Many thanks to the Committee for the invitation to Judge at their Open Show. The exhibitors for the quality entry and to my stewards Rosie and John who ensured the smooth running of the Classes. 
Presentation throughout was excellent and all had clean teeth.  Well done.

1.Proctor’s, Wilmaranna Out of the Blue for Cathbri: B/M baby of 6 months.  Confident showman both standing and on the move with sound confirmation.  Well balanced throughout with correct ears and  sweet expression. At one with his handler.  BPD

PUPPY (1. Withdrawn)

JUNIOR (2,1)
1.Walker and Ritchie’s, Beldones Seducteur At Starlenga:  15 months old s/w at that typical Junior stage, in between coats.  Upstanding dog who was balanced with good shape, well placed ears which were used to advantage and lovely almond eye.  Presentation was excellent and moved okay.

1. Caplan’s, Chantique Lovery Boy of Whitecraigs: Masculine s/w, good size and shape.  Correct dark eye.  More settled today than when I saw him last.  Maturing nicely.  Lovely mover.  Well presented. 

NOVICE (No Entries)

1. Finney’s, Bahatview Bad Manners: B/m, masculine dog.  Clean in head, lovely shaped eye, good ear carriage.  In good coat and condition, super confirmation.  Not a showing fool and a bit unsettled at times but could not deny him his placings today.  Moved with ease.  RBD
2.Paterson’s, Wilmaranna Forever In Blue: Masculine B/m of good size.  Finer made than 1st.  Good ear carriage, clean head, lovely dark eye.  Excellent presentation, moved well.
3. Steven’s, Cariadhaf Crazy Dream.

1. Carmichael’s, Keltic Brier:  Up to size flashy masculine tricolour.  Correct dark almond eye, well placed stop.  Well off for coat which was well presented and jet black.  Well off for bone.  Ear carriage could have been tighter at times. 
2. Fairgrieve’s, Muldoanich Highland Laddie: S/S, finer made than 1st.  Good dark eye.  An honest Collie. In between coats but well presented.  Moved okay.

LIMIT (4,1)
1. Ashe’s, Forrestwalk Rocket Man: Masculine s/w with dreamy expression.  Well proportioned.  Moved with ease.  Excellent presentation. Not too happy today and made his handler work.
2. Wray’s, Takhisis Trick or Treat: Jet black Tri of good head and expression.  Bit hesitant on the moved.  Excellent presentation.

OPEN (3,1)
1. Tipper’s, Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten: Masculine s/w, clean in head with well placed stop.  Correct almond eye.  Ears bang on top.  Well rounded foreface.  Super expression.  Good depth of chest and turn of stifle.  Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders.  Level topline with correct length of tail.  Tight feet.  Moved with drive.  Excellent condition and presentation.  Gave his all in the Challenge.  BD and RBIS
2. Dunfermline Welsh’s, Ladnar Perfect Time At Thistlewing:  Upstanding B/m of good colour.  Lovely ear carriage, good dark eye and expression, well off for bone.

VETERAN (No Entries)

1.Fiargrieve’s, Muldoanich Highland Laddie (2nd in PG)


1. Walker and Ritchie’s, Chantique Cinderella At Starlenga:  Baby g/s, sweet dreamy expression, correct ear placement, which she used to advantage. Soft dark eye.  Tight feet.  Lovely showgirl.  Moved okay.  Presentation excellent.  BPB, BPIS
2. Brodie’s, Enigma Blue Della Buca Delle Fate Via Shanaburn (IMP ITA): B/m, good shape, lovely head type and eye.  Colour needs to clear.  Moved okay.  Presentation excellent. 
3. Paterson’s, Wilmaranna Blue Diamond:

PUPPY (3,1)
1. Fort’s, Danfrabek Dust an Illusion By Shulune:  B/m, lovely clean head, ears on top, good size and shape.  Moved okay and beautifully presented. 
2. McIntyre’s, Black N Saucy With Amalie:  Tri, balanced head, lovely eye shape.  Moved okay. Well presented. 

