Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge at their well-run show with its lovely preChristmas atmosphere. I admired the precision management and the show seemed to run like clockwork so well done to all the team. Outside, the weather was not good but indoors the atmosphere was great and thanks to the exhibitors for presenting their dogs so well. The last time I judged the breed I had good reason to be very critical of the presentation of some of the exhibits but not so here. Thank you for a lovely entry, the quality was very good although flat skulls were in short supply but I was particularly pleased to have so many good movers - it’s obviously filtering through that I expect a Rough Collie to be fit to carry out its original function!

While I appreciate and like to reward a lovely head, I’m looking for the complete package which is correctly constructed and along with a beautiful head and expression, has the temperament, movement, coat and feet to do the job of herding for which it was originally bred. I thoroughly enjoyed my appointment and was very pleased to see my BP go on to PG4 later – Congratulations!

P (4,0a) Carlyon & Adam’s Dycoshem Sedona Belle. This well balanced g/s baby of 8 months deservedly won this nice class. So much to like about her, she has a lovely length of muzzle proportionate to skull, level planes, correct stop and perfectly positioned and shaped eyes giving a very sweet expression. Ears nicely placed and well used, all contributing to a delightful head. Enough neck and a really well made, workmanlike type of baby with the correct length of body, fabulous angles front and rear meaning when she moves she has a super length of stride, very easy on the eye, sound up and down and holding her topline. No weak hocks here. Lovely feet and in good coat of the correct texture. Overall, a very promising baby and a happy showgirl to boot. I really liked her and will watch her progress as I’m sure she will mature into a lovely adult. BP and very pleased to see her take PG4. Her litter brother placed fourth is the same lovely type but is very raw and needs to settle and tighten up. 2. Tame’s Riverside Song Xtra Sweet at Rahlissa. This bright g/s bitch was presented to the nth degree in great coat of correct texture with every hair glistening and gave 1 a run for her money. Slightly different stamp of head to 1 with enough length, good underjaw, held and used. Lovely length of neck and again very well constructed with super angles and in perfect balance front to rear. Slightly shorter in body than 1 but a lovely flow from head to tail and particularly nice over the croup. Moved with ease and so smoothly round the ring as one would expect from her construction, sound up and down with 1 just having a little more scope going round. I’m sure she will go on to do really well. 3. Shipp’s On My Mind Du Clos De Sea-wind (Imp Fra). Another well made puppy groomed to perfection but not as clean through the cheeks as 1 & 2 at this stage.

J (1,0) 1. Shipp’s No More Heroes Du Clos De Sea-wind (Imp Fra) Unexaggerated 13 mth old sh/s boy imported from the same stable as 3rd in the previous class and a similar type. Clean headed dog with enough length and underjaw, correct planes, stop and sweet eye. Ears well set and used. Reasonable length of neck which flows into lovely front with well laid shoulder and return of upper arm. Good bone down to super feet. Maturing in body which has just enough length. Well angulated rear with neat hocks, no exaggeration. In lovely fitted coat of super texture, groomed to a very high standard. Tail a touch short but well carried and he is a free and easy mover, holding his topline, sound up and down, extending and driving well.

PG (5,2) 1. Benton & Smiths’s Brooklynson El Dorado. Quality lightly sh/s dog of two years of a slower maturing type with a beautifully balanced head. Super length, planes, perfectly placed stop, so clean through the cheeks, sweet but masculine expression with beautiful eye, obliquely set. Ears perfectly placed and used well giving him the most intelligent, enquiring look when something catches his attention. Just enough underjaw. Plenty of neck which he holds well and it flows into a super lay of shoulder and return of upper arm placing his front well underneath him. Still to mature on in body which is of good length and needs to spring in ribs as would be expected. Rise over loin to well angulated rear but feel with maturity he will drop into himself a little more which will give added drive behind on the move. Good length of tail, great feet and full, fitted coat of good texture and density. On the move he is so sound and goes with a smooth ease, extending well in front and using his rear. In the challenge, against the more mature bitch he looked the youngster he still is and much as he appealed in head, for me he just needs time to reach his mature best and then he will go places. A well deserved RBOB. 2. Shipp’s No More Heroes Du Clos De Sea-wind (Imp Fra). See above. Preferred expression and length of body of 1. 3. Hanson’ Ambartr Plancee at Jards NL J Ch.

O (5,1) 1. Hanson’s Bel J Ch Ingledene Ebony Lace. This statuesque two and a half years tri bitch is not small but has great poise and balance with an almost regal air, fitting the general appearance section of the standard to a tee. At first glance I though she was going to be lacking in stop but hands on proved otherwise and it is perfectly acceptable. Super length of muzzle to skull proportions, the flattest skull of the entry, clean cheeks, well rounded muzzle and lovely chin. Almond eye, well set and dark enough. Lovely ears, well set, used all the time and perfectly balancing the head, all combining to give that queenly look. Super length of neck with arch flows in to a beautifully angulated front and matching angles at the rear. Height to length proportions are perfect and there is a lovely flow over her topline, gently rising over the loin and falling sweetly away over the croup to a long tail, low set hocks and good feet. Mature in body with good infill of chest which is of good depth and broad behind the shoulders. In full coat which is flat and dense with a harsh outer coat and soft undercoat, jet black, bright tan and showily marked with white. There is quite simply nothing out of balance or proportion and the more she moves the better she goes, so freely, with real reach and drive but lightly and without effort. I could watch her all day and she could work all day too. In the challenge I preferred her underjaw, maturity in body and rear drive to the PG winner who just needs more time. For me she was a most worthy BOB and quite simply a super example of a Rough Collie. In my opinion she is Champion quality and I hope she gets her just deserts here in the UK. 2. Shipp’s Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate (Imp Ita) I must say this exhibitor certainly knows how to present his dogs in immaculate condition. This bright sh/s of almost two years was a different type to 1. That said, she is another well made girl. Slightly shorter head type, clean through the cheeks with good fill of muzzle, obliquely set eye combining with well set and carried ears to give a sweet, almost cheeky expression. Not the neck or length of body of 1, she is well knit together with good angulation, totally balanced front and rear with good legs and feet. Another easy mover with a smooth gait, sound up and down but not quite the scope of 1. In good coat of the correct texture. 3. Stillwell’s Seryphina So In Love With Bellawave. Liked the type of this sweet headed seven years tri bitch, still able to move well but not the verve of youth of 1 & 2.