Midland Collie Open Show

Sunday 2nd July 2017

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge your SAC classes at your recent Open Show, I enjoyed my day and I had some lovely dogs to go over. Your new venue is great, easy to find with ample parking and inside there is plenty of room around a good size ring, the food is good too, well done .

Special Award Classes
Junior 5 (2)
1st Boyle’s Barrenclough Diamond Days, 16 month old g/s dog, nice balanced head, good stop, correct shaped eye and good ear placement, well boned, nice make and shape, level topline which he held on the move, moved well.
2nd Beare's Jemspark Maid in Secret, 10 month old g/s bitch, very feminine bitch of lovely make and shape, sweet expression and tight ears which she used non stop, in lovely condition, I judged this bitch a few weeks ago and gave her BP & BOB but she was unsettled today and her movement let her down.
3rd Carvey & Rocks' Rashel One Moment In Time

Post Graduate 2
1st Page's Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back, 2 yr old s/s dog, nice clean head with a lovely dark eye, well set ears which he used, strong underjaw and tight lipline, nice reach of neck into a good layback of shoulders, good angulation front and back which showed in his sound movement.
2nd Skinner's Samhaven Time Is Money With Nikal, 3 yr old tri bitch in lovely condition, nice clean head and sweet expression, good ears, nice overall make and shape, moved ok.

Open 4
1st Beare's Jemspark Guilty Secret With Brilyn, 2 ½ yr old g/s bitch of lovely make and shape, feminine well balanced head with correct set eyes and neat tight ears giving a sweet  expression, well angulated front and back with a level topline which she held on the move, in full bloom and in tip top condition, moved with ease around the ring.
2nd Brown's Mertrisa Wild Honey, 5 yr old g/s bitch, different type to 1 more compact all over, nice clean head with well set ears  which she used to her advantage, profuse coat in lovely condition, strong front end, good bend of stifle and short hocks, moved well.
3rd Page's Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go
4th Skinner's Nikal It's Gud To Be Black

Linda McCormick