APRIL 2017


Minor Puppy Bitch (7,3)
1. Beare's Jemspark Maid in Secret - was taken with her overall shape, she has a lovely clean balanced head, nice dark eye and neat ears, giving a sweet expression. A little uncertain on the move, but she did enough to win the class, well presented.
2. Lockyer's Takhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj - Good overall balance and shape with correct angulation, has a sweet head and expression, stood four square and showed herself off, moved well for handler
3. Growcott's Nithview Country Dreams at Lillyway

Puppy (7,2)
1. Brooker's Gerian Sun Kisses over Corisian - Very pretty headed girl with a well placed dark almond shaped eye, neat ears right on top of head, she has the sweetest expression. She has a lovely length of neck and shape with a wealth of coat for her age. She moved round the ring with confidence and drive, very well presented.
2. Shipp's Danrox Wicked Star at Tremaro - 10 months old sable, has a lovely overall balance and good construction. Her head is clean and has a lovely moulded foreface, correct almond shaped eye, giving a very nice expression and her full attention to handler, moved out really well and easy.
3. Boyle's Barrenclough Touch of Thyme

Junior (7,1)
1. Jones' Erjon Exclusively Special - B/M of a very good colour. She has a striking outline with a well arched neck, correct length of back to height, her head is clean with neat ears. Showed her self off non stop. She has a super personality, she moved freely and with drive round the ring, was well handled and very nicely presented.
2. Johnson's Sea Dreamers Walking on Sunshine - Sable, nice size, a lovely shape, good angulation and bone, pretty head with a dark well placed eye giving a very nice expression, gave her handler her full attention, good sound mover
3. McDade's Beldones Sweet Illusion

Yearling (4)
1. Telford's Samhaven Summer Rhapsody for Glenbowdene - A golden sable, lovely feminine lady with a sweet head, she is nicely constructed, well angulated and carrying the right amount of body for size. She showed herself off so well, but a little uncertain on the move, good presentation.
2. Brooker's Lover Flower Du Bois Des Amazones for Corisian - What a sweetie, very pretty head, correct stop, dark almond shaped eye, lovely silhouette and outline, good depth of chest, and spring of rib. Nice near short hocks, moved effortlessly round the ring, well presented.
3. Mellish's Demelewis Dare To Tell

Maiden (3)
1. Takhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj
2. Boyle's Barrenclough Touch of Thyme - sweet headed young lady with a nice dark eye and neat ears. She has a good overall shape and good bone, well muscled, she was a little lethargic on the move.

Novice (2)
1. Danrox Wicked Star at Tremaro
2. Barrenclough Touch of Thyme

Graduate (5,1)
1. Melvin and Jopson's Nithview Summer Lovin' - this lady appealed for her lovely construction and angulation. She has a nice clean wedge shaped head, well placed dark eye, used her ears well giving a lovely expression, moved effortlessly, well presented.
2. McDade's Beldones Sweet Illusion - lovely feminine headed bitch with a nice dark eye and clean head, has good angulation and shape, showed herself off well, stood four square and moved out really well, good presentation.

Post Graduate (8)
1. Makepeace's Donohill Magic and Sparkle at Lynaire - Beautifully coloured B/M, her colour is clear and very eye catching, lovely clean wedge shaped head, well placed almond shaped eye. When she gives her full attention she has a melting expression, good overall balance and shape and moves out with ease. A little unsettled, but did well given the circumstances.
2. McGowan's Barrenclough Golden Charm at Westoak - Feminine headed bitch with a lovely dark well placed eye, correct angulation with good bone and tight feet, nice short hocks and well muscled. Excellent condition, a credit to her owner, moved soundly round the ring.
3. Sibbald's Lynmead Amalie Love is Blue at Telforth

Mid Limit (5,2)
1. Brand's Ronansprey Rumour Has It - A nicely marked and clear B/M. She has a lovely outline and construction, her head is clean with a nice eye placement, she used her ears well to show her head off. Good length of neck, going into well placed shoulders, well muscled all round, moved out soundly, well presented.
2. Slater's Amalie Lynmead Lets Go Alexi to Stanlox - A S/W bitch of quality who stood showing herself off. Has a nice overall shape, correct angulation, has a clean head with a nice dark eye, with neat ears which were right on top of her head, she had a lovely alert expression, moved round the ring with ease.
3. Lockyer's Gataj Sweet Surprise

Limit (6,1)
1. Cronk's Chelborn Kiss'n Desire - Beautiful bitch of quality, perfectly balanced, so elegant and classy. Has a lovely moulded foreface, dark almond shaped eye, giving the sweetest of expressions, lovely length of neck into well laid shoulders. Strong rear angulation with neat short hocks which she really used on the move. Best mover in the class, lovely presentation. CC/RBOB.
2. Brooker's Telforth Sweet Dreams to Corisian - She certainly is a dream. She has the prettiest of heads, lovely dark almond shaped eye, her ears seem fixed on her head, they never move, I think she could outstare her handler. She stands four square, she has a lovely shape and construction and is well angulated with neat powerful short hocks. Moved extremely well and as with all the dogs from this kennel superb presentation.
3. Shipp's Prince of Sunlight Naomi at Tremaro

Open (9,2)
1. Growcott's Jopium Fascinator - Tri with a gleaming black coat, and sparkling whites. She is very feminine, so elegant and classy throughout. Has a lovely outline with a good reach of neck and nice firm top line. Well angulated, good muscled rear standing on neat short hocks. Her head is balanced and clean, with dark expressive eyes. Shows well for handler. Sound movement, well handled and presented. RCC
2. Brooker's Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian - This kennel has some of the prettiest of bitches. Lovely feminine headed lady with a clean wedge shaped head, dark almond shaped eye, has a melting expression, again one with a lovely shape and outline. Strong neck leading to a well laid shoulder and correct length of back to height. Good angulated rear, a lovely size bitch and all in proportion, very sound strong movement, lovely presentation.
3. McLenahan's Tiganlea Ticked Pink with Shelfpark


Marianne Grindley (Lanrue)