Irish Collie Club Ch Show 23rd September 2017

Albeit a dry day, the weather was rather windy but it enabled all the judging to be held outside.  I was pleasantly surprised with the quality if the entry, and presentation is to be commended.  In particular I must mention the Roughs from across the sea, quality in abundance, and I was so pleased to be able to have left the Res Dog CC, Best Puppy in Show, and Best Veteran in Show in Ireland,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to judge them.

Minor Puppy Dog
1st        Nealon    EZZMARE HUGGY BEAR  Gold Sable coming up to 9 months, with his
beautifully groomed coat gleaming.  Head handled well, well filled in foreface, nicely placed and shaped dark eye.  Would just like his ears a bit tighter, reach of neck, length of back and good quarters and he moved soundly

2nd        Mcivor   CARONLEA DARK AND STORMY  As his names suggests, a good looking tricolour, in a well-groomed black jacket.  Unfortunately, both dog and hander were ‘lost’ this being their first show as I could not go over him. I will leave it there and I sincerely hope his owner will persevere with him as I think he is worth it.

Puppy Dog
1st        Nealon   EZZMARE KING OF HEARTS   My notes say “what a fab puppy” litter brother to first I in M.P.D, but what quality, lovely make and shape, good for size, ample neck, length of back with such good quarters and neat feet.  Perfectly balanced all over, head was a joy to handle, with the sweetest of expressions, coming from two lovely dark almond shaped eyes with his neat ears bang on top. His sable coat was groomed to perfection, and moved with such ease.  He will go far, and I wish he were mine.  Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show.  Thank you for bringing him.

Junior Dog
1st        Kelly   BALLAHANNA ALL GUNS BLAZIN  Sable at that in-between age, and who had decided he would have a change of wardrobe.  Good for size, with ample neck, length of back, ample bone and neat feet enabled him to move out with drive.  Head handled well, with a lovely expression, would like to see him when in full coat.

Yearling Dog
1st        Lockyer   GATAJ BEAU OF SURPRISES   Beautifully groomed classically marked tricolour, who gave of his all, and who was so attentive to his handler.  Nicely balanced all over and was sound on the move covering the ground with such ease.  At that in-between stage at the moment, but going along the right lines.  Head handled well, nicely filled foreface, with two dark eyes and with his well placed stop and ears gave him a sweet expression.  Wish him well for the future

Post Grad Dog
1st        Beadons   ANGELFIELD THE REAL DEAL   Upstanding Sable & White, put down to the nines.  Has a lovely neck, with the length of back and depth of chest.  Good quarters enabled him to move with drive fore and aft.  Refined head and was very attentive to his handler

Limit Dog
1st        Congdons    MONSOLANA VELVET BLUE FOR AARONWELL (Rus Imp)   To be honest I have never been a lover of this dog just goes to show that how wrong one can be.  Having never had my hands on him until today, I found him most captivating.  Nicely balanced all over, with good body, depth of chest, neck, and good quarters.  Head is lovely, nicely rounded foreface, ample stop, neat ears gave him the most sweetest of expressions.  When asked to move he covered the ground with such ease.  He is of a lovely blue colour, and presentation was faultless.  I was please to award him the Dog C.C and Res B.I.S  Thank you for bringing him and to prove me wrong, was later told this was his third and crowning C.C well done.

Open Dog
1st        McNally      IR CH COPAMAGE SUPREMACY   Sable and White who I judged at Crufts last year, where I gave him the Junior Class.  Was pleased to see that he is maturing along the right lines and is now and Irish Ch.  He was presented in full coat groomed to perfection, and is a good representative of the breed, was pleased to award him the Res C.C where he was awarded with the same award next day at Belfast.  Well done

2nd        Tipper    TIGANLEA TOO GOOD TO BE FORGOTTEN   Sable just coming back into coat.  Have admired him from the ringside a while and was not disappointed in him.  Conformation is lovely, and balanced all over, good depth of chest, shoulders, length of back, straight front, nicely turned stifle, neat short hocks, feet which enabled him to move with purpose and drive.  Head is beautifully balanced with the sweetest expression.  Unlucky to come up against the first who had the edge on finish.


Minor Puppy Bitch
1st        Car/Colclough    ROSSCHELL STEAL A KISS  Very lovely blue baby, just 6 months old, of a gorgeous blue colour, classically marked and an art in presentation, every hair gleamed, such ring presence, nothing fazed her, not even the strong wind.  Sweetest of expression on a nicely balance head, with lovely neat ears, continually used, ample neck, good shoulders, lovely conformation for one so young, ample bone, neat feet, with good angulation, and for one so young she moved with such ease in unison with her handler.  I shall watch her progress with interest, as I think she has a lovely career in front of her, I wish her well

2nd        Beadon   MYRIEHEWE PROMISES   Beautifully made tri bitch who today unfortunately was not a “Happy Bunny”, but pleased to say that she got her act together next day at Belfast.  Lovely make and shape with a refined head giving her the sweetest expression.  Her jet black coat gleamed, which was beautifully presented


