It was my pleasure to judge the dogs at this well run friendly show.  I would like to thank the committee for the invite and their hospitality.  Thanks also to my excellent


VD. 2 (0).
1st. Mc.Devitt's  Int.Ch. GB.Ch. Ir.Ch. Caronlea Lord of the Dance Jnr.Ch.
Hard to believe that this s/w is almost 11 yrs. Old.  Lacked coat today.  Good head properties, flat skull with correct almond shaped eye, well used ears, combined gives him a lovely expression.  Well put together which shows in his movement.

2nd. Welsh's  Ladnar Perfect Time at Thistlewing,  Good colour on this b/m with a big white ruff, flat skull, correct stop, well moulded foreface & good underjaw.  Good overall conformation.  He also moved very well.

MPD. 5 (0).
1st. Lockyer's  Think Of  Me Prince Of Sunlight at Gataj (Imp. Hun), At almost 9 mths.
this puppy instantly appealed for his overall make & shape, very clean head, eyes are dark, well shaped & correctly placed, flat skull & well used neat ears.  Loved his expression.  Didn't disappoint on the move.  Well presented. BPD.

2nd. Gladwell's  Sunswirl Win Step to Jotars (Imp.Blr), Another very promising S/W puppy, slightly shorter coupled than 1, but with many of the same attributes.  Just prefered better overall conformation of the class winner.

3rd. Jones'  Erjon Eminent.

PD. 2 (1).
1st.  Reed's  Aldreen Licence to Thrill,  s/w, who for some unknown reason was not happy on the day.  However, I was able to see he had enough good points to forgive  him being unsettled.  Well balanced head with flat skull, good eye placement.  When  asked to move, he was much happier & moved well.

JD 3(0).
1st. Cooney's  Jopium Dannyboy at Lingwell,  16 mths s/w in good coat, very good head pattern. Nice flat skull, correct stop, well moulded foreface, lovely dark eye, well used ears, moved & showed well.
2nd. Broadhead's  Rahlissa Only Make Believe,  Slightly bigger dog than 1, only a couple of days out of puppy so not quite as mature.  Having said that, he has a very well balanced head, good stop, well placed dark almond shaped eye, good length of back and good tail carriage.  Moved out well.
3rd. Cronk's  Chelborn Story Teller.

YD 5 (2).
1st. McLaughlin's  Moondance De Cabrenysset for Brihow (Imp Fra),  Impressive blue with big white ruff, his head was a joy to handle so well balanced, lovely well placed dark eye, well carried and used ears, giving lovely expression.  Good length to neck & back. Movement was fine.
2nd. Gladwell's  Moon Happy Jotars,  Another blue with a massive white ruff, who is also of good colour, slightly lacking in coat. Flat skull, good moulding to foreface with plenty of underjaw.  Well used ears, good overall conformation, moved & showed well.
3rd.Carvey & Rock's  Rashel One moment in Time.

MD 2 (0), ND 2 (0).
1st. Lockyer's  Think of Me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj (Imp.Hun)
2nd. Gladwell's  Sunswirl Win Step to Jotars (Imp.Blr)

GD 5 (0).
1st. Hollywood's  Amalie Lynmead Flying High,  sh/s/w with a gorgeous expression, so needless to say, eyes are dark almond shaped & very well placed.  Ears on top, nicely rounded muzzle.  Not the biggest of dogs but everything is in proportion, moved with ease.
2nd. Finney's  Bahatiview Bad Manners,  Blue in good coat, very well presented, stronger in head than 1.  Loads of moulding around foreface, flat skull, good eye placement.  Very well put together.  OK on the move.
3rd. Brown's  Mertrisa Wild Fire.

PGD 4 (0).
1st. Melvin & Jopson's  Leemanway River Phoenix at Nithview,  Golden s/w groomed to perfection.  Clean head with nicely placed dark eye, flat skull, good ear placement used well, ample length of neck into good shoulders, nice length of back, correct tail carriage, sound on the move.
2nd. Welsh's  Karafaye Scotch Blend at Thistlewing,  When stood foresquare & in profile this sh/s/w makes a nice picture despite being lacking in coat.  Although his head is not quite so well balanced as some, he does have a flat skull with correct eye placement & good ear carriage.  What he lacks in head properties he makes up for it with very good overall conformation which shows in his movement.
3rd. Page's  Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back.

MLD 5 (0).
1st. Hollywood's  Amalie Lynmead Say It Again,  Glamorous boy with a large white ruff, with the softest of expressions which can only be obtained by the correct colour, shape & placement of eyes.  Flat skull, correct stop.  A bit reluctant to use his ears today.  Good length of back, correct rear angulation.  Moved out well.
2nd.Llewellyn's  Stonhaven Pride Golden Touch For Salsina,  Golden s/w with a wealth of bone, very well moulded muzzle, flat skull, good eye placement.  Ear placement could be better.  Carrying a tad too much weight.  Moved OK.
3rd. Wells'  Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon JW.  SHCM

LD 8 (0).
1st. Waterhouse's  Born To Be Your Quite Famous Lynmead,  Not a flashy dog and needs to be handled to appreciate him.  His head is so well balanced with enough moulding & the most beautiful eye set, good stop, flat skull, used his ears well to give him the most appealing expression.  Good depth of chest & very well angulated all round.  Although not a big boy, everything is in proportion.  Moved well.

2nd. Brooker's  I Am Fantastic Du Bos Des Amazones For Corisian (Imp.Fra)
Judged this lad as a very young puppy & was pleased to see him here again today having now grown into a very handsome adult.  I was really splitting hairs in this class.
Most of the comments about 1, apply to this boy too.  Turned out to perfection, worked so well with his handler, showed non stop
3rd. Maxwell & Wallis'  Trenley Tatenen at Hamisks.

OD 9 (0)
1st. Congdon's  Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell JW SHCM (Imp.Rus)
When I first saw this 3.1/2 yrs old well coated tri with his large white ruff, which by
the way was very well groomed, as was the rest of him, I thought, “yes,nice dog” When I got to handle his head and saw his well moulded foreface, dark almond shaped eyes which are very well placed, neat ears which he used constantly, I then thought
“yes, very nice dog”.  His conformation did not disappoint either.  He has plenty of bone & substance, neat feet & good angulation which enabled him to move effortlessly around the ring.  I found out later that he had only met his handler a couple of hours before his class, so I would say that he is sound in mind as well as body.  It was my pleasure to award him 1st in this class & subsequently his 1st. CC.
2nd. McDevitt's  Ir.Ch. GB.Ch.Caronlea Lukin Black Jnr.Ch.
Tri who's jet black coat shone, he also has very rich tan markings.  Head is well balanced with level planes, correct stop, dark eye, ears carried correctly, nice length of neck into well laid shoulders.  Good length of back & rear angulation, sound on the move R.CC

Phil Amos.