Richmond Saturday 9th September Rough Collies

Thank you for the lovely entry I really enjoyed my day. I did struggle to find my type in every class and I think bitches are a lot stronger in quality than the males. Several dogs that had the ground covering movement I was looking for were not my type so had to go down the line.

VD 2(1) 1st Corben`s Wicani Spectral Blue Via Capriora  Stood alone blue merle that moved steady with good tail carriage. Balanced head with a nice eye .

MPD 1(1)

PD 2 1st Humphreys Shasam Sign Of The Times   Liked his size, sound in movement ,clean balanced head with nice almond shaped eye giving a sweet expression . Balanced throughout good front and rear angulations . Excellent presentation lost out on BP with handler not having time to settle him , should have a bright future .
2nd Smith & Benton`s Brooklynson El Dorado Good size not as mature as the winner. Balanced head nice eye good ear set and carriage. Presentation of a straight fitted coat excellent.

JD 6(1) 1st Humphreys Shasam Sign Of The Times  
2nd Mclaughlin`s Moondance De Cabrenysset For Brihow (imp) lovely clear blue merle  Good ear carriage nice eye shape with sweet expression. Excellent arch of neck onto a balanced body moved ok , well presented.
3rd Foy & Hawkins Beldones Tom Wood

YD 5(1) 1st Lister`s Jotars Platinum Moon At Newarp  Lovely clear blue merle in good condition . Long well arched neck top size balanced throughout. Quality head long and clean with correct stop , well set ears . Steady mover .
2nd White`s Mejola Fate And Fortune Clear blue merle , pleasing head with good eye and expression. Balanced throughout with well arched neck. Moved well .
3rd Lockyer`s Gataj Beau Of Surprises JW

PGD 8(1) 1st Hollinshead Starlyn Diamonds R Forever Lovely clear blue merle not a big dog but very balanced and of lovely type. Clean head with almond shaped eye giving a sweet expression . One I have done well for before this time  moved well enough to get the CC but just loses his topline so lost out for BOB. Presented in excellent condition and groomed to perfection.
2nd Lister`s Jotars Platinum Moon At Newarp 
3rd Page`s Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back JW

LD 7(3) 1st Barron & Jenkins Xcode Della Bucca Delle Fate At Rannaleroch (imp) Tri Colour in excellent condition . Nice size and balanced throughout good arch of neck . Moved well with good tail carriage . Excellent presentation.
2nd Ames Trenley Gold Feather Stronger in head than winner correct eye shape with beautiful expression . Well arched neck . Good front and turn of stifle . Moved well when settled
3rd Well`s Collingvale Crunchie At Terelimon JW ShCM

OD 11(1) 1st Foy & Hawkins Ch Beldones Black Illusion Tri colour with a heavy coat but underneath he has a balanced body in good condition. Well angulated . Balanced head with correct shaped eye and has a lovely expression . Not the best showman but I saw enough . Moved well RCC
2nd Cooney`s Ch Jopium Stole My Heart At Lingwell I loved the type of this dog very clean head excellent eye and sweet expression . Lovely shape but carrying too much weight . Presentation excellent
3rd Rae`s Antoc Soul Mate

VB 2 1st Swain`s Linamac Lady Love At Lexcol Blue merle in lovely condition . Balanced head with a sweet expression . Nice size and shape good turn of stifle .
2nd Corben`s Myriehewe Ouija Board Via Caprioara Tri colour lovely old lady has a balanced head with lovely shaped eye and sweet expression . good arch of neck ,nice size and shape

MPB 7(2) 1st Tame`s Rahlissa Charmaine won a lovely class of babies . Very balanced good front and well arched neck. Nice bone . Good almond shaped eye and sweet expression . Moved very steady presentation excellent BP
2nd Burrows Revdvicki Little Darling very feminine nice size and balanced throughout . Super eye and expression . When she settles on the move will trouble the best . Excellent presentation
3rd Beaden`s Myriehewe Promises

PB 8(2) 1st Brown`s Riverside Song Nathalie For Mertrisa (imp) Pleasing head nice eye ears are a little heavy . Good reach of neck on a balanced body . Liked her shape and size , steady on the move . Presented in lovely condition
2nd Swain`s Aaronwell Azena For Lexol    Blue merle another promising youngster. Balanced head with nice eye and expression . Good reach of neck liked her shape and size moved well.
3rd Humphrey`s Shasam Shades Of Guilt

JB 11(6) Lovely class could swap places another day . 1st Melvin & Jopson`s Nithview Country Bumpkin won the class on her overall shape and balance lovely arch of neck good front neat feet . Moved out with drive  a proper little show off . Presentation excellent .
2nd Lockyer`s Takhisis Hope And Dreams With Gataj  close decision similar attributes . Lovely eye shape and sweet expression . Liked her size and shape. 3rd Mcdade`s Fridens Captivation With Lyndale (imp)

YB 7(3) 1st Jones & Blackburn`s Erjon Exclusively Special Blue merle nicely broken up sadly had left her coat at home but what she did have was in good condition . Moved extremely well one today that was in hard condition with muscle . Good reach of neck onto a balanced body . One to look out for in the future .
2nd Mcdade`s Fridens Captivation With Lyndale (imp) another nice blue merle . Good reach of neck balanced body . Correct eye shape and sweet expression. Good on the move .
3rd Legge`s Gatas Something About You At Kalzan

PGB 10(1)Another super class  1st Boyle`s Arklethill Helena Pulled out all the stops to win this class. Very feminine pleasing head correct shaped eyes sweet expression . Balanced throughout good arch of neck , neat feet and moved well .Presented extremely well  A quality bitch lost out in the challenge to two bitches on top form .
2nd Tame`s Samhaven Momentum Very much my type so feminine beautiful shape and size good reach of neck . Sweetest of expressions . Presented in top order moved well.
3rd Lyall`s Santaloy`s Sky Amidalas

LB 15(8) another lovely class 1st Hodges Jopium Love Heart JW ShCM  Balanced throughout good angulations  front and rear , neat feet , super arched neck and body shape . Sweet expression and excellent ear carriage . Presentation top class moved out with drive.
2nd Melvin & Jopson`s Lillyway Lovin` You At Nithview  Heavy coated Tri presented extremely well. Balanced head good eye and sweet expression. Another with good angulation very balanced . Moved well
3rd Plank`s Riverside Song Happy Ending For Rayvel (imp)

OB 16(9) Super class and what a decision to make 9 year old Tri who didn’t put a step wrong. Loved her shape and size very feminine good reach of neck constructed so well that she couldn’t fail to move well ,very close to losing out to a younger bitch but she looked like she could go all day and pulled out all the stops to win this class and the CC & BOB . Delighted to hear that was her crowning one however it’s taken that long I really don’t know .
2nd Burrows  Tiganlea Tinkerbell At Revdvicki  Another top class bitch that has it all balanced super angles . Good arched neck and super body shape. Lovely eye and sweet expression . Presentation excellent unlucky to meet the winner RCC
3rd Lockyer`s Gataj Welcome With A Kiss

Judge Tracey Wilkinson