Collie Club of Wales Open show

Date  – 06.10.18

Judge – Lynda Nicholas (Nickarlyn)

I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge the Special Awards Classes at their show. My stewards, Marina and Jo, for keeping things running well in the ring and of course many thanks to all exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to go over their dogs. A lovely friendly show – very special to me, as this was the first breed club I joined as a junior member over 40 years ago.


J D/B  (2 0)

1 Lockyer Think of Me Prince Sunlight at Gataj

Beautifully presented s/w dog of 16 months. Well set, correctly shaped dark eyes giving a sweet expression. Nice head that handled well, topped off with good ears that he used well. Good reach of neck, deep chest with correct body proportions.  Good substance and bone, angulations were balanced with good turn of stifle and short below the hock, presenting a lovely outline. Moved well around the ring keeping his topline with good coverage.

2 Cronk Chelborn Love Story

Pretty tri bitch just a baby at 8 months old. Still with lots puppy coat but already a nice black colour lovely rich tan, with typical collie markings. Feminine head, correct blunt-wedge shape and nicely placed/sized dark eyes. For her age good body proportions and angles, well off for bone.

Movement was a bit erratic, but learned later this was her first time out she just needs to settle and enjoy her day out.

PG D/B  (5 2)

1 Lockyer Takhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj

Sable and white 2 year bitch old that was ultra feminine and a real showgirl. Lovely shape and outline – good reach of neck and balanced angulations at front and rear. Sweet expression – lovely head lines, correctly placed eye, flat backskull and well placed, correctly tipped ears that she used to her advantage. Moved well with reach and drive and keeping a steady topline  

2 James Gerian Sunbarley with Jamesfair

Sable and white bitch presented in good order. Good body proportions but built on finer lines than 1.  Good foreface and underjaw, correct stop and dark eyes, but ears were a little bit low set. Good bend of stifle, moved Ok keeping her topline but I would have liked to see more reach and drive. Outgoing, bouncy personality.

3 Tungate Prince of Sunlight Let Me Love You

O D/B (5 3)

1 Smedley Antoc Soul Diva

Sable and white bitch with the most lovely melting expressing coming from foreface and skull, good head planes, lovely eyes and correctly set ears that she used just enough to give the angelic look.  Presented a lovely outline, good body proportions and a nice sweep over loins, sloping croup leading to a well set tail that she carried beautifully. You needed to check her reach of neck and front angulations with your hands, as her half collar can be deceptive on the eye -  but pleasing angulations front and rear. Nice bone and good ribbing. Presented in full coat. Could have shown a little bit more enthusiasm on the move

2 Margetts Collingvale Chardonnay

Sable and white 5 year old bitch that was a real showgirl. Good shape and outline – good reach of neck and balanced angulations at front and rear. Ultra feminine expression, with a head that handled well, but for me her ears were set a little too wide and heavily tipped. Well off for bone and lovely body proportions. Moved with ease kept her topline on the move and showed good reach and drive. Presented in full coat


J D/B  (3 2)

1 Moores Blamorder Ridin on a Rainbow to Manordeifi

Pretty tri bitch, a real baby at just 7 months old. For her age she had decent body proportions and bone, but time is on her side for her to develop and mature. Typical collie markings  Her head still has time and at the moment is a good blunt smooth wedge. However, I would prefer more obliquely set eyes. Probably still teething but at the moment her ears are very lightly tipped. She showed typical puppy movement – and was a happy girl in the ring and on the move.

PG  D/B (1 0)

1  Moores Manorfeifi Bow Regard

Sable and white male. Presented in good hard condition. Good head and all male expression, good foreface and dark almond eyes and correctly placed stop. Ears well placed but a little light on the tipping – but used to advantage. Well arched neck and adequate front but would prefer a little more ribbing. Correct body proportions. Moved with ease covering the ground – as his angulations front and back were good. A very friendly young man – with great breed temperament.

O D/B (6 4 )

1 Flower Breckamore Butterfingers

Lovely tri bitch that took my eye as soon as she came into the ring. She clearly enjoys her time and is a real showgirl. Her head handled well showing the desired smooth blunt wedge shape. Good ears that she used to absolute advantage – giving an alert intelligent expression. Dark, medium sized eyes but I would prefer a little more obliquely set – but still giving the desired sweet expression. Body proportions were good – excellent depth of chest giving lots of heart room. Good bend of stifle Lovely colour and texture of coat and presented in A1 condition Moved soundly, and kept her topline on the move.

2 Moores Tomaica Buttons ‘n’ bows at Manordeifi

Feminine 6 year old sable and white bitch. She has a lovely head with dark well shaped expressive eyes, and well placed stop.  Flat backskull, nicely tipped ears that she used well, but preferred the ear set of 1. Lovely arch of neck, enough depth of front and ribbing and correct body proportions – presenting a great outline when stacked. Covered the ground well.