London Collie club
21 October 2017

I was honoured  to be invited to judge London Collie club breed open show and I thank all the committee for their hospitality, my ring stewards Shelia and Richard for their efficiency and last of the exhibitors for the privilege of going over their lovely collies.

Temperament of all the Collies I judged were impeccable with no trace of nervousness or aggression. I found movement an issue as we all know! I was able to enjoy a lovely grassy outdoor ring which was unforgiving at times  (was very wet in the morning) on many exhibits who lacked drive from behind and extension in front, I also found size in both sexes concerning as was ear carriage due to the width of the back skull the true sweet collie expression is lost if the ear carriage is not correct.

We need to remember that two-thirds of the ears should be standing erect with only the top third tipping naturally forward heavy folded in half ears are becoming the norm.

A lovely class of older gentlemen to start the day.
1          Veteran Dog (3, 0 abs)Wray Takhisis High Voltage, 11 year old blue merle male who appealed instantly for his size and masculine profile, he had the most gentle expression and glowing dark eyes with super ear carriage giving the desired expression. His head was clean with correct stop. He had good reach of neck flowing it well laid shoulders and good length of back, he moved well at the end of the day he was tiring but did enough to gain best Veteran and in agreement with my co judge best veteran in show. Thank you for bringing him.

2          Howard Darhill Chaos at Sablemyst  7 year old rich golden sable in profile showing his well arched neck and good shoulders, he has a lovely clean head with well-placed eye giving a soft expression I would just have preferred a tighter ear carriage.

3               Rae Antoc Kiss the Girls

Veteran Bitch (1, 0abs) James Morvania Summer Affair At Deanjan This lady was a total poppet at 10 years old a credit to the breed in tempremant and attitude. She had the most femine head and cheeky expression from her lovely dark eyes she powered around the ring on the move  I just felt her shape was being lost under her wealth of coat against the veteran dog.

Minor Puppy Dog ( no entries)

Puppy Dog (1, 1abs)


Junior Dog (3, 1abs)
1    McLaughlin Moondance de Cabrenysset for Brihow (imp Fra) 15 month striking blue merle, the most fabulous clear blue that was shining in the sunlight. He appealed instantly for his make and shape in profile all male, well up to size standing a with the desired dignity, best arched neck of the day good turn of stifle, he needs to lengthen a tad in the back and  his movement is not his fortune he lacks drive and ambition from the rear but is a juvenile and I wouldn’t expect him to be the finished article at this age, however his head is glorious from his velvet soft round muzzle, correctly placed stop, flat skull  and totally  dreamy expression from oblique set dark eyes and richly marked face he captivated me. Ears on top of his head at all times attentive to handler, an opportune photo call at the precise moment won him best dog over an appealing sable boy. 

2    Wray Takhisis Dream Weaver 14 month golden sable smaller than 1 his head is pleasing with correct placed stop and nice expression, lacking in coat today which spoiled the overall picture, he is short in upper arm which showed in his movement is at an awkward age and has time on his side.

Novice dog (1, 0)
1    Rust, Jotars Moon Spritzer, 2 year old blue merle of clear colour but carrying too much black for my taste, nice shape good reach of neck and covered the ground well, his head is a good length would just like a softer expression. Moved well ok rather proud of his tail.

Graduate dog (4, 0)
1    Page Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go beautiful shaded sable with a lovely outline, correct head with good stop and appealing dark eyes which could be more oblique but giving the desired expression from his well set ears. He has excellent construction hands flowed over his sloping shoulder into his well-toned thighs, he covered the ground with ease I would just like more of him found him too petite for a male.

2    Wray Takhisis Dream Weaver

3    Rust, Jotars Moon N Starz
 Post Graduate Dog (4, 0)
1          Page, Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back 2 year old shaded sable, shown in tip top condition, with the most exquisite head to handle, perfect parallel planes with correct slight perceivable stop and dark almond eyes giving sweet intelligent expression, he is well made with good length of neck, well laid shoulders and correct in upper arm through to length of back and lovely bend of stifle into nice short hocks that propelled him round the ring effortlessly, just lost out on best dog due to size would like more of him, preferred the more masculine presence of the blue. Res BEST DOG.

2          Rust, Jotars Moon N Starz

3          Maxwell & Wallis Trenley Tavanagh At Hamisks

Limit dog (4,0)
1          Maxwell & Wallis Trenley Tatenen At Hamisks  Very attractive shaded sable with beautiful expression well  rounded muzzle and well placed stop, he appealed for his make and shape, nice length of back deep chested and long tail and presented beautifully, moved well.

2          McLaughlin Rydeen Jamboree At Brihow (IMP Deu) Upstanding tricolour of good size and nice make and shape, strong head without being coarse, gentle expression from well set eyes, would prefer more tan on face. He was in lovely condition and presented, his back movement let him down on the day.

3          Ship Tremaro Celtic Son JW


Open dog (5,1)                                   
1          Collins Chelborn Soul Desire for Triburle  Glorious golden sable standing sparkling in the sunlight, beautifully clean balanced head, desired length of muzzle and correctly placed stop, would prefer lighter ears but when he got the ears up he gave me the flash of his sire that I couldn’t resist today, he is well up to size and I loved his arched neck and well laid shoulder however I found him slopping off at the back which showed in his movement.

