Greenock and District Kennel Association Summer open show Saturday 8th July 2017

Many thanks to the society for offering me this judging appointment to judge rough collies and Shetland sheep dogs. Thank you to the exhibitors who supported the classes and brought along some very nice and well presented dogs.

Rough collie puppy (5,2)
1. Melvin and Jopsons Nithview Country Bumpkin. Sable 10mth old, coming on nicely.  Head handles well, good flat skull, ears and almond eye which I'd perhaps prefer just a tad more obliquely set. Foreface has just a little more filling in to do. Very good angulation front and back and this showed in her movement which was fluid and keeping a good top line.

2. Proctors Wilmaranna Out of the blue for Cathbri. 7 mth blue dog. Head still needs to clean out in stop but there is promise there of the head settling into a good wedge with good ear set when used and a kind expression.  Angulation is also very promising and has a good turn of stifle. Moved OK

Rough Collie Junior 3,0
1.Johnstons Seadreamers Walking on Sunshine. Golden sable 17 mth bitch with a lot to like. Very glamorous with shawl collar and abundance of coat.  Clean wedge shaped head, bang on perceptible stop, almond oblique eye and good ear set when used. Good conformation and the best mover in this class. Unfortunately her coat is spoiling her profile at the moment making her appear high over the rump when standing and spoiling her top line on the move. 

2. Johnstons Riverside Song Milky White way. 8Mth tri bitch. Very pretty little girl who has some growing to do as yet. She has a lovely eye set and good ears when she uses them, needs to clean out in stop and fill in fore face. She moved very confidently very much as one would expect from a young pup with some growing to do.

3. McClelland and Brothertons Rachel Show Time At Alauna. 15Mth jet black good sized Tri boy with a lot of good qualities. Out of coat at the moment but nicely put together overall. Balanced head, pleasing eye, good ear set. Angulation throughout was good. Stood with no sign of cowhocks. So unhappy on the floor, which made assessing his movement impossible. Would like to see him again when he's less stressed by the floor.

Rough collie post graduate  6, 2

1.Carmicheals Kilchrenan Zena's Design. A very well put together feminine tri bitch. Clean head, flat skull, pleasing dark almond eye set obliquely. Liked her overall balance, shape and size. Very pleasing angualtion front and back and well let down on her hocks. She moved well with drive and keeping a good top line.

2. McGill and Boyd's Gemheid China Girl at Stregato. Different type to 1 but undeniably a well put together shaded sable bitch. Longer and slightly bigger than 1 in head and body but balanced throughout and showed non stop. Clean head pattern with almond oblique eye I would just prefer a little more stop and little less width between the eye. She moved very well as her conformation suggested.


Rough Collie Open 6,0  A very nice class.
1. McIntyres Meryctin Brite Like a Diamond. Nice sized and well balanced sable girl with no extremes. Head was clean and balanced, flat skull, good ears, nice almond shaped eye and perceptible stop. Angulation was spot on, no excess weight and good muscle tone with pleasing ratio of height to length meaning she moved well with drive. BOB and pleased to see her go Group 3

2. Melvin and Jopsons Lilyway Lovin' you at Nithview. A super jet black tri bitch in very good condition. Another well balanced girl. Head handles well, rounded muzzle, a tad more stop than 1 good ear set. Showed and moved very well. Very close decision I just preferred the eye on 1.


Shetland sheepdog Junior 3,0

1. Drydales Muriston Shooting Star 10 mth old sable and white bitch. Pleasing head just needing a little more fill in foreface, good eye set and ears the right size and set well. Balanced body with good angulation and this showed in her movement. I felt she was within the standard for size.

2. Mr Purves Donallin Dream Girl. 7Mth tri girl. Pleasing expression and eye set with good ear carriage.  A tad more stop than one. Balanced body shape and good angulation and well off for bone Moved positively. I hope she doesn’t grow on very much more as she is currently within size.

Shetland Sheepdog Post Graduate 6,0

1. Purves Sommerville Magic in Black. Tri bitch who won this class with her overall balance and shape. Head handled well, clean over the cheeks with good eye set and shape and rounded muzzle and good under jaw. Ears were placed well and the correct size. Angulation was good and this showed in the  positive drive in her movement. BOB

2. Drysdales Donallin Shadow Magic. Shaded sable male who I was advised was the son of 1. He was a smashing shape with balance throughout. His head handled well, clean stop, good eye set, rounded muzzle, tight appropriately sized ears. He moved well.  To be honest my heartache dog as he has in truth gone over size and would have been my BOB today.

Shetland Sheepdog Open 7,1

1. Hays Degallo The Gambler. Rich sable dog who showed non stop. His head handled well, clean and balanced with good tight correct sized ears used well. Eye set was good although would have prefered his eye just a tad smaller.  Very well balanced throughout with good angualtion. Nice rounded bone but not thickset. Moved out very well.
2. Drysdales Donallin shadow Magic.

Anita Fox