Driffield Championship Dog Show
20th September 2018

My thanks go to everyone involved in my invitation to officiate and to my exhibitors who accepted my decisions so graciously. I was very impressed at the quality of the youngsters in both sexes and places were all difficult decisions. Although many exhibits were changing coats all were presented very well. I still find it strange that one of the very few points of the breed standard that is not open to interpretation is often forgotten. Tails are to reach at least to hock many fall way too short sometimes only hair reaching the measurement point. It almost seems a tail going beyond the hock is a fault which it is not. While a short tail may seem a small thing it is a symptom and effect of other conformation and movement faults.

Puppy Dog)
1st Brooker – Corisian French Connection
It was a real pleasure to get my hands on this handsome s/w young man. He is a natural born showman giving his all. He has a lovely head and expression well constructed and his movement so smooth and true with a beautiful wealth of coat that was groomed to perfection. He was pushed very hard in this class and for BPIB.

2nd  Jackson – Ladnar Mr Banks
This handsome young tri has so much to like about him. His head and expression very well balanced and so appealing. Well constructed with lovely reach of neck and super shoulder and such smooth movement with reach and drive. It was a very close decision between him and 1st with only coat, maturity and that little extra showmanship splitting them. I am sure both these two boys will have very good futures in the ring and will exchange places often i know i would love to own either of these young boys.

Junior Dog
1st  Brown & Jobson – Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview
Lovely young tri who sadly lacks a full white collar but he has a lovely white fore chest and rich tan markings. Sweet head and expression dark almond eye. I think with a little time he will mature nicely but would like a little more bone. Well sprung ribs of good length and lovely rise over loin and one of the longest tails going beyond the hock. He moved nicely with reach and drive. 

2nd  Boyle – Barrenclough Heart of Gold
Sable and white with lovely head proportions almond eye giving a handsome expression. I feel he needs a little more length of body to allow a longer smoother stride but he is still quite young as he is still a puppy.

Post Graduate Dog
1st Rodwell – Coarhabeg Stormy Petrel
B/M  with full white collar and a blaze with rich tan markings. He is a lovely masculine male without coarseness with the happiest of expressions showing how much he was enjoying his day. Well constructed with wonderful depth and spring of rib and correct length of body to height ratio allowing his free flowing movement

2nd Scott – Aniesh Touch of Black
Tri boy with lovely rich tan markings and a huge white collar he really catches your eye but was a little reluctant with his ears. He is nicely constructed but when on the move he was very wide when viewed from behind and this did cost him.

Open Dog
1st Wray – Takhisis Trick or Treat
What can I say about this tri apart from I love him. He was only a youngster last time i judged him and said i hope he lengthens out in his height to length ratio and he has giving him the longer stride to finish him. His mind was often on other things today which almost cost him BOB but it took just one glimpse of that delightful heart melting expression and my legs just carried me to hand him the BOB

2nd Barron & Jenkins – Xcode Della Bucca Delle Fate at Rannalero
Also a Tri with a little more confidence this boy could go all the way and he has gained a real fan today. I had no hesitation on calling him for the Res dog position he just oozes elegance and floats when moving. My first 3 places in this class was such a high standard it was very close and could easily change on another day

Special Beginners Dog
1st Boyle – Barrenclough Heart Of Gold

Good Citizen Dog
1st Proctor – Wilmaranna Out Of The Blue For Cathbri
Handsome B/M with a lovely balanced head and dark eyes but a little reluctant to use his ears at times. Well constructed which showed in his movement and gave a lovely silhouette while standing.

2nd Scott – Aniesh Legend In Black
Tri who looks very much like his litter brother. He carried a little oxidation in his coat but will blacken off again when his coat changes. I felt he needs a little more rise over loin and the way his coat is changing spoiled his top line in silhouette though he moved very well.

Puppy Bitch
1st Ross – Danfrebek Dancin In The Dark
What a stunning young tri bitch. Her head and expression is wonderful if only she was mine. Well constructed throughout with wonderful height to length ratio. She was a little loose on movement but will tighten up with time. Also she carried a slight wave to her coat which will straighten with a little time as she gets her adult coat. I like her more than her father at this age and feel she will have a wonderful future that I shall watch with interest. B.P.B

2nd Milligan & Marley – Ladnar Trust In Me
A B/M bitch of wonderful colour and so well constructed with such a lovely expression she was unlucky to meet one in such form. Another lady who would love to come live with me please.

Junior Bitch
1st  Whitaker – Siluto Misterious Girl
I just could not take my eyes off this young puppy she simply owned the ring demanding attention. Very feminine young Tri with a wonderful expression constantly using her ears to the fullest advantage. Her huge white collar emphasises her lovely reach of neck and shoulders. She has a good length to height ratio nicely sprung rib of good length and depth with good rise over loin giving a lovely shape in profile.

2nd  Cook & Watkins – Whatacoo Blaze Of Glory
Lovely B/M with a wonderful almond eye her expression so soft and loving I just couldn’t resist her. Lovely construction moving with drive and covering the ground with ease.

Post Graduate Bitch
1ST Melvin & Jobs0n – Nithview Country Bumkin
S/W who was born to show she demands attention filling your eye. Her soft expression could melt the hardest of hearts. Well constructed with lovely reach and crested neck on good shoulders with well sprung ribs of good length and depth and correct rise over loin and balanced angulations. Her wealth of coat groomed to perfection moving with elegance, reach and drive floating around the ring. Res BB.

2nd  Clare – Ingledene Nitesky Of Skyeshelm
Lovely Tri who whilst being well constructed has a tendency to pace through being lazy rather than construction fault.

Open Bitch
1st  Randal – Fata Turchina Ladnar Di Cambiano
Beautiful B/M of good colour with a full white collar emphasising her wonderful reach and crest of neck. Pleasing head and soft loving expression as she gazed adoringly toward her handler. Her eyes both blue but very dark and soft of almond shape.Wonderfull depth,length and spring of rib and well ballenced angulations fore and aft with well muscled loin rising slightly. Movement smooth and always in balance and with drive covering the ground with ease keeping her top line at all times. Handler and dog always in tune with each other and groomed to perfection. (B.B .)

2nd Masterman – Wicani Wears Red
Golden S/W with full white collar. Very traditional in head of good length but balanced with good planes and almond eye. Her expression soft and intelligent. Very well constructed and muscles well toned which all showed in her wonderful movement which showed no sign of her 7 years of age. I thought very hard about her for Res BB because she moves so true.

Special Beginners Bitch
1st Boyle – Barrenclough Golden Linnet
Sable with full white collar. Very pleasing head and expression with well moulded foreface. I would like a little more of her in size but she is nicely constructed with plenty bone. Moved nice in profile and toward me but not so good behind.

2nd Selwyn – Breckamore Black No Sugar
Lovely Tri who is nice but couldn’t get her act together when on the move.

Good Citizen Bitch
1st  Boyle – Monsolana Madame Blues Over Barrenclough
I have admired this lovely B/M for a long time even proud to place her BOB when she came under me on previous occasion. She has a lovely head and expression but today she had left her clothes at home which was needed when in such high quality of competition. She is very well put together and moves so well but needed that little bit more today.