Thank you to CCOW for inviting me to judge Rough Collie Males today.  Although not a huge entry, I found my final line up pleased me greatly and some dogs on another day will surely gain top awards.   

 I would like to thank the exhibitors for their entries on the day and giving me the chance to handle some quality exhibits.

Hind movement still seems to be a problem either lack of exercise and/or poor construction, our lovely breed is a working breed and should be fit for function and the show ring.  Nearly all were groomed to perfection.


Minor Puppy  3 Entries 1 Absent
Both these puppies were 7 months old..,  my winner was just a little mature in all departments
1st Lockyer Riversidesong VIP with Gataj
S/W dog .. slightly more forward all through and more together.  Head needs to clean a little in stop but this will come with maturity, pleasing eye and expression, stands and shows very well, has  ample neck and shape about him although would prefer slightly move length to back,  covered the ground well on the move  with correct tail carriage .
2nd Shipps Tremaro King of Dreams
Still rather raw in a few departments, he  is very shapely with a lovely length of back, needs to clean in stop and fill in muzzle, not as positive in rear movement as 1st.

Puppy Dog 3 Entries
1st McEntee Gerian Sundazzle
Now he caught my eye when he entered the ring in this class, standing presented a lovely picture.
On handling his head it certainly pleased for his age, clean cheeks, dark almond eye, well placed ears which he used very well and a correctly placed stop. Lovely reach of neck into a good front, length of back and good hind quarters with bend of stifle, he has good bone and substance about him.  On the move he stepped  out soundly front and rear with good hind movement and a correct tail carriage.  Very good coat and condition … I found him very appealing and thought he was deserving of the RCC over some very lovely adult males .  Can only continue to improve with age and will watch his future with interest .  Challenged his sister for Best Puppy my co judge and I agreed he should be BPIB .
2nd Jones & Blackburn  Erjon Encouraged To Be Blue
Very much a baby this blue dog was compared to the 1st, on saying that he has much to offer, his make and shape is very appealing, good neck and outline, bend of stifle, lovely bone and feet.  Head handled well good moulding to forface , lovely sweet dark eye and ears well set which were used enough giving a very sweet expression. At his first show and settled to the job in hand moving out confidently .
3rd Lockyer  Think Of Me Prince Of Sunlight

Junior Dog 1 Entry 1 Absent

Yearling Dog 2 Entries 1 Absent  
1st Scotts Mr Burberry Of Lowlands Green Valley For Chantique (imp fra)
Golden S/W .  Masculine head, strong in underjaw, well filled forface, good stop and good ears placement, used his ears well which gave a sweet expression .  He has a good reach of neck, good length to back., standing presents a pleasing picture.  I feel he needs to fill out in body a tad more and strengthen in hind movement .

Novice 1 Entry
1st Lockyer Think Of Me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj
3rd in puppy class. Standing presents a nice picture, had enough neck, level topline and shows well.  Good on the move with low set tail.    His head at the moment seem a tad deep through needing to clean in stop, has a lovely dark eye giving a pleasing expression, but is only a baby so plenty of time.

Graduate 3 Entries 1 Absent
1st Browns Mertrisa Wild Fire
Masculine S/W dog , carries a wealth of coat as did all from this kennel. Adequate neck  and length of back , his head has a very well moulded foreface, strong underjaw,  quite deep in stop and a sweet dark eye, his ears could be tad higher and perhaps used more to advantage, went well on the move but could be stronger in rear movement.
2nd Hollywood Amalie Lynmead Flying High
Dark shaded sable/white dog with a super head and desired expression, sweetest of eyes, lovely moulding to forface, good  underjaw with neat ears which he used well , very balanced throughout , moved out well straight front and rear movement correct tail, just not over happy with his surroundings today … sure he can improve on that.

