Judges Report:    LEEDS CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW, 21.7.2017 (Rough Collies)

May I thank the exhibitors for a lovely entry of some top quality dogs, all beautifully presented, despite the initial downpour.  I was delighted with both my dog and bitch line ups in the challenge, although being spoilt for choice gave me a headache with decisions.   

A couple of concerns I noted – Teeth: several relatively young exhibits had really dirty teeth. This should form part of the general grooming process, and has health implications, as well as being unpleasant for both dog and judge.   I also found a few otherwise nice dogs with full round eyes.  Although we don’t want to return to the overly small piggy eyes, the true collie expression cannot be achieved without the required obliquely set almond shaped eye.  On the plus side, cow hocks were conspicuous by their absence!  The majority of dogs moved soundly, even if a few were hampered by carrying too much weight.

MPD (6)
1st   Cooney’s Jopium Danny Boy at Lingwell.  Well grown s/w approaching 9mths. Good body shape, decent neck and topline, correct tail carriage. Well off for bone, neat feet and firm hocks.  Found him rather heavy in head and deep through, but nice eye shape and ear carriage gave a pleasing expression. Moved well and beautifully presented.
2nd  Benton’s Brooklynson El Dorado.  Not yet the body development of 1st, but preferred his head of good length, flat skull, correctly place and carried ears and nice dark eye. Well-constructed, with good length of back, good shoulders and length of upper arm. Confident, easy gait. Just needs time to develop.
3rd  McEntee’s Beleg the Elf of the Woods at Gerian (Imp.) 

PD (2, 1 abs.)
1st  Wray’s Takhesis Dream Weaver.  11mths s/w, just losing his puppy coat which made him look rather rangy. His head is clean, of good length with lovely dark almond eye and neat well placed ears. He moved freely in profile, if a little close behind going away. BPD.
JD (1)
1st  White’s Mejola Dangerous Liaison.  12 ½ mths. b/m of reasonable colour. Another basically sound dog, just entering that junior stage and beginning to drop coat, which affects the overall outline. Construction sound with good proportions, well angulated, allowing light easy movement. Balanced head, flat skull, decent underjaw with tight lip line. Moved well.

PGD (14, 4 abs)
1st  White’s Mejola Fate and Fortune. Clear blue litter brother of Junior winner, holding onto his coat and shown in better body condition. Well balanced throughout with good arched neck, firm topline and sound hindquarters. Pleasing head and expression with nice eye and ear set, enough stop. Moved with drive.
2nd   Welsh’s Karafays Scotch Blend at Thistlewing.  Lovely headed s/w, yet another not in his best outfit. Good neck leading into a good lay of shoulder and upper arm, matched by a good turn of stifle. Very attentive to handler, and moved well, if a little proud of his tail.
3rd  Harvey’s Wicani Rumours.

LD (7)
1st  Pryor’s Aqualita Dr No.  Sh/s/w with a wealth of harsh well-fitting coat covering a well-made frame.  Correct angles fore and aft, well ribbed up giving a good body length. His head handles well, being balanced, with a dark obliquely set eye, well rounded muzzle and neat ears. Very positive and free on the move. Just felt he was lacking in body condition on the day which held him back from higher honours, but a quality dog.
2nd Wray’s  Takhesis Trick or Treat.  Well balanced tri in good coat and body condition. Balanced head planes with good eye placement. Moved out well, just not the far reaching stride of 1st.
3rd Collino’s Wicani Altitude at Imaginist.

OD (9)
1st  Smith’s Shandlmain Driftinstorm.  New one to me, where has a dog of this quality been hiding! Caught my attention as he floated into the ring, and never put a foot wrong. Beautiful flowing outline, from his correctly set ears, to elegant neck, firm topline to perfectly set and carried tail. His gleaming jet black fitted coat, presented to perfection, was the icing on the cake, and boy, can he move. Finish that with a clean, classic head with soft, intelligent expression, and he has it all. At 3 ½ yrs. old, I believe his owner has only recently started showing, yet on the day I was delighted to give him the CC, and learned this was his 2nd in as many weeks. Well deserved.
2nd Geddes’ Ch. Ingledene Spirits Arise, JW.  Having admired this tri from his puppy days I thought he had it in the bag.  Classic construction, shown in full bloom and hard condition, with faultless, precise movement, watching these two dogs power round the ring together proved a real headache. A worthy Champion, but this day he had to settle for RCC.
3rd  Quince’s Karafaye Black Quillan.

VD (2)
1st Welsh’s Ladnar Perfect Time at Thistlewing.  7yrs b/m in full coat, still retaining his clean head, and using his ears to advantage. Moved out well.  BVD
2nd Milligan’s Ch. Alfsden Hallelujah.  8 yrs. tri, also in full coat and looking worthy of his title. Moved soundly, but insisted on rooting his tail on the move which spoilt his outline.

MPB (5)
1st Beaden’s Myriehewe Promises. Well named precocious tri of almost 6 ½ mths as she promises much for the future.  So confident and well schooled she stood four square at the end of a long loose lead, showing non-stop. She is sound, showing no puppy looseness, her head is balanced with clean stop and correct eye shape and ear placement giving a sweet expression. Nicely arched neck, firm topline, good tailset and carriage, balanced front and rear angulation, good bone with neat feet and hocks well let down. Her soundness and precision on the move was rather special for one so young. Should have a great future.
2nd Tipper’s Tiganlea Tangled Up in Blue.  Pretty b/m 6 ½ mths. with a lovely shape and good coat. Head developing well with sweet expression, good ears. Nice bend of stifle and good tail carriage. Beat her litter sister with her steadier movement.
3rd Tipper’s Tiganlea Thank Heaven.

