9th December 2017

Judge Anne Hollywood

My thanks to my stewards Mike Forbes and Sue Joyce for keeping all things in order.

On paper a nice entry sadly depleted by the number of absentees.  For those that did make it despite the horrible weather forecast, my thanks and I hope you all had a safe journey home.

The day had a mixture of highs and lows for me. The lows were some really terrible movement particularly in some of the younger classes and a few in the older ones. Very few, through the whole entry, had the light, effortless, ground covering movement I wanted and although one expects puppies to be a bit loose some were doing some very odd movements going away.

For that reason I have omitted to comment much on individuals as hopefully, especially the young puppies, this will improve with age. Enough to say my final winners pleased me in this department. I am concerned that I found a few lacking a well filled and rounded foreface and enough under jaw. I have not seen much of this before and I hope this will not become the norm.

Minor Puppy Dog  4 (1)
1st Jones & Blackburn Erjon Eminent. Just a baby but just right for his age and showing so much promise. I liked his shape and overall balance. He has good bone, well placed shoulder and upper arm so correct neck and a lovely head peace for his age. I liked his eye placement and great ear carriage. Best puppy dog and only beaten by the more mature minor puppy bitch

2nd Byrnes Ingledene Affairs By Nite. A well made youngster of different head type.  Very pleasing outline with good rear angulation, well muscled thighs and correct front assembly.  He is carrying a touch too much weight at the moment but this will no doubt reduce when he goes through the juvenile stage. He uses his ears very well, just needs to clean through the stop.

3rd Browns Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview

Puppy dog  3 (1)
1st Reeds Aldreen Licence To Thrill. A sable with very good bone and substance with pleasing balance. Nice eye and good ear carriage. Not too happy with his surroundings.

2nd  Byrnes I Affairs by Nite

Junior Dog  3
1st Mclaughlin  Moondance De Cabrenysset for Brihow (imp)  I love the head type of this blue boy.  He has a flat scull topped with well used ears. Eye placement is lovely so expression  very pleasing. He has a well rounded smooth filled foreface which is a pleasure to handle. I would prefer a tighter top line but a quality dog.

2nd Humphreys Shasam Sign of the Times. I liked the shape of this young sable who has enough bone for his size and is well balanced throughout with nice turn of stifle and front angulation. Pleasing head in profile with clean stop and filled foreface. Nice eye and well used ears. Just needs to grow on now to complete the picture.

3rd 3942 Wrays Takhisis dream Weaver.

Post Graduate Dog 3 (1)
1st Foy & Hawkins Beldones Tom Wood. A very attractive lad who is just about to blow his coat.  I like his overall type and style with his smooth clean head peace, neat ears and lovely eye placement. Good shoulders a well filled rib with enough bend to stifle. Adequate bone for his size and a pleasing top line in profile which he kept on the move.

2nd Melvin & Jopson Leeamanway River Pheinix at Nithview. This attractive gold sable was groomed to perfection. I really liked his body shape overall and he has enough bone for his size.  Such a shame he is so lacking in under jaw and filling in his foreface.

Limit Dog. 10 (5)
1st Maxwell & Wallis Trenley Tatenen at Hamisks  An old favourite of mine who appears to have, at last, settled to the job in hand and is now concentrating  on what is being asked of him.  His overall shape and balance of length of back to neck ration is exactly what I expect to find in a Rough Collie. Whenever I see him this hits me between the eyes.  His head is very pleasing with no exaggerations in stop or length and his eyes give such a kind gentle expression. His ears are on top and well used.  A steady mover in all directions and a well deserved Res CC.

2nd Wells Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon. This shaded sable was the most correct mover on the day.  He simply flowed around the ring using his short strong hocks with no effort at all, covering the ground with ease. A size smaller than the winner but a lot of the same attributes apply. He has great ear carriage and a born show man I would just prefer a longer lip line and sweeter eye.

3rd Amberwish Frankie Frederix

Open dog. 4 (2)

1st Congdons Jugband Blues Du Clos De Sea-wind Vian Aaronwell (imp)
The last time I saw this lad was in France when, once again, he threw it all away. Lovely to see the rapport he has with his new owner.  What a super collie he is. He has bone and substance but not an inch of coarseness.  He was very easy to handle and his head is a delight with a clean, smooth and well rounded foreface of correct length. Well placed stop, clean between the eyes which are dark with superb placement and such a lovely expression. Great front, and length of back. He used he ears when asked and did enough on the move to take the CC today. Well done

2nd Foy Hawkins Int & Eng CH Beldones Double Diamond.  The condition of this dog, at 7 years of age is a credit to his owners. He was shown is tip top condition with not a hair out of place and he moved soundly in all directions For my preference I would like him to have more length to his back and greater reach of neck to complete the picture.

Veteran Dog
Everetts Ileyda Karisberg A 7 year old shaded male who was completely out of coat, bless him.