Puppy Bitch

1st        Davies   ROSSCHELL TIA OF ILLUSION    Very smart looking tricolour so very well schooled by her young hander, nicely balanced all over, with her two nicely placed and shaped eyes and neat ears giving her a sweet expression, good body shape and quarters.  Moved well in unison with her handler

2nd        Congdon    AARONWELL ASTRAL DANCER    Lovely blue bitch of different type to
but full of quality, her blue is blue and white is white put down to the nines.  Sweetest of expression, good neck, length of back, with good conformation and quarters.  Moved soundly

3rd        Nealon    EZZMARE TOO SASSY FOR YOU

Junior Bitch
1st        McIntyre   BLACK ‘N’ SAUCY WITH AMALIE    Fifteen month tricolour bitch gleaming with condition, perfectly balanced all over with just the kind of refined head that I like with the desired expression coming from two dark almond eyes, enough stop and neat ears, good neck onto well laid shoulders and length of back, with straight front and nicely bent stifle with neat short hocks, and her neat feet, with ample bone.  She moved soundly covering the ground well.  Mention must be given to her young handler who on the day I thought did a sterling job, and could teach many an adult how to handle, and was most sympathetic towards her charge.  Well done I wish her well for the future, keep going as we need youngsters like you.

2nd        Francis    DANFREBECK MAGICAL KISS AT PEBLU   another good looking young  tricolour but of different type to first.  Put down in pristine condition classically marked, with rich tan markings, white was white, black was black.  Again balanced all over with a lovely head, eye and sweet expression, first thought on the day that she was carrying a shade too much weight


Yearling Bitch
1st        Davies     FRIDENS MAGIC MOMENTS FOR ROSSCHELL    Another petite classically marked tri, who unfortunately was a little apprehensive due to the wind.  Of good make and shape with a balanced head piece, with the sweetest expression, in good jet black coat, well presented, good quarters enabled her to move soundly

Post Graduate Bitch
1st        Boyle     ARKLETHILL HELENA    Sable bitch out of the top drawer, of lovely make and shape, with a reach of neck, good shoulders, length of back and good quarters, with ample bone, neat feet.  Head is really lovely with a very sweet expression, nicely rounded in foreface, with good underjaw, she was beautifully turned out, and moved soundly.  One for the future I am sure.

2nd        Hodges    JOPIUM LOVE HEART J.W Sh C M     Sable of different type to first, again well presented, and perfectly balanced all over, head handled well, sweet expression, and so attentive to her handler.  She covered the ground with such ease, just unfortunate to come up against Helena

3rd        Sibbald            TELFORTH LITTLE MIX   completed a trio of lovely bitches

Limit Bitch
1st        Lockyers   GATAJ FAIRYTALE SURPRISE   My notes say gorgeous shaded sable, which I must admit we do not see enough of these days, her well groomed coat simply shone to perfection, well constructed all over, with everything where it should be, head was a pleasure to handle, of a nice length, and nicely rounded in foreface, with two dark eyes and ears bang on top, and so attentive to her handler.  She moved so soundly, in unison with her handler, and I was pleased to award her the Res C.C.  Her day will come

2nd        Davies   MONSALINA FOLLOW YOUR DREAM TO ROSSCHELL  Nicely marked and coloured blue merle.  Head is nicely marked, with well placed eyes, rounded foreface, neat ears, giving her a sweet expression.  Ample neck, length of back, good quarters.  She too moved well and was well presented.

3rd        Congdons     HALITE COUTURE DES BELDONES

Open Bitch
This was a lovely class to judge headed by my B.C.C. and BIS

1st        Burrows    TIGANLEA TINKERBELL AT REVDVICKI    A most beautiful sable bitch that I confess I have never seen before and I could not take my eye off her.  She was just stunning, and I was later told that this was her third and crowning C.C (which she so richly deserves) in as many shows.  She is perfectly balanced, a lovely neck, length of back, good shoulders, and straight front, nicely let down at the back with neat short hocks, and feet with just enough bone for a bitch.  Head is perfection in itself, oozing sweetness, she is a born showgirl, and was immaculately turned out, and the icing on the cake her true and fluent movement.  I was simply mesmerized by her, for me she had the ‘wow’ factor.  Thank you for bringing her

2nd        McGowan    RIVERSIDE SONG BOSSA NOVA JOINS CORISIAN    Sable who was unlucky to meet Tinkerbelle in such fine form.  Different type to first, and coat is just on the blow, she has a lovely head piece, with a nice eye, stop, neat ears, giving her a sweet expression, good confirmation and quarters helped her to move soundly around the ring.  Her day will come


Veteran Bitch
1st        Magill    IR CH CAMANNA COLOURED CONFETIEAT BELTRA   Beautiful blue bitch in full coat, hard to believe she is now a Veteran and she certainly does not look or behave like one.  Head is lovely with two dark eyes, good body shape, and she moved soundly B.V.I.S

2nd        Drewery   IR SH INT CH DEMELEWIS FABLE MOON OVER ELSHADENE  Tri bitch of different make to first, but full of quality and was not at all disgraced by coming second today.  She really enjoyed her day out, and was completely at one with her handler.  Presented in a jet black coat groomed to perfection, head is still refined, giving her a sweet expression still, and she too was very sound