West of England Collie Society
Championship Show July 2016
Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs A M Stanley

Thank you to the committee for my gift of wine for judging and special thanks to my two stewards for looking after me

Veteran Bitch
1 Stevens Boughlee Midnight Sky - Tri, lovely veteran in fine fetal for her age. Correct head, sweet eye, ears well placed, head planes correct, mouth correct, nice neck running into well placed shoulder, neat feet, held top line on the move and was moving freely, handled well

2 Whites Corydon Maid for Mejola - Shaded sable - Comments much like the winner, but preferred the eye of my winner, well turned out and handled well

3. Flower's Atendus April Maid is Serenlas

Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Ware's Wassail Mixed Spice - Sable - Super head, ears and eye placement, sweet expression. Lovely neck, shoulders good, neat feet, well angulated quarters, moved with ease round the ring, holding a firm topline all the way. Very nice puppy, promising. BPB

2 Baker's Martlese Azure Mine at Albakin (B/M) Another nice puppy, nice head, eye and ears, ample neck and big white rough, lovely body, correct proportions, moved and handled well

3 Jones Riverside Song Josephine (NAF TAF) (Imp Rom)

Puppy Bitch
1 Tame's Claudette (Imp Ser) Nice head, ears and eye placement, giving lovely expression. Head planes correct, and dentition. Nice shoulders and quarters, nice bone and neat feet. Has a good tail placement to hock. Sound from front and going away, covered the ring, well done, handled well.

2. Telford's Samhaven Summer Rhapsody for Glenbowdene - What a super head and eye, with ears up giving a sweet expression. All head planes correct, dentition correct, nice neck and front, neat feet, well angulated quarters, moved well, covered all the ring, when this youngster lengthens in back as she matures, her picture will be completed, loved her

3. Congdon's Aaronwell Aloe Vera

Junior Bitch
1 Margetts Collingvale Creme Anglaise - Another nice bitch of good shape, nice head eye and ears, all made a sweet expression, nice bone and neat feet, ample neck, good shoulder and quarters, moved well, held her topline and covered the whole of the ring

2 Tame's Claudette

3 Congdons Aaronwell Aloe Vera

Special Yearling Bitch
1 Margetts Collingvale Creme Anglaise

2 Wilson's Callahorn's Untouched Horizon at Valleyhaven (Imp Swe) - Nice sable bitch puppy with nice head, eye and used ears well giving nice expression. Good neck, neat feet, good straight quarters, tail of good length, would have liked better shoulder, though moved well, holding topline as she covered the ring, turned out well and handled well

Maiden Bitch
1 winner of MPB

2 Davis - Shaded Sable - Fridens Magic Moments for Rosschell (Imp Rus) NAF TAF - Good shaped head and eye, well placed ears, shoulders good, quarters good, nice bone, neat feet, moved and showed well **edited see below**

3 Beldones Sweet Illusion with Lyndale

Novice Bitch
1 winner of MPB and Maiden

2 2nd in PB

3 Aaronwell Aloe Vera

Graduate Bitch
1 Margetts Collingvale Creme Anglaise - winner of SYB

2 Ross Rahlissa Fairytale at Samshernik - shaded sable - nicely headed, ears and eye nice, dentition correct, front ok, but quarters good, neat feet, nice bone, held topline as she moved and covered the ring

3 Skinner's Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal

Post Graduate Bitch
1 Shipp's Prince of Sunlight Naomi at Tremaro (Imp Hun) - lovely sable bitch, lovely head, well placed eye, neat ears, giving sweet expression. Ample neck running into well laid back shoulders, nice round bone, neat feet, well angulated rear quarters, and length of tail was good. Moved, showed and handled well

2. Gladwell's Golden Compass of Kimewopark with Jotars ((Imp Nld) - Sable - Lovely head of good balance, eye and ears well placed, round bone, neat feet, shoulders good and well angulated quarters, moved, handled and turned out well

3. Collins Rydeen Just One Kiss for Triburle (Imp Ger)

Mid Limit Bitch
1 Smedley's Antoc Soul Diva - sable - Lovely headed bitch of correct proportions, correct dentition, sweet eye, and well placed ears. Lovely shoulders, bone and neat feet, well angulated quarters. Deep rib cage, not seen too often these days, moved, showed and handled well.

2 Grindley's Lanrue Ladybird of Lanrue - Blue Merle - At last a nice Blue Merle, lovely colour, black well broken, super. Feminine head, sweet eye, used ears well, lovely neck and shoulders, neat feet and front, good quarters, moved soundly round ring. Showed well. **edited see below**

3 Margetts Collingvale Creme Caramel JW

Limit Bitch
1 Lockyer's Gataj Welcome With a Kiss - Blue Merle - Another lovely blue merle, super true blue, nice head, all planes correct, soft sweet eye, used ears to complete sweet expression, teeth correct, nice neck and shoulders, nice front and neat feet, quarters nicely angulated, held her topline as she moved around the ring. Well Done! Just lovely all over

2 Collins' Triburle Zeeta - Sable - Another well made bitch, again lovely head and ears and sweet eye. Good neck and shoulders, good front and nice quarters, just didn't move today with the same verve as my winner.

3 Margetts Collingvale Creme Caramel JW

Open Bitch
1 Humphreys Brilyn Kiss at Midnite to Jamesfair - Tri - This bitch I have admired and liked since I saw her as a puppy, but I have never handled her until today. She did not disappoint me in any way, even though a veteran, she was up for it today. Super head, muzzle and skull of equal planes, slight stop, conical from front and lovely wedge in profile. Sweet eye for a tri, so hard to get, well placed ears, used well, nice neck and shoulders, round bone, not coarse at all, near feet, well angulated quarters, showing clean hocks as she moved away, front movement good. Held her topline and covered all the ring. Excellent! I was pleased to award her the CC, she then went on to BOB, BV and to crown the day BIS.

2 Fox's Amalie Lynmead Honey Honey for Alanita - Nice head, eye, ears all used well giving sweet expression of good shape. Shoulders and quarters good, neat feet, moved well, and handled well, just was not as sweet as my winner, though close RCC

3 Brown's Riverside Song Fairytale with Mertrisa

Judge - Mrs Anita Stanley



Maiden Bitch - Fridens Magic Moments for Rosschell (Imp Rus) NAF TAF - apologies to Ms Davis, critique applies, but she was in fact a tri (not sable)

Mid Limit Bitch - Apologies to Mrs Grindley for incorrect colour and critique. She was in fact a feminine sable, very sweet eye set nicely, used ears well, lovely neck and shoulders, nice bone, neat feet and good front and quarters, moved soundly round the ring, showed well.

Anita Stanley


NB from editor - I am awaiting further clarification on critique as it differs from results