eva La Belle
Blue bitch, more heavily marked than 1. Presents an appealing and showy outline in profile. Forequarters not quite as well angulated as hind and so did not have the reach in front of 1 on the move. Nicely shaped and set dark eye but for me, she didn’t quite have the cleanness of head of the winner.
3. Moores’ Manordeifi Bow Regard

Smooth Collie Special Award Open D/B (7,1)
1. Benton’s Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle
What a delight this lady is. Still in good form, enough to trouble the youngters. She has a lovely head, with clean lines when viewed from any angle. Ears well set and tipped, used very much to her advantage helping to create a kind and enquiring expression. She is so lovely in profile with good angulation, and a nice length of back for her height. She moved out with lightness of foot yet real reach and drive.
2. Leach’s Manordeifi Dionysus of Hilltarn
Upstanding and masculine blue dog, handled very well to get the best from him. Head is clean, ears well set and tipped. Nice dark, almond eye, nicely filled foreface. Moved gracefully but not quite with the drive and power of 1 today.
3. Peacock’s Blamorder Back to the Start with Saraneth

Hannah Walder (Hanvale)