Championship show


I thank the committee for inviting me to judge this club show, on which I was a committee member for so many years. I had to wait for both the dogs and Smooths to finish before starting, this allowed me to watch the dog judging. I thank my stewards in keeping things running in good time. An unfriendly floor for Collies, and some dogs slipped on the corners, and I had to make some allowances for this. 

Veteran (7)
1st Margett's Amalie Let Me Be at Collingvale. JW. 9+ years s/w and in lovely condition and still in full bloom. Can show some of the youngsters how to move. lovely head pattern, refined wedge and correct stop, obliquely set, dark almond shaped eyes and well filled fore face with a good chin. Nice arched neck, firm topline and well developed chest, well made front and rear quarters. In good coat, moved very well, BVIS.
2nd Philpin's Tudorlyn Little Princess. Sh CM. S/W of 7 years, good for shape and size. Good neck and lay of shoulder, clean wedge head with a nice eye, good stop and flat skull. Well made front, good turn of stifle and a good mover.
3rd Coarhabeg Exquisite Via Caprioara.

Minor Puppy (3,1)
1st Nina Ricci -Du bois des Amazons for Treeview (Imp). First of many imports of the day. 7 and a half months s/w pretty bitch. A little apprehensive, but won this class on her shape and size. Good reach of neck, nice head and eye, good stop and moulded fore face. Well bodied, in good coat, well off for bone. Neat feet, moved very well.
2nd Lockyer's Harvest Moon Della Buca Delle Fate at Gataj (Imp). s/w of 8 months. lovely head pattern with a good eye and expression. Good reach of neck, good front and rear quarters. Another good mover. 

Puppy (7) Super class.
1st Riverside Song Raised on Rock Trenley (Imp). Judging is about compromising, and this was the case with this beautiful puppy. Absolutely blew me away! It has been many years since I have seen a melting expression such as this bitch has, just filled my eye with her lovely shape and size. Super arched neck enhanced by a full white collar. Her head pattern was to die for. Everything must be as near to correct to obtain this melting expression. Ear and eye set, dark and almond in shape, flat skull and good stop, moulded fore face, strength in undertow. Good lay of shoulder and length of upper arm, straight front and good width of chest. Not quite yet the depth, good topline with rise over loins, nice bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Neat feet, in full bloom. Now the compromise, when moving she slipped on the floor and did not gain her confidence to move at the correct pace on the mat, but her conformation suggested that she could. BP and in agreement with my co-judge BPIB and BPIS.
2nd Tame Rahlissa Charmaine. A  well known s/w of 10 months. Another beautiful puppy from this kennel and unlucky to meet the winner. Fits the bill, lovely head pattern with a sweet eye and expression, clean wedge, parallel planes and a nice stop and good earset. Moulded fore face. Arched neck, well made front and rear. Stood and showed well, moved with purpose and with good reach in front and drive from the rear.
3rd Rutherford's Riverside Song Unbreakable Heart at Kelbewood. 

Junior (8,1)
1st Rahlissa Charmaine.
2nd Gladwell's Ch Mohsolaha Love N Kiss Jotars JW (Imp Rus). b/m of good colour, lovely arched neck and body lines. Head handles well, good stop and moulded fore face. Good front and hindquarters, moved and showed very well.
3rd McDade's Fridens Captivation with Lyndale (Imp Rus). 

Novice (7,1)
1st Rahlissa Charmaine.
2nd Rutherford's Riverside Song Unbreakable Heart at Kelbewood. 3rd in Puppy and the same sire as the puppy winner, yet another import. S/w of quality, pleasing head patterns with dark almond eye. Good reach of neck, nice body lines and a good turn of stifle. Let down hocks, moved well.
3 Harvest Moon Della Buca Delle Fait at Gataj 

Yearling (3)
1st1 Gladwell's Ch Monsolana Love N Kiss Jotars JW (Imp Rus).
2nd Friden's Captivation with Lyndale (Imp Rus). B/m of nice type, having just judged in Russia, this kennel was my ultimate winner. This young bitch has the potential to beat the best. Nice head pattern, clean wedge and stop correctly placed, nice eye and good earset. Arched neck, very well made front and rear, when settled moved well. Needs time to settle in the ring and mature. 3 Hall's Sambreeze Whisper of Love.

