Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge I was made most welcome.
The new venue was exceptionally good for the collie, plenty of room and a good surface for them to move on.
Was surprised to find a few with dirty teeth but most were well presented.
PUPPY DOG    3 (1)

  1. Savage’s   Peblu Gold Reflection at Savataurus    nicely presented gold sable ,  good head type, flat skull with no flaring, good ear placement,  correct conformation, moved well.
  2. Jackson’s   Ladnar Mr Banks,   tri, nicely made boy who moved well, head is correct but is lacking stop at the moment, not showing himself off today


  1. Brooker’s  Corisian French Connection   s/w  showing well, has good front and rear assembly, moving straight and true, lovely head with flat skull, good stop ,  soft expressive eye and correct ear placement gave the desired expression. Moved well. Well presented  BPD
  2. Brodie & Pirie,s  Shanaburn Clan Chief  tri who left his coat at home, nevertheless he is a nice boy with a sweet expression, and good angles, should do well when he matures
  3. Savages’  Peblu Gold Reflection at Savataurus


  1. Savages, Peblu Gold Reflection at Savataurus  1st in puppy
  2. Nealon’s   Ezzmare King of Hearts  Thought this boy would be my winner but on examination his backskull  is too broad not correct in the rough but conformation is good and he moved well


  1. Kelly’s  Ballahanna Bon Jovi   very nice sable boy, lovely head with flat skull and correct stop, lovely almond eye and well placed ears,  moved true coming and going, one to watch for the future

LIMIT DOG  3  (1)
1   McDevitt’s    Caronlea Charlie Brown   sable who was not happy today, movement was good  and he has a nice head and eye,  the way he is shown makes him look a tad long,   wish he would show on a loose lead would look so much better. Well groomed

  1. Kelly’s Ballahanna All Guns Blazin  lovely dog who would just not co operate with his handler, lovely type, well made with correct head planes not so positive in rear as 1,

OPEN DOG  5  (1)

  1. Nealon’s  Ezzmare Huggy Bear  my surprise of the day, Never seen this one before a real collie with a happy disposition, showing well and enjoying his day out. Lovely head with flat skull and correct stop, nicely placed almond eye, and good ear carriage all gave the desired expression .  Reachy neck,  good front assembly, and correct body shape, nice bend to stifle and short hocks enabling him to move with ease,  well presented coat of good texture.  CC and BOS

2    Congdon’s   Ch. Jugband Blues Du Clos De Sea-wind via Aaronwell   (Imp Fra)  Well known blue merle lovely clear colour and shown with wealth of coat. Conformation is excellent and he moved with drive.  Lovely expression when he chose to use his ears. Just looked as if he didn’t want to be here. Very well presented Res CC

  1. McDevitt’s  Ch. Int & Ir Ch Caronlea Lukin Black


1   Savage’s    Savataurus Only the Lonely Vet Ch   9 year old  tri boy enjoying his day out, coat is a good black and well presented. Moved well coming and going Has a pleasing expression
1   Walder’s   Hanvale Polly Shelby  8 months sable baby,  very sweet girl, standing showing off her virtues, lovely head with good eye and ear placement,  very positive on the move, well presented and handled, should have a bright future

  1.   Walker & Ritchie’s   Nelinka Remember Our Love for Starlenga   very close decision between 1st and 2nd   tri in good coat and condition,  pleasing head,  good reach of neck and good front, nice rear assembly enabling her to move well. Presentation excellent

2     Fort’s  Corisian French Tease from Shulune NAF TAF another very nice puppy,  not quite so sure of herself as 1  very pretty head and sweet expression,  movement is true although a little tentative

  1. Francis’s  Peblu Designed to Love

1   Corney’s   Peblu Gold Sensalton   gold sable  showing well for her handler,  correct head with good eye placement and well set ears, reachy neck and well put together, moved and presented well

  1.  Brodie’s   Shanaburn Soft Sweet Kisses  tri  of correct type  good head and conformation, movement is good although a bit erratic. when she settles will do well. Well presented

3  Drewery’s  Evalane Sticky Toffee Lolly

  1.   Francis’s   Peblu Gold Desire  lovely sable nothing is overdone in this little lady, good head with just the right amount of stop, correctly placed and shaped eye and ears nicely placed on top, when she used them gave me the expression I was looking for.  Good neck on correct shoulder,  nice bend of stifle and neat hocks  enabling her to move well . With a little more confidence she’ll do well.  BPB BPIS

2  Walker & Ritchie’s  Chantique Cinderella at Starlenga  very glamourous gold sable presents a lovely picture from the ringside, Head is a little broad and ears a bit wide but her eye is perfect and she has just the right amount of stop, front and rear angles are good and she moves well. Presentation as always from this kennel is excellent

  1.  Conways  Meryctin  Sparkle Forever at Alwaycon


  1. Congdon’s Aaronwell Aloe Vera   This one was reluctant to show off her virtues but when her ears were up her expression was lovely. Well made and moved with drive, well presented
  2. Kelly’s Samhaven The Dark Side of Ballahanna  tri who was out of coat, quite fine in bone but she has a good head and sweet expression. Moved well


  1. Fort’s  Shulune Cast a Spell   I have judged this one before, tri who was showing the best  I have seen her.  Correct head pattern sweet eye and good ear placement. Movement and presentation good
  2. Corney’s  Apatite Skyes at Yenroc  blue merle nice head with good expression ears are well placed and used well, A little upright in shoulder but moves well, good  presentation
  3. Magill’s Camanna Cloudy with a Chance for  Beltra


  1. Blakie’s Kourika Karizma     Beautiful girl, one I have given a Res CC to before.This time she went one better, Although she is not a showing fool, she has everything I was looking for. The most melting expression, difficult to achieve  in a tri. Her head is lovely with just the right amount of stop, pretty eye and lovely flat skull with ears set on where they should be. Correct amount of neck and good shoulder placement, nice rise over her loin and excellent bend of stifle with short hocks, She floated round the ring. Pleased to award her the CC.  her 3rd I believe .   BIS
  2. Brooker’s  Lovely Flower Du Bois Des Amazones for Corisian unlucky to meet 1. Sable bitch who showed her head off. She  has a correct head with sweet eye, good stop and well placed ears, reachy neck and good shoulder,  correct backend  Movement was good .Presented  and handled well  ResCC
  3. Walder’s  Beldones La Vita Bella for Hanvale



  1. Magill’s  Ir Ch Camanna Coloured Confeti at Beltra Jun Ch ShCm  lovely coloured blue merle. Good head, eye and expression and at 8 and a half was showing the youngsters how to do it. Lovely girl  BVIS
  2. McNally’s  Ir Ch Copymage Lily Langtree Jun Ch  sable girl showing well for her handler. Pleasing head with good ear carriage, moved nicely Pity she left her coat at home
  3. McDevitt’s  Caronlea Dixie Chick

                                                                Lyn Maxwell (Judge)