West of England Collie Society

  3rd April 2016    SAC  Classes


Many thanks for the committee for this judging appointment and to the wind swept exhibitors on a cold but dry day.

Although numbers entered reasonable it was understanding that many left before these classes started.

Class  A  
3 entered   2 absent

1st  Aaronwell a Foxy Lady at Gataj - 8month old sable bitch that has a lot to like about her. Lovely moulded muzzle  not as her name suggests . Ears l would like tighter and a nice expression. Groomed at it would expect from this kennel to a high standard . Only needs to tighten up in movement to enjoy the picture

Class B
4 entered  1 absent

1st Jotars Blue Moon- Wow was my notes l couldn’t wait to get my hands on him and l was not disappointed. Head clean , expression so sweet ,his colour clear blue . On going over him l was not disappointed his condition was 1st class . Good spring of ribs and length gave him the overall picture l desire On the move yes tail did rise a little but well controlled. Showed like a veteran so attentive to his handler. Thank you for staying just loved him

2nd Gataj Sweet Surprise -Tri of 3 years and in between coats ,but saying that didn’t take away the quality. Moved very well in the class but seemed unsettled standing. Ears again could be tighter  has rich dark tan on face which is so lacking in tri colours to day. Again presentation super. Another day out of the wind lm sure a different bitch

3rd Samhaven Time is Money


Class C

5 entered  2 absent

1st Gataj Jubilee of Surprises--Sable bitch just returning into coat  what she had was presented well .Won this class on movement in profile a joy to watch and one that could do a days work l'm sure .
Wind again made her unsettled  but did enough  to shine through . Ears could be tighter but eye and expression lovely . Confirmation as it should be that demonstrated on the move .

2nd Jotas Midnight Moon -A little stronger in head for my taste and would like to have more neck . Tri is super condition and presented well. Moved with drive but not as good as 1st place . Tan sadly lacking on face which makes him look older than he is .Tail carriage again on rise but controlled. All male my notes say and yes he was .

3rd Nikal its Gud to be Back

Di Ware     Wassail