Minor Puppy Bitch 7 (2)

1st Mitchel & Jordan Scottlyme A Kissogram for Avonfair (imp) A very attractive Gold sable of correct balance through out. Great ear carriage, lovely eye placement and sweet expression. Correct rear angulation and lovely shoulder placement. Can only improve with time. Best puppy Bitch and Best puppy in breed. Well done

2nd Grindleys Lanrue Milly Molly Mandy. In profile this blue greatly appealed for her overall style and shape. I love her length of back and reach of neck and found her head very attractive with a well filled muzzle, enough stop and very nice eye placement. Shame she is carrying a lot of weight through her front and over her ribs. Hope this is reduced soon while her bones are still growing.

3rd Wakers Beldones Baby Think Twice at Starlenga

Puppy Bitch 5 (3)

1st Davis Most Majestic Victory of Rosschell (imp)   Bright gold sable shown in clean well groomed correct coat. I like her length of back and each of neck just a tad bum high at the moment. She has a lovely eye and expression and uses her ears to perfection. She still needs to fill in foreface and she is extremely short on the leg and this does detract from her overall balance.

2nd Jacksons Ladnar Steppingstones. A reasonable shape on this heavily marked dark blue. Although her topline could improve. Enough length to her head but she needs more under jaw.

Junior Bitch 8 (5)

1st Kellys Tiganlea This Kiss. This tri is not a ‘glamour puss’ but she is very well put together and groomed to fit her shape. She is sound on the move. Her overall balance is good as she  has correct front angulation and good back length.  She shows well with ears on top.

2nd Walkers Chantique Cinderella at Starlenga. A very heavily coated bright gold sable who had been groomed right down to the skin. She has a pretty little head which appeared too small for her body, hopefully when she looses her huge puppy coat she will appear more balanced all over.

3rd Coulson Beldones Shiraz

Post Graduate Bitch 15 (11)

1st Jones & Blackburn Erjon Exclusively Special. Aptly called glorious blue who certainly lives up to her name. She has style in abundance and she screams breed type for me. Love her overall balance of length of neck to back ratio. She has substance but not an inch of coarseness. Her head is clean and smooth with no bumps or lumps as you run your hands over it. Flew round the ring with a lightness of step and plenty of reach not seen much in this entry.  Completely out of coat but sparkling with health She definitely deserved her 1st place today.

2nd Sibbalds Telforth Little Mix. This sable bitch has so much quality such a shame she was so very upset by the noise. Her head is a joy to handle, clean through her stop , smooth well filled foreface leading to correct eye placement and ears set well but sadly today not used. Not a big girl but balanced all though with great rear angulation, short hocks and well muscled thigh. A quality bitch.

3rd Hawkins Brilyn Glory Days

Limit Bitch 11 (6)

This was a difficult class to judge.

1st Hodges Jopium Love Heart. This bitch was presented to perfection. She is well muscled up through the thighs and shoulder placement is spot on so powered round the ring. For me she is just not feminine enough. An easy winner of this class having so many good points that others lacked to a greater or lesser degree.

2nd Melvin & Jopsons Lillyway Lovin'You at Nithview. Pretty tri not yet in full coat but clean. I do like her style and she has a nice head and good eye placement. She uses her ears to advantage. Very much in between coats although new coat is growing the wispy bits of old coat are not attractive. She needs more time to look her best.

3rd Beares Guilty Secrets of Brilyn

Open bitch 8 (5)

1st Williams-Smith Danrox Loves To Be Wicked.  I just love this bitch. She has not been heavily campaigned but has been there or there abouts for a while and today she finally took the top spot.  I find her overall style is stunning. I not only like the way she is put together I love the way she holds herself, her attentiveness to her ‘dad’ and her eagerness to please him. Her head handles well with a lovely rounded foreface, smooth an clean, flat well filled back scull and such a sweet inquisitive expression coming from her lovely eye placement and ear carriage. She uses her neck to advantage and has enough length to her back to complete the picture. Moving she did a little skip or two,that made me hold my breath , before she got it together enough to take the class the and then the CC. She took the challenge for BOB on her extra lightness of step in the final run off . Many many congratulations

2nd Muirs Tiganlea Fairy  Tale.  Every time I have seen this lovely lady across the ring I have thought her outstanding. Her overall shape and balance is lovely and she immediately appeals. It was a delight to be able to judge her .  I like her eye placement and so her expression.  Her ear carriage is superb and she shows to perfection . She moved soundly behind and looked balanced in profile but her front action does not please. Having said that she is a bitch of quality who draws the eye and will always demand further inspection.

3rd Growcotts Jopium Fascinator

Veteran Bitch 2

1st Mitchell & Jordons CH Caronlea Celtic By Design for Avonfair. A sparkling tri shown in great condition and of such a lovely type. Her head eye and expression  are just lovely and she uses her ears to advantage. Lovely bone and neat feet along with a femine outline makes such an appealing picture. She is obviously in love with her owner to whom she gives her complete attention. A real pleasure to go over her and delighted to award her the RCC. Well done

2nd Congdon’s Aaronwell Aretha Franklin.
A grand old lady of 11 years of age and carrying the weight associated with her age, portly, bless her. Still carries a good coat.  I think she felt she had finished with all this showing lark.