Graduate (7) Mixed class.
1st Waterhouse's Gift Wrapped with Love Lynmead. Another type Collie from this kennel. Ideal for shape and size. Pleasing head pattern, well placed stop and dark, almond eye. Good neck and shoulder, straight front. Firm topline with rise over loins. Generous bend of stifle, let down hocks. Moved and showed well.
2nd Tame's Claudette at Rahlissa (Imp Serb). Yet another import, s/w of 2 years. Pleasing profile, nice head and good stop and eye in moulded foreface. Nice front and rear angles, moved well, a good honest collie. 3 Beldone's Sweet Illusion with Lyndale. 

Post Graduate (5)
1st Samhaven Momentum, have done this breeder well in the past, so yet another quality collie. She has a nice head and eye, flat skull and parallel planes, good stop. Nice front and rear quarters, moved and showed well.
2nd Blackmore's Derbyperk Dame Edna at Magenta. Same sire as MidL winner. Two and a half year old tri, have not seen her since a puppy. Growing into a lovely collie, sweetest of eyes for this colour. Very well made front and rear quarters, good neck and shoulder. Nice rear angulation, has a jet black fitted coat of correct texture and well presented. Handled well.
3rd Corben's Coarhabeg Helen of Sparta. 

Mid Limit (5,2)
1st Waterhouse's Lynmead Amalie Lady in Lace. 4 year old s/w, loved the overall balance and shape of this bitch. Correct in head, wedged in profile and top view, flat skull and correctly placed dark almond eye, obliquely set, moulded fore face, strength of underjaw. Well made front and rear quarters, good for bone and neat feet. Straight front, let down hocks. Firm topline, held on the move and nice reach in front and drive from rear. Quality bitch. Res CC.
2nd Dinnage's Bermajo Black Pearl at Bellcot. Up to size tri of 6 years, has a pleasing head pattern and lovely eye and expression, clean stop and parallel planes. Heavy coated, of good texture. Moved well.
3rd Rutherford's Treeview Tell No Secrets at Kellwood. 

Limit (6) Mixture of types.
1st Plank's Riverside Song Happy Ending for Rayvel (Imp). Another very feminine bitch from abroad. She has a lovely head pattern, sweetest of eye and expression, clean wedge and correct stop, kept well placed ears. Arched neck, firm topline and rise over loin. Well made front and rear with a good turn of stifle. Moved very well, came close to Res CC. Her coat was not at its best - her time will come.
2nd Lockyer's Gataj Fairytale Surprise. Good for shape, head handles well although a little strong for me. She has a sweet eye. Nice front and rear, moved very well.
3rd Growcott's Triburle Tissues and Issues at Lillyway.

Open (10.1)
1st Beldone's La Vita Bella for Hanvale. Like so many on the day this was my first sighting of this very well made bitch. Just 15 months, showed like a veteran. Up to size s/w, she has a pleasing sjape, head is clean wedge, flat skull, parallel planes and correct stop, moulded foreface, strength of underjaw and the sweetest of dark, almond eye, correctly set. Arched neck, well made front and rear quarters, neat feet and well off for bone. In good coat, well presented. One of the very few who did not worry about the floor mats, she drove with effortless ease, with good reach in front and drive from the rear. Every time I glanced across to see her standing correctly and showing, did all that was asked of her. Could not deny her the BCC and Res BOB.
2nd Growcott's Jopium Fascinator. 5 year old tri, sweet and feminine bitch, clean wedged head, flat skull and a nice dark almond eye. Good reach of neck, another good mover.
3rd Muir's Tiganlea Fairytale.

Dave Weller