It was a pleasure to judge at Ayrshire Collie Open show where I was made to feel very welcome, the hall looked stunning and the show ran like clockwork by the hard working committee.   The exhibits were all very well presented.  I was most impressed by the way the winners were applauded after each class, something which rarely happens these days.  I had some lovely dogs and bitches just  wish there had been more cards to give out.

Veteran Dog/Bitch
1st    Grainger and Mitchell’s  Ch Samhaven Classical Music – It was a pleasure to go over this lovely girl, now nine and a half years young, whose show progress I followed to her title and beyond.  Sweet expression, well set eye and correctly placed ears.  Lovely reach of neck into level topline of good length.  Well set shoulders and ample turn of stifle.  In beautiful condition and very well presented.  She moved as her construction would suggest and it was a pleasure to award her RBB.
2nd   Houston’s Aldermeade Cleilidh Dancer at Mounthorpe – Another lovely eight and a half year old bitch in excellent condition.  Sweet eye and lovely expression.    Good shoulder placement, level topline, lovely neat feet.  Very attentative to handler .  Moved with drive.  Excellent presentation.

Minor Puppy Dog
1st   Johnston’s Fridens Cavendish (Imp Rus) - Pretty blue merle puppy dog who stood alone.  Well set ears and sweet eye.  Good length of muzzle.   Moved out well.  Coat needs to clear in colour.   Stood and showed well and overall performed well today.  Well presented.

Puppy Dog
1st   Brotherton & McClelland’s Rashel Show Time at Alauna – This young tri is a lovely colour, his coat gleamed and was beautifully presented.  He has fabulous reach of neck and good length of head.  Good length of body.  Nice neat feet, moved positively BPD.

Junior Dog
1st   Campbell’s Culbrae Imagine – I have admired this youngster from ringside for his overall shape and quality.  Sweet expression, head of good length.  Super reach of neck and level topline of good length.  Good spring of rib with well angulated hindquarters.  Moved out well.  Well presented.
Yearling Dog
1st  Johnston’s Sea Dreamer’s One and Only (Imp NDL) – Sable and White fifteen month old dog of nice type.   Masculine, pleasant expression with almond shaped dark eye and good moulding of foreface.  Well used ears added to the picture.  His angulation was good and he moved well. 

Maiden Dog
1st   Johnston’s Fridens Cavendish.

Graduate Dog
1st   Blaikie’s Kourika Kosta Koffee – Another young dog I have admired from ringside and he did not disappoint  today.   His beautiful tricolour coat has lovely texture and is the blackest of black.  He has a lovely soft expression and well set dark eye and he used his ears well today.  Adequate bone, good length of body, he presented a lovely overall picture.  I was glad to award him BD and he went on to RUIS.
2nd   Paterson and Blaney’s Wilmaranna’s Forever in Blue -  and a pleasing blue he was.  Adequate length of neck and good sable markings with a pleasing expression.  Nice moulding of foreface.  He had beautifully manicured feet and was presented in top order.   Correct angulation allowing him tomove well.
3.    Carmichael’s Kilchrenan Keltic Brier JW

Limit Dog
Ashe’s Forrestwalk Rocket Man -   This three year old Sable and White dog has ample neck and good substance.  Beautifully presented coat of correct texture.  Well placed dark eye and neat ears.  Nicely moulded foreface and good length of head.  Good shoulder placement, ample bend of stifle.  Very well presented.

Baby puppy- Dog/Bitch

I had the pleasure of a class of lovely promising babies who we put through their paces even though they could not be placed but were absolutely lovely, good luck to them in the future.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st   Melvin & Jopson’s Country Bumpkin – Sable & white puppy of 7 months.  Wow what a confident young lady she is for one so young.   Feminine expression, good length of muzzle.  Well set ears.  Well angulated, moved and showed well.
2nd  McCarte’s Roughrigg Golden Rhapsody – I really liked this 7 month old puppy bitch, who unfortunately was quite unsettled today.   Sweet expression with good ear placement, eyes well placed.  Nice length of body and well fitted coat.    She was a little reluctant to perform today but I am sure will progress well in the future.

Puppy Bitch
1st   Brooker’s Gerian Sun Kisses over Corisian -  This ten month old puppy bitch exudated all the qualities to win this class.  Sweet expression, well placed almond shaped dark eye.  Shoulders well placed, good bend of stifle and an abudance of coat completed the picture.  Moved well and was beautifully presented.   I was glad to award her BP and then went on to BPIS.
2nd   Mcintyre’s Black N Saucy with Amalie – Another promising young puppy bitch has plenty to like.  Lovely shape, feminine expression with well moulded foreface.  Lovely oval shaped feet.  Well angulated, moved out well.  Very well presented.

