East Anglian Collie Association.
Sub Group Open Show

For Rough and Smooth Collies.

April 9th 2017.

Special Award Classes.

Lovely day in the sunshine at EACA spring show. Thank you to the committee for their hospitality and thank you to the exhibitors for their entries.

Special Award Puppy Dog or Bitch. (5,1)

1. Randall's Samhaven Hopeful Ladnar. Six and a half month old pretty, feminine blue merle bitch. Sweet expression, ears used well, dark eye, good under jaw. Strong straight forelegs, neat feet, good reach of neck, well let down hocks, moved well for a youngster. Very good presentation.

2. Wray's Takhisis Dream Weaver. Eight month old S/W dog. Well filled muzzle, dark almond eye, used his ears. Strong front, good feet, another young one that moved well, beautifully presented.

Special Award Post Graduate Dog or Bitch. (6,3)

1.Skinner's Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal. 3 year old shapely tri bitch. Wedge head, medium almond shaped dark eye, ears used very well for her handler,fair length of neck, sweeping over her back with a raise above her loins, into a tail held well in repose. Her jet black coat shone in the sunshine, stands well, but her movement is not very collected.

2. Blake's Corydon The Ringmaster. 14 month old bright S/W, harsh jacket fitted him well, wedge head, slight stop, strong under jaw, well placed dark eye, good reach of neck. Moved well enough but hard work for his handler, and a fidget, as his eyes were on the bitches.

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch. (10,6)

1. Benton's Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle. 8 year old B/M Smooth.My notes say feminine, very shapely, good depth of chest. Top third ears tipped, flat skull of correct proportion. I could hardly believe her age though, showed well and her movement and drive belies her 8 years.

2. Benton's Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle. Coming up to 2 and a half years old S/W bitch. Wedge head, dark eye, ears used correctly, would prefer more under jaw. Arch of neck, correct body to height ratio with a long tail. Lets you know she is around.

Stephanie Presdee (Judge)