2 December 2017


Thank you to the committee,for inviting me and their great hospitality.

Special Yearling. (3,1)

1. Ware's Bella Bimba Della Buca Della Fate at Wassail. 20 months old S/W bitch. She is a ' Bella Bimba'- beautiful baby as her name denotes. Sweet expression with good eye placement,ears used well when she wanted to.Shapely outline,with a reach of neck there, moved well enough to take the class. although not the happiest of show girls in this hall. BOB and made the cut in the group.
2. Scamp's Stregato the Malificent at Marketdene.

Post Graduate. (1)

1. Scamp's Stregato the Malificent at Marketdene. 13 months old S/W. An awkward age.Dark eye but lacking that dreamy, feminine sweet expression for me. Correct harsh coat.

Open. (2,1)

1. Thorne's Triforce Dragonheart Sh.CM. Stood alone, 5 year old imposing shaded sable,dark eye,ears well set,good presentation with a harsh well fitted jacket. Would have liked to see his movement outside in a bigger area. RBOB.

Judge. Stephanie Presdee(Pampardour)