Northumberland & Durham Collie Club
Championship Show 14th April 2018


It was an honour and a privilege to get the call to judge at Northumberland & Durham Collie Club.   The first collie club we joined way back in 1988 at the invite of the then President the late Mary Tweddle of Arcot fame.  Many thanks must go to the current team of Jill Oliver and the  hard working officers and committee who help organise a super friendly well run show and my very efficient stewards.

Class1 Minor Puppy Dog 2-0
1st   Lockyer’s   Riverside Song VIP With Gataj (Imp Rom) What a fantastic way to start my judging with this 7 month old sable and white of real quality.  A lovely head and expression with a lovely sweet eye and well used ears. Good reach of neck and level topline giving a lovely outline. Moved soundly.
2nd    Savage’s    Peblu   Gold Reflection at Savataurus. Very promising 6 and a half month old sable and white, another quality puppy with many of the same attributes as 1 and only loosing out on coat and maturity. Nice head with level head plains, a sweet eye and expression and good balanced confirmation.

Class2 Puppy Dog 6-1
1st Lockyer’s Think of Me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj (Imp Hun). Excellent quality young male with a bucket load of promise at the tender age of 10 months.  Lovely head pattern with a sweet eye flat skull and rounded muzzle. Good reach of neck and level  topline  which was held on the move. Good depth to the chest and plenty of bone.  BPD  BPIS
2nd McEntee’s Gerian Dazzle. Another 10 month old quality young male with excellent construction and good bone. Nice eye and expression when he used his ears. Flat skull, well rounded muzzle and a good reach of neck under his enormous coat. Moved well.
3rd Hawkin & Foy’s Beldones Napoleon
res  Jones & Blackburn’s Erjon Eminent

Class3 Junior Dog 1-0
1st Cooney’s Jopium Danny Boy At Lingwell.   Lovely 18 month old sable & white dog with a masculine head and expression coming from a sweet eye, correct head plains, correctly set and used ears and a nice rounded muzzle. Good neck leading to a well angulated forefront with a nice deep chest and level topline. Moved well.

Class 4 Yearling Dog 1-0
1st    Kelly’s   Ballahanna   All Guns Blazing.  Excellent make and shape and superbly turned out, a real credit to his owner.  A nice head, with correct parallel head plains.   A sweet eye,  lovely expression when his ears were used.  Superb topline which was kept on the move. Good front and rear angulation and sound on the move.

Class 5 Maiden Dog 2-0
1st Locker’s Riverside Song VIP With Gataj (Imp Rom)
2nd Savage’s Peblu Gold Reflection at Savataurus

Class 6 Novice Dog 2-0
1st Locker’s Think of Me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj (Imp Hun)
2nd     Gibson’s   Dipdown   Midnight  Sernade.   Strong  male  of  good size.   A nice outline coming from a good reach of neck and level topline. Good black coat in good condition.  Movement could have been better.

Class 7 Graduate Dog 2-0
1st     Brown’s  Mertrisa Wild Fire.  A two and a half year old Sable and white of quality with an excellent expression coming from a lovely almond shaped eye, correct stop and well rounded muzzle, correct parallel head plains and that desired blunt wedge.  Good length of back, deep chest and turn of stifle and moved well.
2nd Campbell’s Culbrae Imagine.  Another 2 and a half year old sable and white of good size and sound construction which was evident on the move showing plenty of drive from the rear.   A well boned dog with a good length of back, correct tail set.  Slightly fuller in eye than 1 but a pleasing masculine expression.

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog 6-1
1st Scott’s Magical Moon Of Lowlands Green Valley For Chantique (Imp Fra) An excellent example of the breed showing masculinity and sweetness of expression at the age of 2 years.  This sable and white is in super shape with good bone and excellent front and rear angulation enabling him to move with assured soundness.
2nd Melvin & Jopsons’  Leeamanway River Phoenix At Nithview.  A three year old in super condition and sound construction with good fore and aft angulation enabling him to move with soundness.  A pleasing head to handle with correct head plains, sweet  eye,  correct stop,  rounded muzzle,  flat skull and correct placement of well used ears all giving a lovely expression.
3rd Johnson’s Sea Dreamers One And Only
res  Caplan’s Chantique Lover Boy Of Whitecraigs

Class 9 Mid Limit Dog 5-0
1st  Congdon’s Monsolana   Bounty Taste For Aaronwell (Imp Rus) JW ShCM.  A super three and a half year old tri in tip top condition and eager to show for his owner.  Excellent make and shape.  A nice deep chest, good bone with good angulation front and rear which was evident while moving.  Pleasing expression with clean blunt wedge head.
2nd Brown’s Jazzman Du Clos De Seawind For Mertrisa (Imp Fra).  Another  three and a half year old tri, in his prime.  A good outline with good angulation fore and aft.  A nice deep chest with well sprung rib and good bone. A nicely rounded muzzle with flat skull and a nice masculine expression.
3rd Hollinshead’s Starlyn Diamonds ‘R’ Forever
res  Fox & McGowan’s Alanita Acker Bilk For Westoak

Class 10 Limit Dog 4-0
1s t   Hodges’   Jopium Drifting Mist.  Quality blue merle, with good coat colour.  A lovely outline coming from a balanced reach of neck and length of back with good  angulation  front and rear.  Where he excels is in the head properties.  Lovely clean head with lovely eye and good ears which he used well and a nicely rounded muzzle all giving that desired collie expression.   Moved well.
2nd Brooker’s   I Am Fantastic Du Bois Des Amazones For Corisian.  Four and a half  year old sable & white with a lovely head and expression with a sweet eye neat ears and flat skull.   A big coat covering a well put together dog with excellent angulation front and rear and sound on the move.
3rd Slater’s Danfrebek Double ‘O’ Seven At Stanlox  JW
res  Mitchell’s Scottlyne O Kissagram For Avonfair

Class 11 Open Dog 7-0
1st    Tipper’s    Tiganlea   Too Good To Be Forgotten.  I’ve watched this dog for some time and I’m surprised but delighted to have made him up having seen him miss out a few times previously.  Beautifully constructed and in tiptop condition, this was his day in a very strong class.   A  lovely clean head and attentive expression.   Lovely reach of neck and good length of  back with excellent construction front and rear allowing him to move out with drive.  Crowning CC.
2nd Congdon’s Jugband Blues Du Clos De Sea-Wind Via Aaronwell (Imp Fra). So close to taking the top prize but I’m sure many will follow.  Another from the top draw and turned out as ever from this kennel in great condition. Excellent construction coming  from  a good reach of neck in proportion to his length of back with good angulation front and rear.   Lovely sweet eye well rounded muzzle, flat skull and correctly placed ears giving a superb expression. A well broken blue coat and moved well. Res. CC
3rd Cooney’s Ch Jopium Stole My Heart At Lingwell
res  Allen’s Lynmack Brooklyn Nights       

Veteran Dog 0


Judge Mr T. Iley (Ileyda)