Post Graduate 2 Entries
1st Llewellyn Riverside Song Hard Luck for Salsina
Very together s/w dog , not a big boy but a very appealing package.   I loved his head and expression,  good underjaw, very nice moulded forface with well placed dark almond eye and good ear placement , correctly placed stop all creating a sweet but masculine expression.  Ample neck and built on good lines throughout with well let down hocks, which showed in his sound movement, he has lovely bone and substance.  Shown in good coat and condition showed all the time… one to watch in the future.
2nd Scotts Magical Moon Of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique (Imp Fra)
Slightly longer in head and body than 1.  Head handles well but perhaps for me a bit more moulding to foreface, he has a pleasing eye and expression.  Very shapely with good angles and bend of stifle, unfortunately his rear movement let him down today.

Mid Limit 3 Entries
Slightly difficult class with two very mature and in huge coat and one still maturing and needing more coat.  My decision was the soundest dog in the class albeit out of coat.
1st  Page  Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back JW
Well totally out of coat but with nothing to hide a very fit and sound boy.
Very clean , moulded head, sweet dark eye and ears used all the time.  Decent amount of neck and good shoulders,  sound, solid body,  moved out with positive front and rear movement keeping his tail down.  Perhaps needing a tad more body for when he coats up again .  One that will keep improving.
2nd Congdon Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp Rus) JW ShCM
Tri dog in very good coat and well presented.
Fair moulding to foreface and good stop but found his head could be cleaner in profile and ears a little tighter.   Decent enough neck but would  prefer  slightly more length to his  back.  Moved out positively .
3rd Browns Jazzman Due Close De Seawind For Mertrisa (Imp Rom)

Limit 3 Entries
1st Waterhouse Born To Be Your Quite Famous Lynmead
A dog I have until today not set hands on and I was not disappointed., for me standing presents a lovely picture, showing off all his virtues.  Not a big dog but he is so well balanced throughout.   Head is so very well moulded, strong underjaw, good stop, the darkest almond set eyes and the neatest of ears that he used all the time giving that desired sweet expression, all held on a lovely  reach of neck into good shoulders, good spring of rib. Correct length of back to height ratio with good strength to hind quarters and bend of stifle, well rounded bone and neat feet. When asked to move he was sound front and rear with low set tail carriage.  In very good coat and condition which was well presented … I was more than thrilled to award him the CC and also so very pleased to see him be awarded BOB and BIS by the Referee.  My star of the day .
2nd Maxwell & Wallis Trenley Tateen At Hamisks
Slightly larger S/W with so much to like about him…  He does not give his handler an easy task but on saying that he has a lovely masculine head and expression and great ear carriage,  super reach of neck and length to back, his eagerness tends to make him stand a tad under himself at the rear but on the move his make and shape shows he can move correctly.   One that will always be noticed.
3rd Cole Alanita All That Jazz

Open 5 Entries 1 Absent
1st  Congdons  Jugband Blues Du Clos De Seawind via Aaronwell (Imp Fra)
First saw this dog in France and thought him gorgeous, so today it was a pleasure to be able to handle him. He has the most gorgeous head and expression, smooth moulding to foreface, masculine but with the sweetest dark almond eye lovely stop and the neatest of ears which he used all the time giving a melting expression.  His make and shape does not disappoint, good front angles and length of body, good spring of rib, and bend of stifle,  has lovely bone and substance about him, carrying a wealth of coat, and was well presented.   When asked to move he went well enough but not quite as positive in the challenge, a quality dog that will always draw attention and challenge for top honours.  
2nd Tippers  Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten
S/w dog of lovely type and shape nothing overdone.   His head handles well, good moulding, correct stop sweet but masculine expression, I thought today he was not quite showing his ears as well as he usually does. Not quite back in full coat,  on saying that he is a quality male that cant be overlooked for his style and sound positive movement .
3rd Walkers  Starlenga Dzzie Rascal

Veteran  1 Entry
1st McDevitt  Int Ir Ch Ch Caronlea Lord Of The Dance
Well no surprise that I love this boy, having given him a CC a few years back.  The years have been kind to him and at over 10yrs of age his head properties show no sign of ageing,  super eye and expression, moulding and foreface, lovely ear placement and well used.   He is still as I remember him well made throughout and very sound and strong in body, which showed in his positive movement, one that can show the youngsters how to move with style… in super coat and condition pleased to see him again BVIB and BVIS … well done

Jane Margetts (Judge)