Collie Club of Wales Open Show
October 2017
Rough Collie Judges critique

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Collie Club of Wales and the committee for inviting me to judge this well run and friendly show and of course to both of my stewards, who ensured ring procedures ran smoothly. 

There was a lovely atmosphere in the hall and all exhibitors took their placings gracefully, thank you. 

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Rahlissa Only Make Believe, 8 month old golden sable with full white shawl. Head handled well, balanced with clean wedge, pleasing expression & correctly placed ears which were used constantly, whilst being attentive to handler. He has a good length of back, is of good overall size and moved around the ring well. BPD, BPIB, BPIS. 

Puppy Dog

1st Rahlissa Only Make Believe 

Junior Dog

1st Chelborn Story Teller 

A very handsome & masculine tri colour of 13.5 months. Full-boned and correctly constructed, with arches neck even top line, good bend in stifle & long, well set tail. His head is clean and balanced for his age, correct stop, good eye with lovely expression. Presented beautifully. Look forward to seeing him mature. 

Yearling Dog

1st Gataj Beau of Surprises JW

20 month old male, with immaculately presented jet black coat, with Tich tan trimmings. He is a born showman, never putting a foot wrong, always attentive to handler. His head is easy to handle, clean in wedge, flat skull and obliquely set eye. He has a good neck and a level top line, well proportioned overall. Moved well. 

Maiden Dog

1st Rahlissa Only Make Believe 

Novice Dog 

0 Entries

Graduate Dog

1st Stonehaven Pride Golden Touch at Salsina 

2 year old s/w, lovely boned masculine male by with the sweetest expression. He was unsettled on the day, but once relaxed used ears well enough to show he is assertive. He is well proportioned in construction, I would just like a little more of him. Moved well. 

Post Graduate Dog 

0 Entries 

Limit Dog

0 Entries 

Open Dog

1st Monsolana Velvet Blue for Aaronwell (Imp Rus) 

The first thing that catches you eye about this 5 year old male is his outline and how well he holds himself in the ring. He is very proud, assertive & attentive. His head is balanced, straight along the cheeks, with correctly placed stop and nicely set eye. Moved well around ring. BD, BOS  

2nd Born To Be Quite Famous Lynmead 

Shaded sable of nice type. He has a well rounded muzzle, flat skull & lovely sweet expression in his eye. Overall he is very much in proportion, with good reach of neck and level top line. I would prefer there to be more of him, there is a lot to like.

3rd Ananita All That Jazz 

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Harvest Moon Della Buck Della Fate at Gataj (Imp Ita) 

A pretty golden sable puppy of 7 months. Well proportioned head, good stop in correct position, with obliquely set almond shaped eye to give desired expression. Schooled well, attentive throughout class. 

2nd Rochelle Tia of Illusion

Beautifully shaped 7 month old tri colour bitch, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders and food angulation of stifle. Presented well by her handler. 

3rd Prince of Sunlight Let Me Love You

Puppy Bitch

1st Monsolana Have a Dream Rochelle (Rus Imp) 

Beautifully marked Blue Merle, with full white shawl accentuating her extensive neck. She is well proportioned and on the stand, shows herself off to her full potential, would benefit from same mantra whilst on the move. 

2nd Prince of Sunlight Let Me Love You

8.5 month bitch, although a lot rawer than 1. she was very attentive to her handler, working well together in the ring. She is of a lovely rich sable tone & bright whites, which were groomed well. Balanced head and shape overall. 

Junior Bitch 

1st Beldones La Vita Bella for Hanvale

A perfectly groomed image of perfection, whilst watching her in the ring. On the stand, she is captivating, always alert and interested. Her head is handled with ease, clean lines, with everything correctly placed, giving a true collie expression. Her top line is flawless, from nose to tail. She moved freely, with ease. Pleased to award her BB & BOB and later in agreement with co-judge to award to BIS. 

2nd Samhaven Hopeful Ladnar 

A well made Blue Merle bitch, a lot to like about her. Beautiful clear colour and markings. Well proportioned head, muzzle rounded well for age, flat skull, obliquely set eye topped with correctly set ears, which were used consistently. Lovely body shape, holding herself 4 square. Covered floor well, unfortunate to come up against 1. 

3rd Takhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj 

Yearling Bitch

1st Beldones La Vita Bella for Hanvale 

2nd Bella Bimba Della Buca Della Fate at Wassail 

Very pretty 18 month old sable bitch. Such a sweet head, clean wedge, correct stop and beautifully set eye, worked together giving a dreamy expression. Her proportions are all correct, shape and angulation, would just like a little more of her. 

3rd Fridens Captivation with Lyndale (Imp Rus)

Maiden Bitch

1st Most Majestic Victory of Rochelle 

Well what a surprise this was! Very feminine 7 month old, rich golden sable puppy. 

2nd Harvest Moon Della Buca Della Fate at Gataj (Imp Ita)

Novice Bitch

1st Samhaven Hopeful Ladnar

2nd Harvest Moon Della Buca Della Fate at Gataj (Imp Ita) 

3rd Monsolana Have A Dream Rochelle 

Graduate Bitch 

1st Beldones La Vita Bella for Hanvale 

2nd Beldones Sweet Illusion with Lyndale 

A rich shaded sable 2 year old with a loveliest of shapes. Beautiful head and expression, brought together by her well placed eye and tip top ears. Didn’t quite make the most of herself on the day but one with real potential. 

3rd Aaronwell Aloe Vera

Post Graduate Bitch 

1st Beldones La Vita Bella for Hanvale 

2nd Isn’t She Lovely des Beldones via Aaronwell (Imp Fra) JW

Sweet s/w bitch with lovely head properties, clean wedge, good under jaw and flat skull. Eye is appealing, lovely soft expression. Good length of back and well angulated. Moved well. 

3rd Salsina Sweet Lily 

Limit Bitch 

1st Haute Couture des Beldones (Imp Fra)

A nice bitch of good make, shape & angulation, presented in profuse coat. She has a sweet expression which would be highlighted more with better use of ears, although she used them enough. moved ok. 

2nd Collingvale Chardonnay 

Beautifully shaped sable bitch, arched neck, level top line, good rear angulation. She has a nice head, would prefer a smaller eye to finish the picture. She stood attentively at all times, schooled to perfection and groomed immaculately. 

3rd Gataj Fairytale Surprise 

Open Bitch

1st Monsolana Sunwish for Aaronwell (Imp Rus) 

Another sable bitch, typical of this kennel. Nice head to handle, clean lines and pretty eye. Her overall shape and condition is good, she is well in proportion and very feminine. Moved freely. 

Veteran Bitch 

1 Abs

Ms L Walker (Starlenga)