Junior Bitch
1st  Johnston’s Sea Dreamer’s Walking on Sunshine (imp NDL) – This young sable and white bitch has an abundance of qualities.  Very soft expression, well set eye, ears well used.  Lovely reach of neck into level topline which she kept on the move.  In top condition and beautifully presented, moved well.
2nd Johnston’s Riverside Song Hey Jude with Geosamka (imp ROM) – Not to be overshadowed by the class winner this young bitch has a lot to offer.  Lovely shape, shoulders well placed and good bend of stifle.  Moved and showed well.
3.  Harrison’s Cariadhaf Cookies and Cream

Yearling Bitch
1st  Topham’s Seanchrois Extrordinary Blue Girl – This young blue merle has the most appealing expression.  Ears right on top, correctly set eye, balanced throughout.  She presents a picture.   Adequate neck, good length, short strong hocks and neat feet.  Flowed around the ring just would prefer a slightly better colour but everything else was in the right place.
2nd  Kilchrenan Zena’s Design – Pretty tri colour bitch who didn’t stop showing and showed herself off to full advantage.  Good shoulders, well placed ears, correctly shaped eye and good length of muzzle.  Well fitted jacket of lovely colour with good texture which was well presented.  Good shoulders, short hocks.  Moved well.

Maiden Bitch
1st   Brooker’s Gerian Sun Kisses over Corisian

Novice Bitch
1st   Brooker’s Gerian Sun Kisses over Corisian
2nd  Topham’s Seanchrois Extrordinary Blue Girl

Graduate Bitch
1st  Melvin and Jopson’s Nithview Summer Lovin – I liked this young lady as soon as she entered the ring and she did not disappoint.  Fabulous reach of neck.  Beautifully placed and well used ears.  Lovely expression and well filled muzzle.  So attentive to handler.  Lovely shape with strong hindquarters enabling her to move well.  Excellent presentation as always from this kennel. 
2nd Kourika Kandita – Fabulous blue merle bitch of beautiful shape and colour.  Clear blue well groomed coat.  Shape to die for.  Sweet expression with good length of head.  Correctly placed shoulders, lovely length of back, good turn of stifle into short hocks.  Just preferred the movement of 1.

Post Graduate Bitch
1st  Sibbald’s Telforth Little Mix – This sable bitch has the sweetest expression and the lovliest shape.  Correctly shaped eye, softest feminine expression and the lovely well moulded foreface that I like.  So much to like about her.  Her topline is level and her overall conformation was excellent.  Quite unsettled in the hall today but I could not deny her the 1st place today.
2nd  Watt’s Chelborn Justified with Culbrae  - A larger girl all round but lovely length of neck, level topline and substance added to the overall picture of this sable and white bitch.  She has a good length of head, soft expression and well moulded foreface.  Good shoulder placement and bend of stifle.  Moved well.  Very well presented.
3.  Brotherton & McClelland’s Willowdene True Ebony at Alauna

Limit Bitch
What a lovely class of top quality bitches, I was spoilt for choice.
1st  Mitchell and Jordan’s Avonfair Secret Attraction JW – I have always admired this lovely girl from ringside, it was a pleasure to go over her today.  Neat well used ears, sweet expression, well moulded foreface.  Good arch of neck, ample bone, well angulated shoulders, super turn of stifle and short hocks enabling her to move with drive.  I could not go past her, worthy of her BB and BIS today.
2nd  Brooker’s Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian – Another quality sable and white girl who I have admired from ringside who has matured well.  Very sweet expression with correct eye placement.  Super arch of neck.  Nice rounded bone and neat feet.  Moved and showed well.  Very well presented as always from this kennel.  In super condition who was unlucky to have met 1 today.
3rd  McGowan’s Barrenclough Golden Charm at Westoak

Open Bitch
1st  Watt’s Culbrae Charm Offensive – Sable and white bitch of 7 years with ample neck and length of body.  Sweet expression, well used and placed ears.  Very attentive to handler.  Good shoulder
placement into level topline.   Made a lovely picture standing. Fore and hind angulation were good.  Moved out well.  Very well presented.
2nd Ashe’s Starlenga Mysterious Girl at Forrestwalk – It was a hard decision between 1 and 2 as they both have so many qualities.   Sable and white who was a lovely shape.  Head handled well with well placed eye and sweet expression.  Front and rear angulation were good with short hocks which enabled her to move well.   Beautifully presented in great order.

Margaret Shipp