January 2018

I would like to thank the Committee, for inviting me to judge and for their hospitality at this very well run show. I appreciate the difficulty in re-scheduling a show due to bad weather, and finding a new venue at such short notice. The hall was very bright with a good size ring. Also I would like to thank the exhibitors who had previously entered, but could not make it to the show, due to the change of date.


VET.D/B (1)
1) Harrison’s ELSHAJO LIL MISS MOONSHINE. Tri. Bitch of 8 yrs. Well marked with a jet black coat. Stood alone. Nice overall shape, round muzzle with a nice eye. Ears placed well on top, giving her a nice expression, moved well and thoroughly deserved her. B.V.

M/Puppy (1)

1) Gallagher’s KISALAGI D’ARTAGNAN AT GALDANA. NAF TAF (imp HUN) s/w in good coat. Good overall body shape and size. Tapered head with a nice dark eye and well used ears. Good length of back, and tail. A bit erratic when moving at the moment just needs a bit more time to mature and settle.

PUPPY (1) 
1) Broadhead’s RAHLISSA ONLY MAKE BELIEVE. Puppy of 11 months, well constructed flashy golden s/w. with a full white collar. He is a nice size and make, and in good coat. Balanced head with a nice dark eye. Level head planes, well placed and used ears. Enough neck, with good shoulders and top line. Nice turn of stifle. Showed and moved well. BPD.

JUN. (4) 2abs. 

1) McLaughlin’s MOONDANCE DE CABRENYSSET FOR BRIHOW. Handsome b/m, good clear colour with well broken markings, and a white shawl. Upstanding male, with a nice side profile when standing. He has a lovely balanced head, with a smooth well filled foreface, clean stop and flat back skull. Sweet well placed and shaped dark eye, set off with a good ear carriage, giving him a lovely expression. Good reach of neck and depth of chest. Well angulated and excellently presented. Good length of tail. Stood and showed well. Just needs to tighten up a little in his rear, otherwise he moved well. BD.
2) Cronk’s CHELBORN STORY TELLER. Well proportioned body shape to this Tri. He was in good coat and very well presented. Nice masculine head, with a lovely dark oblique set almond shaped eye. Tight set and well used ears. Good length to his neck, well off for bone. Well angulated front and rear, with strong hocks and a well carried tail. Moved ok.

NOV. (1)

GRAD. (3) Absent.

P.GRAD. (3) 1abs. 
1) Brown’s MERTRISA WILD FIRE. 2 yr. old s/w, with a huge amount of coat, which for me was a little too much, and I felt it slightly spoilt his overall profile. However that said, he is still an upstanding quality male, and his wealth of coat was very well presented. His head is balanced and he has a very soft melting expression. Lovely clean smooth moulding to his foreface. Very sweet dark almond shaped eye and clean stop, ears could be tighter placed. Good front with a good rib cage. Nice level and well held top line, with a low set tail. I would just prefer slightly more length of back. Nice bend of stifle and strong neat short hocks. Moved ok. RBD. 
2) Kenny’s LANLIN BENJI AT LEESAUND. Good overall shape and size on this s/w. Head is a bit finer than I like, but he has a nice dark eye, a clean well placed stop, and a good ear carriage which he used to advantage, well, angulated front and rear. I would just like a bit more substance. He moved ok.

LIMIT (1) 
1) Pointon’s BENTLY BLUE AT MONSOLANA OF ALDREEN JW. ShCM. Up standing b/m, He has a good textured coat which is a clear colour with rich tan markings and is well broken. Good conformation and size. For me I would prefer him a little shorter in length of head. Nice eye shape uses his ears but they are a little wide set. His back is a good length. He was very well presented, and moved positively.

OPEN (5) 2 abs. 
1) Brown’s JAZZMAN DU CLOS DE SEAWIND FOR MERTRISA. (imp. FRA.) Tri. dog, again with a well presented profuse coat. Well constructed with a good length to height ratio. Nice arched neck. Lovely expression, that is soft but masculine from a lovely round, smooth moulded foreface. Sweet dark almond shaped eye, good stop and ear set, straight front with a good depth of chest. Well bent stifle and short strong hocks. Steady mover. 
2) Boyle’s BARRENCLOUGH MOONGLOW JW. ShCM. Nice all round s/w male with a good profiled body shape. Head is well balanced and his muzzle is well rounded, with well filled checks and level head planes. He has a lovely eye and correct ear set giving him a soft but masculine expression. Good substance and bone. Moved ok. 3) Skinner’s NIKAL IT’S GOOD TO BE BLACK. 