PB (5, 1 abs)
1st McEntee’s Gerian Sunfrosting.  10mths. eye catching b/m in good coat of clear, well broken colour. Nice body shape, with arched neck and good length of back and long well set tail. Very feminine head with neat ears and sweet expression. She moved and showed well. Another with a promising future. Being that few critical months older and more finished than the MPB I was pleased to award her BPB and BPIB.
2nd Collino’s Imaginist Willow Wren.  11mths tri in good coat. Good length to her balanced head, with good ears. Arched neck, good lay of shoulder with good length and angle of upper arm. Good body length, tail set and turn of stifle. Well-made throughout, just preferred the sweetness of expression of 1st.
3rd Coulson’s Beldones Shiraz.

JB (9, 2 abs)
1st Geddes’ Ingledene Lace n Grace.  Classic s/w who has inherited many attributes of her sire who took the RCC here. Balanced wedge head, well defined under jaw with tight lip line, correctly set eye and neat well positioned ears. Good front assembly, well ribbed up giving good length and firm topline, nicely angulated muscular hindquarters, strong hocks and correct tail carriage, all combined to produce a positive free flowing action. Beautifully presented.
2nd Gladwell’s Monsolana Love n Kiss Jotars (Imp.)  Smaller, feminine b/m of good clear colour. Nicely moulded foreface, parallel planes with correct stop, neat well used ears and nice eye giving a kind expression. Elegant reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, nicely balanced outline with correct tailset and carriage. Very light and sound on the move, just not quite matching the reach and drive of 1st.
3rd Clare’s Ingledene Nitesky of Skyeshelm.

PGB (18, 3 abs, 1 transf. to Open)
1st  Jackson’s Sassari Sea Shimmer. Beautiful b/m, so feminine in outline and expression. Her head is clean with flat skull, neat ears and nice almond eye giving that soft expression. Good reach of neck well laid shoulder and lovely length of back giving her a lovely shape. Good upper arm and bend of stifle, correct tail set and carriage. Light, sound effortless movement. Unlucky to find herself in a line up with so many other lovely bitches.
2nd Flower’s Serenlas Obsession. Sh/s/w just coming back into coat so lacking furnishings, but what coat she had was sparkling, and she had nothing to hide. Classic outline, good neck, shoulders and length of upper arm, firm topline which she maintained on the move, nice sweep of stifle and tail set. Balance head of good length, good ear carriage and nice dark eye. Very sound on the move.
3rd Harvey’s Wicani Rumours.

LB (14, 4 abs)
1st  Harvey’s Churchoak Temptress at Wicani.  Stunning b/m with outstanding shape. Her lovely presentation showed off her clear silvery blue colour, and her beautifully crested and elegant reach of neck is enhanced by her white shawl collar. Her head is clean, balanced and well moulded and handles well once you look past her uneven head markings. Her construction is so well balanced and she showed non-stop. Movement is effortless and flowing. In a line-up of beautiful bitches I could not deny her the RCC.
2nd Stevens’ Boughlee Sheza Star.  Attractive tri in full coat with the required length of body giving that classic outline. Balance head with soft, intelligent expression. Nothing exaggerated about her, but correct construction and powerful long, easy gait suggests she is capable of doing a day’s work. Well presented and handled.
3rd Gallagher’s Gemheid Written in Lights.   

OB (10, 5 abs)
1st Harrison’s Cariadhaf Candy Kisses.   Beautifully balanced b/m oozing quality and femininity. Good head planes with good ears and eye set giving gentle, sweet expression.  Lovely arched neck into excellent lay of shoulder with good length and return of upper arm, balanced with a good sweep of stifle, allowing that far reaching, ground covering gait.  Well presented coat of good texture, and good body condition, she showed non-stop.  I judged her as a pup and said then I loved her. I haven’t changed my mind, so was happy to award her the CC & BOB. Delighted to be told this was her 3rd CC and gaining her title
2nd McGill & Boyd’s Gemheid China Girl at Stregato.  S/w that immediately catches the eye with her stunning outline and rich colour. Everything about her flows. Her head is beautifully moulded, balanced, with neat mobile ears and lovely dark eye. Good neck, strong topline, lovely sweep over the croup to long well carried tail. Correct angulation fore and aft with movement to match. One to watch.
3rd Rice’s Shandlmain Catchmykisses.

VB (7, 2 abs)
1st  Stillwell’s Bellawave Moonlite Melody.  Lovely tri approaching 10 yrs. Showing few signs of her age and in beautiful condition, she out moved many younger dogs on the day. Obviously enjoying her day and not considering retirement anytime soon. BVB & BVIB.
2nd  Sibbald’s Ch. Lynmead Amalie Lucy Locket.  7yrs s/w in full coat. Pretty girl of different type, sweet head and expression, with lovely dark eye. Another good mover.
3rd Flower’s Atendus April Maid is Serenlas.

Judge:  Ros MacDonald