MAY 28th 2016

BIS awards.
I was thrilled to have some high qualities Collies sent through for me to judge today, and congratulate the two breed judges for making my job so pleasurable.

I chose the Rough Collie JOPIUM LOVE HEART as my BIS winner. This sable bitch has absolutely beautiful angulation, her arch of neck and correct front was perfectly balanced by an equally well constructed rear with super strong hocks! She is a good size and combines strength with femininity. Well moulded muzzle and strong chin of good length and depth, flat skull supporting good ears, dark eyes, all combining to produce a soft intelligent expression. She moved without effort. I have a real passion for correct angles and strong hocks, and she has them, Congratulations!

RBIS was awarded to the tricolour smooth bitch FOXEARTH FINNISH SPIRIT AT JIMJACK. Elegant tricolour bitch with nicely  balanced body construction, she has lovely strong bone and a correct topline. Good hind angulation and a super length of neck. Moved out well on tight feet. She has a nicely finished muzzle, beautiful ears, flat skull, she just needs a little more time to clean out through the stop.

Best Puppy In Show went to  the tricolour smooth bitch BRECKAMORE BITTER SWEET FOR KOCZKODAN. What a poppet she is, so full of personailty, she behaved like a little star! Petite and feminine at barely 6 months, but what super bone and no sign of weakness in her at all. Lovely straight front and strong hocks, she uses her body and arches her neck, ears are bang on top where they should be, showing off a gorgeous expression. She is so well balanced, and so well coordinated on the move, what a temptress!

BVIS and BOSIS was TAKHISIS HIGH VOLTAGE Can hardly believe this blue dog is 10 years young, he is moving so soundly and his teeth and jaw are still in good condition. He always give off his best for his handler too. The Collie is a breed that really should improve with age, and when they do, they deserve rewarding, because the future lies in dogs that can show continued strength as they age. This boy has certainly improved with the years. Clear blue jacket in super condition, such a bright alert and happy expression. I looked at his beaming  smile and knew this boy could be trusted, he has a big heart and it shows! Still strong on his pasterns, front and back. I would prefer him to be slightly longer throughout, which cost him in the final run for rbis, but he didn't make it easy for the smooth bitch and pressed hard!

Angela Harvey (Wicani) judge