J – (6/1)
1ST – Cook & Watkins Whatacoo Blaze of Glory, 9 month old blue merle bitch, of good colour, nice wedge shaped head with flat skull, correct eyes, ear used well when required, presented good coat and condition, nice length of neck and level topline, moved well, just need to watch her tail carriage, which at times can be carried a little high, pleased to award her BP and to see her get Puppy Group 2.
2ND – Boyles Monsolana Love Style over Barrenclough, 14 months old tricolour bitch, wedge shaped head, flat skull and correct earset which she used well, appealed for shape with a good length of back and level topline, moved with drive, well presented, just inbetween coats today.
3RD – Flints Highnol Flaming Star.

PG – (2)
1ST – Boyles Barrenclough Heart of Gold, 6 month old sable & white dog, well boned, lovely head and expression, flat skull, ears used well, in lovely coat and condition, well set tail and level topline, moved with purpose.
2ND – Boyles Barrenclough Gold Linnet, litter sister to 1, similar comments apply, sable & white bitch, sweet expression also in good coat, just a little unsettled today on the move.

O – (4)
1ST – Flints Erjon Emma Jean with Highnol, feminine golden sable & white bitch, just turned 7 years old, one I have admired from the ringside for a while and was pleased to get a chance to judge her today, which I believe from her owner was to be her last appearance in the show ring, shame, because I think she still has a lot to offer, good wedge shaped head, with flat skull and correct eyes and earset, and super length of neck and back with a level topline, well bent stifles, showed non stop, moved with plenty of drive, I was delighted to award her BOB.
2ND – Cook & Watkins Aniesh Forever Blue with Whatacoo, 4 years old blue merle bitch, presented in lovely condition, her whites were sparkling in the sunshine, nice head giving a feminine expression, well used ears and flat skull, good length of neck and level topline, just preferred the more positive movement of 1.
3RD – Boyles Barrenclough Diamond Days JW.

Shelley Skinner (Judge)