Thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show and for the hospitality afforded to me, also to the exhibitors for their entries


Minor puppy dog
1st Beadon Myriehewe Dejableu nice head with good eye &nice ears which he used well. Good neck  onto well made body, good front &rear angles moved well.
2nd Proctor Wilmaranna Out Of The Blue For Cathbri neat head with nice expression, well made body, good angulation front & rear, moved well
3rd Lockyer Gataj Legacy Of Surprises

Puppy Dog
1st Cronk Chelborn Story Teller, pleasing head, nice arch of neck, nice shoulders, good body, nice rear angles  showed &moved well

Junior Dog
1st Lockyer Gataj Beau Of Surprises good head pattern with nice expression, well angle front with straight legs & tight feet, good body, sound rear  with nice stifle, moved well
2nd McEntee Gerian Sunconnection nice head & expression, well made body onto good front, sound rear with good turn of stifle, moved & showed well

Graduate Dog
1st Gerian Sunconnection

Post Graduate Dog
1st Beaden Angelfield The Real Deal pleasing head with good neck, well made body, nice front angles, nice bone, well put together rear giving good drive on move,showed &moved soundly
2nd Steven Cariadhaf Crazy Dream nice head, good front, well made body, good rear construction, moved ok, judged this as a junior & gave him a RCC, a bit disappointed with him as not matured as expected

Limit Dog
1st Hollywood. Amalie Lynmead Say It Again pleasing head with nice expression, good neck on to well made body & nice shoulder placement, strong rear with good angles & well let down hocks, showed & moved well RCC
2nd Congdon Monsolana Velvet Blue For Aaronwell(imp) nice head with good eye & neat ears, well made body, good legs & feet, well constructed rear, showed well, moved ok

Open Dog
1st Rae Antoc Soul Mate lovely head with flat skull good eye, neat ears which he uses well, nicely moulded foreface and good under jaw giving a sweet expression, arched neck onto well placed shoulders  good front with nice bone, well made body & strong well muscled rear with good angulation, strides out well on moved both coming & going CC & B.O.B
2nd Tipper Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten pleasing head with good eye, arched neck onto good shoulders, well made body, nice rear angles moved ok
3rd McEntee Imperial Des Beldones At Gerian(imp)

Vet Dog
1st Cronk Chelborn Decision good head, correct front nice body, sound rear with nice angulation moved ok B.V.I.B.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Tipper Tiganlea Tangled Up In Blue pleasing head with nice eye & ears.good shoulders & straight front, nice body well constructed rear with good angles, moved well, B.P.I.B
2nd Beaden Myriehewe Promises, nice head pattern & sweet expression, good angulation front & rear, well made body, moved ok
3rd Congdon Aaronwell Astral Dancer.

Puppy Bitch
1st McEntee Gerian Sunfrosting good head with appealing expression, good ears, nice body, good front, with nice angulation, strong rear with good turn of stifle, moved well
2nd Beare Jemspark Maid In Secret, nice head &good neck onto good body, nice angles front & rear, moved well in both directions
3rd Ware Mac Ortoft Decided Free At Wassail

Junior Bitch
1st McDade Fridens Captivation With Lyndale(imp) nice head & expression, well made body, good front assembly, strong rear moved well
2nd Avery Monsolana Scottish Queen At Lynviews(imp), sweet head with nice ears, good body, good front angles, nice rear construction, decided to move ok in this class
3rd Legge Lynmead Sent With Love At Kalzan

Graduate Bitch
1st Fridens Captivation With Lyndale
2nd Steven Cariadhaf Cookies And Cream nice head, eyes & ears, well made body with good front, sound rear, moved well
3rd Ward Demelewis Dare To Be Unquie In Starside

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Baker Martlese Azure Mine At Albakin pleasing head with nice expression, good neck onto correct shoulders, good body, strong rear with good angulation, moved well
2nd Skinner Samhaven Time Is Money With Nikal, neat head, with good expression, well bodied, good angulation front & rear, moved well
3rd McDade Beldones Sweet Illusion With Lyndale

Limit Bitch
1st Wilson Callahorns Untouched Horizon At Valleyhaven(swed imp) JW SH CM nice head pattern with good eye ears & expression, nice neck onto nice shoulder placement & good front, well bodied, well made rear with good angulation moved well in all directions R.B.CC
2nd Samhaven Time Is Money With Nikal
3rd Tame Rahlissa Love Song JW

Open Bitch
1st Avery Sun Soul  Demy Blue For Monsolana At Lynviews (Imp) lovely head with nice eye & neat ears, good neck onto well made body, nice shoulder placement, good front legs & feet, well developed rear with good angles, nice turn of stifle, moving soundly both ways B.C.C.
2nd Cronk Chelborn Kiss”n  Desire, lovely head & expression good body good angulation front & rear, good body moved well
3rd Muir Tiganlea Fairy Tale

Joe Chorley      Judge