1) Edward’s ELSHAJO CHAOTIC MOON. b/m. Sweet little bitch of 9 months. Nice colour, and very well presented. Nice moulded head, with a sweet dark eye and well set ears giving her a melting expression, lovely body shape, with a good length of tail, moved very well for one so young, a very promising puppy.
2) Patterson’s NINA RICCI DU BOIS DES AMAZONES FOR TREEVIEW. (imp FRA) another nice puppy, s/w also 9 months. At the moment she is slightly stronger in head than 1, lovely body shape. In good coat which was perfectly presented. Good under jaw and moulding. She has a very dark almond shaped eye, with a good ear carriage, giving her a sweet expression. Nice reach of neck, good shoulders and length of back. Showed free standing on a loose lead, moved well.

PUPPY (6) 2 abs. 
1) Tame’s RAHLISSA CHARMAINE. Litter sister to winner of puppy dog class. Rich coloured s/w, looked nice in profile, with a fitted coat of correct texture which was very well groomed. She has a balanced head with a lovely shaped dark eye, correct amount of stop and well placed and tipped ears, giving her a very melting expression. Well arched neck and good front and rear assembly. Good topline and croup. Stood four square and showed well. Her movement was one of the best on the day, very true in both directions, with good reach and drive. B.P.I.S.
2) Boyle’s MONSOLANA LOVE STYLE OVER BARRENCLOUGH. NAF TAF (imp RUS) Well proportioned tri with a jet black glossy coat. A bit finer in head than 1 but she still has a very sweet expression. Lovely shaped dark eye, neat ears and a lovely reach of neck. Well angulated with depth of rib. Bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Nice neat feet. Again one who was very good on the move. These are two very promising puppies.

JUN. (8) 3 abs. 
2) McDade’s FRIDENS CAPTIVATION WITH LYNDALE. (imp RUS) b/m of nice colour with well broken markings. Good textured coat and excellently presented. Nice body shape and condition, with good height to length ratio. Head is a good wedge and well moulded. She has a sweet expression with a lovely eye and ear carriage. Level head planes and flat skull. Well angulated with good bone. Carried her tail low when moving. 

NOV. (5) 4 abs 

GRAD. (5) 3 abs 
2) Boyle’s BARRENCLOUGH GOLDEN PEARL. s/w of just under 2 yrs. Looked good in profile with good conformation. In good coat which could have been slightly better presented. Head is clean with a sweet dark almond shaped eye, tight and neatly tipped ears, which gives her a very feminine expression. Stood and showed well and moved ok.

P.GRAD. (7) 2abs 
1) McDade’s BELDONES SWEET ILLUSION WITH LYNDALE. Her name suits her well. She is maturing into a really nice quality bitch. Rich s/w. correct body proportions. In lovely coat and condition, with lovely furnishings and immaculately presented. Balanced head with a well filled smooth foreface. Good underjaw lovely dark eye, well placed stop, with level head planes and a flat back skull, finished off with well set and tipped ears, giving her a very melting feminine expression. Good front and length of back, level topline with a slight rise over her loin, nice bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Showed and moved really well. B.B. and B.I.S. 
2) Edward’s JASHIKA SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND. And what a diamond, much to like about this lovely shaded s/w. excellently presented straight fitted coat of the correct texture, just lacking a bit of furnishings which would complete the picture. Nice conformation Balanced head with a sweet feminine expression. Nice set dark eye well placed stop and flat back skull, ears used to advantage. Nice bone, strong topline with a good croup. Neat well let down hocks. Good true movement. Very close between these two, just preferred the overall finish of the class winner. R.B.B. and R.B.I.S.

LIMIT (7) 5 abs 
1) Harrison’s CARIADHAF CLASSIC TOUCH. Lovely fitted coat and feathering on this well made pretty s/w, liked her for overall shape and size. Feminine expression with a sweet dark eye and well placed ears which she used well. Most attentive to her handler, who got the very best out her and ensured she was stood foot perfect and showed the whole time she was in the ring. Lovely arch and reach to her neck, good length of back and a perfectly presented coat. Positive driving action when moving. 
2) Cozens & Buckley’s BHYLLSACRE SECRET AFFAIR. s/w nearly 4 yrs. old. Well constructed Just a touch longer in body and head than 1. Nice overall make and shape. Nice eye and well used ears. good shoulders with depth of chest. Moved well. 

OPEN (5) 4 abs 
1) Growcott’s JOPIUM FASCINATOR. Glamorous mature tri who stood alone, but well deserved her place. Nice overall body shape, in full coat which was excellently presented. Balanced tapered wedge head, which is well moulded. She has a nice eye and ear placement, giving a lovely expression. Nice length of neck, with a good front, and depth of rib. Good bone and muscle tone. Bend of stifle with strong hocks and neat feet. Good on the move.

Judge Pauline Hornby