Ayrshire Collie Club
Championship Show 14th October 2017
Judge: Jan. Underdown (Clynelish)

Rough Collies - Dogs

A big thank you to the officers and committee of Ayrshire Collie Club for the opportunity to judge at their 2017 Championship Show. Really enjoyed my Scottish weekend staged at a fabulous venue and together with the traditional warm welcome really made for a great experience. Which of course, was enhanced by some lovely Rough Collies.

Minor Puppy - 2
1st McCann – Preelancer Phantom Menance
Very young baby who seemed a little overwhelmed on the day. The overall shape and make is in place and I am sure this youngster will fulfil his potential. Will watch his progress with interest
2nd Wall – Hawkfields Return to Sender at Daliyhaa
Another nice young man who needs time. Clean head pattern, lovely bone, just needs to tighten up on the move, which will come with maturity.

Puppy – 4
1st Cooney – Jopium Danny Boy at Lingwell – Best Puppy Dog
Lovely puppy from a well-known breeder who I have admired for several years. Lovely clean outline, well balanced, clean correct head with a nice shaped eye which provided that melting expression. Moved with ease and showed very well for his handler. This collie has the outline and shape, just needs to fill in and mature. Will be watching his progress
2nd Proctor – Wilmaranna Out of The Blue for Cathbri
This one challenged hard for first place. Clean wedge-shaped head which needs to break, typical of this colour at this age. Overall nicely balanced, and well angulated, with correct length of back. Moved well and covered the ground with ease. When he matures and fills out, will look a nice collie. Good potential
3rd Nealon – Ezzmare King Of Hearts RAF

Junior – 4
1st Humphrey – Shasam Sign of the Times
When I first saw this puppy a few months ago, I fell in love. He is one for the future and will no doubt become a champion. At 12.5 months, he is in between a puppy and an adult. Lovely eye, making a melting expression. Good overall shape, bone and moved well. Just needs to mature to complete the picture. I could take this one home.
2nd Nealon – Ezzmare King Of Hearts RAF
Nice young man who came third in the previous class. Lovely overall shape and make. Just needs time.
3rd Nealon – Ezzmare Hussybear RAF

Maiden - 2 entries
1st Wall – Hawkfields Return to Sender at Daliyhaa
2nd Murthwaite and Gerrard – Roughrigg Rolling Thunder
Was reserved in what was a strong Junior class. This young man was very unsettled, probably due to a different environment. Just needs time to mature and gain more confidence.

Novice – 2 entries (absent 1)
1st Murthwaite and Gerrard – Roughrigg Rolling Thunder

Graduate - 7 entries (absent 1)
1st Campbell – Culbrae Imagine
Difficult class as I was splitting hairs. Nice young man, with good overall shape, coat in lovely bloom. Good head pattern, moved well.
2nd Johnston – Sea Dreamer’s One and Only Imp NDL
Another unsettled Collie. Lovely head and eye, length of back, good overall shape. Bit naughty.
3rd Lockyer – Gataj Beau of Surprises JW

Post Graduate – 8 entries (absent 2)
1st Congdon – Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell Imp AUS JW ShCM
Lovely tri boy. Lovely head profile with clean planes, melting expression. Good overall shape and make, well balanced. Moved best in class and very settled.
2nd Dodsworth – Rosschell Will I Am at Libanel
Well-presented young man, lovely head and eye. Well-constructed, with good bone and neat feet. Moved well
3rd Welsh – Karafaye Scotch Blend at Thistlewing

Limit – 5 entries (1 absent)
1st Finney – Bahatview Bad Manners
All male Collie. In excellent condition. Well balanced head, neat ears, good almond shaped eye. Lovely conformation and overall shape. Good bone. Moved well.
Could be in the running on another day.
2nd Hodges – Jopium Drifting Mist
A well balanced Collie. Lovely head proportions, good ear carriage. Moved well.
3rd Hollinshead – Starlyn Diamonds ‘R’ Forever

Open – 8 entries (absent 2)
1st McDevitt – Ir Ch Caronlea Lukin Black Jnr Ch JCW15 CW17 – DCC
Very strong class. This tricolour certainly filled my eye. Well balanced, lovely head profile, lovely dark eye, melting expression. Solid conformation, correct angulation, coat texture and colour. a pleasure to go over. Was very pleased to award him his crown.
2nd Congdon -Monsolana Velvet Blue for Aaronwell Imp RUS – Res DCC
Lovely blue merle who challenged hard. Wasn’t surprised to learn that he had recently been made up to a champion. Lovely head and expression, lovely profile and well balanced. Moved well.
3rd Cooney – Ch Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell
Veteran – 3 entries (absent 1)
1st Ruston – Ch Gerian Sunmaker of Roanburn – Best Veteran Dog
Lovely old gentleman. Excellent type of Collie, very classic. Well balanced head, lovely eye and expression. Stood and showed with dignity, enjoying his day out. Good clean lines, overall shape, excellent angulation, good neck and shoulders, correct length of back and correct rear.
2nd Chirray – Kourika Black Jake
Another lovely Collie. Showed well but was a little unsettled on the move.