JUNIOR (4,0)
1. Johnston’s, Sea Dreamer’s Walking On Sunshine (IMP NLD): Fabulously feminine young lady, oozing quality.  Simply stood out from the others and had an amazing ring charisma.  This came from correct head planes with correctly placed stop.  Beautiful dark almond eye which gave the most melting dreamy expression.  Correct neat ears which were used non-stop.  Super arch of neck into well angulated shoulders.  Height to length ratio was correct, as was tailset and length.  A super bend of stifle and tight feet all coming together to give a stunning profile.  In great coat and condition which was presented immaculately and when asked to move, this only further enhanced an already stunning bitch, moving with drive and ease.  In the Challenge, her desire to win shone through.  Well deserved BB, BIS
2. Boyle’s, Arklethill Helena At Samhaven: G/s, who was very unfortunate to meet 1 today.  Clean and balanced head from dark almond eye, correct stop and well placed ears.  Lovely make and shape.  Not in full coat but what she had was well presented.  Moved okay.
3. Dunfermline and Welsh’s, Yenroc Scottish Harmony At Thistlewing:

1. Carmichael’s, Kilchrenan Zena’s Design: Tri, good head and expression, lovely shape.  Moved well, well presented. 
2. Topham’s, Senachrois Extraordinary Blue Girl: B/m, nice head type and expression.  Good shape.  Moved okay.  Well presented.
3. Steven’s, Cariadhaf Cookies and Cream:

NOVICE (2,0)
1. Brodie’s, Enigma Blue Della Buca Delle Fate Via Shanaburn: (2nd in MPB)
2. Fleider’s, Barrenclough Touch of Amber: S/w, pleasing head and eye shape.  Nice type.  Moved okay.  Presentation okay.  Both dog and handler would benefit from Ringcraft and ring procedures training.

1. Ashe’s, Amalie Lynmead Hi Hannah At Forrestwalk: S/w, nice type.  Lovely head and expression. Wasn’t happy here today and handler worked hard with her.  Well presented and in good coat.  Moved okay. 
2. Topham’s, Seanchrois Extraordinary Blue Girl: (2nd  in Yearling)
3. Kane’s, Aldreen Dark Mystique.

1. Hodges’, Jopium Secret Fantasy JW: S/w, balanced head and dark eye.  Lovely shape .  Ears bang on top.  Good spring of rib. In-between coats but what she had was beautifully presented.  Moved with drive.
2. Sibbald’s, Telforth Little Mix: Feminine S/w, a shade finer than 1. Unsettled and cost her the Class.  Balanced throughout.  Didn’t move as freely as 1.  Well presented.
3. Fort’s, Shulune Cast A Spell.

1. McGowan’s, Barrenclough Golden Charm At Westoak: S/w, clean head and dark eye giving soft expression.  Lovely shape and bend of stifle. Good length of tail.  Used ears well in her Class but wilted in the Challenge.  Moved okay.  Well presented.
2. Walker and Ritchie’s, Julia of Lowlands Green Valley At Starlenga (IMP FRA): S/w, lovely head and expression.  Good reach of neck with a super shape. Depth of chest. Good mover.  Excellent presentation.
3. Brodie’s, Shanaburn Magical Kisses JW SHCM.

OPEN (8,1)
1. Muir’s, Tiganlea Fairy Tale: S/w, with correct ear carriage which she knew how to use.  Lovely dark eye and sweetest of expressions.  Her blaze not all detracting from her quality.  Absolute showgirl.  Balanced throughout, correct size and shape, well let down hocks, good length of tail.  Moved with drive.  In good coat which was beautifully presented.  RBB
2. Ashe’s, Starlenga Mysterious Girl At Forrestwalk: S/w, good head and eye, sweet expression.  Moved okay but not with the drive of 1.  Well presented. 
3. Blaikie’s, Kourika Karrizma.

1.Brodie’s, Shanaburn Fluffy Kisses: S/s, 9 years young, of good size and balanced.  Soft expression from dark eye and correctly placed stop and lovely ear carriage.  In good coat and condition.  Great charisma and a beautiful mover.  Excellent presentation. At one with her handler and enjoying her day out. BV

1.Carmichael’s, Kilchrenan Zena’s Design: (1st in Yearling)

1. Kane’s, Aldreen Dark Mystique: Tri bitch, pleasing head and expression, lovely dark eye and super shape and make.  In good coat, which was jet black, and condition.  Well presented and moved well.

1.Paterson’s, Wilmaranna Forever in Blue: (2nd in Grad Dog)