London and Provbincial Collie Club Open Show

February 2018 - SAC Classes


I would like to thank the London & Provincial Collie Club for Inviting me to judge the SAC classes at their February 2018 open show. I had some lovely dogs to go over and I thank all their owners for my entries.

As always I'm a little nervous when I first start judging but once my nerves settle I want to do it all again. I hope my critiques have done your lovely dogs justice. The whole day was most enjoyable with a good friendly happy atmosphere.

Class A: Rough Collie Special Award puppy (3) 2

1st Jacksons Sassari Made Me Silver. 6 month old Blue Merle Bitch in good coat and very well presented. Correct ear set and carriage. Lovely eye giving a  sweet expression.  She has good bone with good tight oval feet. Correct length of tail. She was steady and looked happy while on the move.

2nd  James's Old Golden Gates  Fifty Fifty at Deanjan. 7 month old Blue Merle Bitch also in good coat and well presented. Similar in type to 1 but I just slightly preferred the head on 1.  Sweet eye and expression. Lovely ear set and carriage.  Good bone. Sadly she was not happy on the mats today but hopefully her confidence will grow.

Class B: Rough Collie Special Awards Post Graduate (5) 3

1st  Maxwell and Wallis's Trenley Tavanagh at Hamisks. 3 year old sable and white dog. Lovely dark eye setting off his masculine expression. He also has a lovely flat skull. He has good bone with good front and rear angulation. Steady on the move. Unfortunately he was a little reluctant to use his ears today.

2nd  Arrowsmith's Saganan Gundagai. 4 year old Blue Merle Dog. Well fitted coat which showed off his outline. However, I would have liked more substance. He used his ears when asked but I would have preferred a better ear carriage. He was steady on the move.

3rd  Lyalls Santalolys Sky Amidalas

Class C: Rough Collie Special Award Open (5) 3

1st Bentons Brooklynson Jane Russell Of Oakestelle. 3 year old sable and white bitch. Femenine young girl wearing a correctly fitted coat. She has lovely dark eyes and her ears are used well. She has a lovely outline and a good level top line. Both front and rear angulation are good. I love the character of this girl which always reflects in her personality and movement.

2nd  Randall's Ladnar Inkheart. 3 year old tri colour bitch presented in perfect condition. Her name certainly reflects in the colour of her coat as she is inky black. She has  Lovely dark eyes and a lovely ear set and carriage. Her head is slightly wider in skull and her stop is slightly deeper than I would prefer. She is a lovely shape and her feet are tight and oval. She is lovely on the move.

3rd  Lyall's  Santalolys Sky Amidalas

Class D: Smooth Collie Special Award Graduate (2) 1

1st  Benton & Bemelmans Oakestelle Asteria 9 month old tri colour bitch. This little girl stood alone but she did not disappoint. Lovely clean head with  correctly placed dark eyes. Ears well set and used to her advantage. Lovely length of neck which swept into a lovely top line. Good front and rear angulation. She is well balanced and has a good length of tail. She is forward going on the move. I am sure she has a good future ahead of her and will follow in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother.

Class E:  Smooth Collie Special Award Open (3) 2

1st  Bentons Oakestelle Venus De Milo. 4 year old Blue Merle bitch. Another well balanced bitch as are all the other dogs from this kennel. Clean head lovely dark eyes giving a kind expression. Good front and rear angulation. Lovely top line. Tight  oval feet. She is lovely on the move with good drive from the rear.

2nd  Bentons Alopex Marionette Of Oakestelle. 9 year old Blue Merle Bitch in tip top condition. No mistaking winner of this class and of the previous class are all of the same mould. They are all quality girls. She has a clean head with a good fill of muzzle. Ears well placed and used well. She also has good front and rear angulation. On the move she was steady and forward going.

Gina Stilwell