2          Wray Takhisis Trick or Treat well up to size tricolour male appealed for his masculinity and balance he is well made with correct shoulder angles and turn of stifle, I found his head rather strong for me and ears wide set but he had nice soft expression not often found on a tri, he is a deep black enhanced with a huge white collar, he cover the ground well.

3          Rae Antoc Soul Mate


Minor Puppy Bitch (4,0)
1          Tame, Rahlissa Charmaine topped a class of nice babies. 8 month old golden sable bitch with a good length of head and sweet expression from her dark almond eyes, she is a good size, nice length of back and arched neck good turn of stifle moved well in all directions for one so young which won her the class and best puppy in show

2          Rutherford, Riverside Song Unbreakable Heart at Kelloewood NAF TAF nice puppy similar remarks to one, nice make and shape and attentive to handler Standing presents a lovely profile, presented to perfection in lovely puppy coat, very femine and pushed 1 hard.

3          Davis Most Majestic Victory Rosschell
Puppy Bitch (3,0)
1          Ship, Gillyflower Bella Buca Delle Fate (imp ITA)  9 month old golden sable who was presented to perfection, she presented a lovely profile standing, nice arched neck and lenght of back for age, her head is clean and good length I would have prefered a sweeter eye.
2          Davies, Monsolana Have A Dream Rosschell (imp RUS) Nice shaped blue merle of good colour but very petite. would like more of her all over, I found her head rather strong for her body, she moved well.
3          Tungate, Prince of Sunlight let me love you


Junior Bitch (6, 2)
1          Walder, Beldones La Vita Bella For Hanvale 14 month glamorous golden sable bitch, standing with impassive dignity showing her head off adoringly for her handler. Very feminine and her length of back, beautifully arched neck and correct angulation through her stifle to neat hocks fit the silhouette of a collie perfectly. Her head is balanced of good length, with correctly placed eyes, to be critical would prefer tighter ear carriage, and her quality and super presentation took her through to win 3 classes against some other quality bitches.

2          McDade Fridens Captivation with Lyndale (imp RUS) 15 month blue merle could have more sparkle about her in both ring prescence and clearer colour of blue,, she has a good clean balanced head with a rich tan giving a nice expression from her almond eyes,  nice arched neck and good lay of shoulders and turn of stifle she moved well. 

3          Tungate, Prince of Sunlight let me love you


Novice Bitch
1          Tungate, Prince of Sunlight let me love you  sweet 8 months sable and white, nice wedged head, lovely dark eyes giving a nice expression, needs time to mature in body and movement.

Graduate Bitch (8, 3)
1          Walder, Beldones La Vita Bella For Hanvale

2          McDade, Beldones Sweet Illusion 2 year old sable bitch of good type not as glamorise as 1 and has to be handled to appreciate her virtues, lovely clean head and well placed tight ears and eyes giving a lovely expression developing well in body, nice bone and feet everything in proportion, and moved around the ring with purpose and drive, real nice bitch.
3          Lyall Santalolys Sky Amidalas


Post Graduate Bitch (5,1)
1          Walder, Beldones La Vita Bella For Hanvale

2          Philpin, Sassari Snow Shimmer For Tudorlyn blue merle bitch more classic type but a good honest collie and she appealed to me greatly and pushed 1 hard for this class, presented a balanced outline, head of good length and good ear carriage would prefer a sweeter eye but she came into her own on the move so true in all directions another nice bitch who could do a day’s work.

3          Lyall Santalolys Sky Amidalas


Limit Bitch (6,1)
My class of the day the first 3 in this class appealed to me greatly for different reasons
1          Tame, Samhaven Momentum rich golden sable bitch, clean balanced head of good length, flattest of skulls correctly placed stop and good ears. lovely dark eyes giving me the a nice expression lovely make  and shape from all angles well arched neck, flowing into well laid shoulders and well sprung ribs, nice turn of stifle, on the move she was a delight maintaining her topline and driving from powerful hocks just my type of bitch and was pleased to award her res BEST BITCH

2          Daley, Tremaro Tainted Love at Rahlissa so feminine almost identical to  first in this class, I was splitting hairs and this lady was not in the best of jackets but she pushed 1 hard as she was sweeter in expression would love to see her in better coat. She powered round the ring, could certainly do a day’s work she was a delight to handle with her balanced head and clean flowing body lines.

3          Growcott, Triburle Tissues and Issues At Lillyway

Open Bitch (5,1)
1          Growcott, Jopium Fascinator Full matured Tri colour bitch stronger type than I am used to but what a package. She appealed instantly for her beautifully shining black coat and sparkling whites and true collie silhouette, on handling I found her elegant in outline, lovely arched neck well sprung ribs great length of back flowed into her well-muscled thigh into short powerful hocks which enabled her to power round the ring. Her head on handling is stronger but in proportion to everything else about her, most velvety rounded muzzle, clean stop and flat back skull, she was on her toes throughout, giving the softest of tri expression, she melted my heart with the dreamy expression and cheeky demeanour that I couldn’t deny her BEST BITCH and BEST IN SHOW.

2          Smedley, Antoc Soul Diva sable bitch sired by a favourite of mine, lovely clean head to handle, nice dark eyes but would prefer tighter ears to complete the picture. She is well made with a good arched neck, well laid shoulders and good length of back she covered the ground well but didn’t have the ring presence of 1.

3          Philpin, Tudorlyn Little Princess

Mrs Michelle Mitchell (Avonfair)