EAST ANGLIAN COLLIE ASSOCIATION – Diamond Anniversary Show – 6 Aug 2017

Best In Show Awards

I was delighted if not honoured to judge the in show awards at the EACA’s 60th anniversary Championship show - my local Collie breed club with whom I’ve been associated for the past 40 years, firstly with handling my mothers Leepark Collie in the Junior Handling classes, then with other Collies I have bred, owned and shown along the way, and now by being part of the prestigious committee and officiating in judging at top level for the Club.
Thank you to everyone who supported the show, and helped make it a big success. There were some lovely quality Collies entered who made the final selection for the ‘in show’ awards put through by their respective judges, Stella Clark and Angela Hodgson, (whom I have had and shown Collies from in the past), and also Brian House who has supported me in my earlier years of judging. So now onto the dogs and their respective awards.

BOB ROUGH was between Smedley’s Ch. Atendus Erasure and Gladwell’s: Monsolana  Love N Kiss Jotars (Imp).
Two nice Collies of their individual sexes, albeit different in type. The Sable dog is correct in size, soundly constructed with sufficient bone and substance. He has a lean wedge shaped head, muscular neck and sloping shoulders, with good body ratios and is balanced throughout. He moved well, showing good reach and length of stride in profile but in comparison could not quite match the elation of the young Rough bitch vying against him today. BOS ROUGH.
This young Blue bitch has taken the show ring by storm this summer. At only 12.5 months  she is one of the nicest imports I have seen, and now having judged her can see why she has gained top honours at such a young age. (Although it might not have done her future show career any favours!). She is a lovely shape, in good coat of ideal colour with a pretty head and expression. She has the most elegant neck, but I would prefer her slightly longer in back. She was superbly presented, and stood out with her glamour, ring presence, good movement and showmanship - hence my decision to award her BEST IN SHOW.

RES BIS I awarded to Benton & Woods: Ch. Oakestelle Vivaldi.
A tri male now four years old who I judged only 10 months ago. I remarked then that he still had scope to come to his best, and I can honestly say I think that he has. Not a big boy, but still masculine enough in outlook, and with nothing really out of place. He performed well, but again could not surpass the Blue Rough in the challenge for the top award.  

BEST PUPPY IS SHOW I awarded to Humphrey’s Shasam Sign Of The Times
What a super puppy this boy is. All male and showing so much potential for the future. He is now approaching 11 months, is fully grown with strong bone and plenty of substance. Arched neck merging into well laid back shoulders, good depth of chest, and front legs placed firmly underneath him. Well sprung ribs, good length of back, firm loins, and well bent stifles, with strong straight hocks, producing good driving power on the move. One I would be proud to show! Good luck with him.

RES BPIS went to Russells Koczkodan Serenity.
A tri bitch who was less mature than the Rough, as often Smooths are at this age. (Maybe it’s the difference in coat type?), but a nice all round Collie who celebrated her first birthday a week after the show. Not quite the angulation of the Rough on the rear, but moved decently enough and showed well.

BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW was Tiganlea Thank Heaven.
A tricolour Rough bitch of 7.5 months. I did not assess this pup, so I have no notes to comment about her. She was BMPIS unopposed to attain this win.

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW I awarded to the Rough, Brilyn Kiss at Midnite to Jamesfair
& RES BVIS to the Smooth, Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle.
To choose between these two Collies was a very difficult decision indeed. The Tri Rough just seems to have got better with age, and now just one week off 9 years should have seen her title by now. Correctly coated, she has a lovely outline assembled from excellent conformation, with superb flowing movement. I preferred her head to the BIS blue, being slightly cleaner through with level head planes, slight stop, smooth cheek line, and so feminine in expression. The Blue Smooth who I have judged several times during her show life is also a lovely model of the breed and has been winning well into her veteran age. I cannot write any more than I have done before about her and the only small deciding factor here for the best award, was that she proved to be a little wider behind in movement than the Rough. Could she eventually see her title I wonder?
Both two lovely examples of breed type for a Rough and Smooth Collie.  


JUDGE:  Lisa  Pettitt