Thank you for the nice entry, it was a lovely day, not too hot, and it was a pleasure to judge your dogs.

Movement is still an issue, and bad ear carriage also, my hands were as clean after judging as they were before, so thanks for that.

Puppy Dog

no entries

Junior Dog

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Post Graduate Dog (5,2)

1st Mertrisa Wild Fire - The first thing that attracted me to this lovely dog was his well rounded foreface, not often seen nowadays. His head is well balanced with a lovely dark eye, nice ear carriage, although at times reluctant to use them. Has excellent bone and moved well. Once he gains a tad more confidence he could trouble the best. BD

2nd Jotars Moon Spritzer - Nice blue merle, in between stage at moment, moved well, preferred his head to his kennel mate

3rd Jotars Moon n Starz

Limit Dog (3,0)

1st Jotars Moon Spritzer

2nd Chelborn Just Decided - Nice sized sable, good length of head. Presented well, moved ok. Proud of his tail.

3rd Jotars Moon n Starz LIMIT DOG 3

Open Dog (5,0)

1st Jazzman Du Clos De Seawind - Lovely tri boy in profuse coat which was well presented. Has a lovely head, another with a lovely well rounded foreface, huge bone, another who could do well once he settled to the job in hand. RBD

2nd Darahill Chaos at Sablemyst - A dog I have done well before, today he didn't move as well

Veteran Dog/Bitch (2,0)

1st Bellawave Moonlite Melody - Has a good length of head, well placed stop, good ear carriage, coat of correct texture, moved with ease round the ring. BV

2nd Damos Diamond Legend - Have judged him before, has the most loveliest of heads, and my opinion of him hasn't changed, not moving as fluently as 1.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme (3,1)

1st Tremaro Tained Love at Rahlissa - Nice head pattern, good reach of neck, neat ears, moved ok, loved her coat colour, so rich and it was in excellent condition, adores her mum.

2nd Santaloly Sky Amidalas - Finer bitch all over, ears a tad wide, moved ok, another who adures her mum.

Puppy Bitch (3,0) 

Three lovely puppies, I really was splitting hairs

1st Chelborn Double Desire for Darahill - This bitch stood out for showmanship, not in a huge coat, but what she had was well fitting. Has a lovely reach of neck and her ears are bang on top. Moved ok

2nd Fridens Rainbow Dreams at Kelbewood - Pretty Blue Merle, just six months old, both her and 3rd need a tad more confidence and I'm sure both will do well

3rd Riverside Song Nathalie for Mertrisa

Junior Bitch (4,0)

1st Martlese Azure Mine at Albakin - To be honest, a tad bigger than I prefer, but she was balanced all though, has a nice moulded foreface and good length of head, good blue merle colour, but she does like her food and is far too fat! That said, she did move well

2nd Gataj Something about you for Kalzan - Pretty girl, moved ok

3rd Ingledene Steady on Amber

Post Graduate Bitch (9,1)

1st Collingvale Chardonnay - Very nice shaded sable, has a lovely moulded foreface, dark eye, moved jwell on firm hocks

2nd Deanjan Dynamite Dame - Loved her colouring, shorter in back than 1, but moved ok. Needs to settle more, another who needs to lose weight. Thank you for persevering with her today.

3rd Tremaro Tainted Love

Limit Bitch (4,0)

1st Treeview Tell No Secrets at Kelbewood - Younger bitch, just coming into coat. Head handles well with correctly placed stop, correct ear carriage, which she used non stop. Has a good reach of neck and length of back. Short hocks, enabling her to move well. RBB

2nd Mertrisa Damsel in Blue at Deanjan - Pretty blue, excellent moulded foreface, in good coat, moved ok

3rd Lynmead Amalie Bye Bye Love at Kalzan

Open (1,0)

1st Collingvale Creme Anglaise - Alone, but what a lovely bitch she is. Shaded sable who has a very pretty head, sweet eye giving the sweetest of expressions, although she is only 2, I found her so enchanting, excellent length of back and tail. Moved soundly round the ring on short strong hocks, no hesitation in awarding her BB and BOB. Hope to see CH in front of her name soon.

Apologies for lateness of critique, I have severe arthritis in hands

Sandy Blackmore