DATE – 26 MARCH 2016

Thankyou to the society for their most generous invitation and to my two able stewards for their help through the day .. i really did appreciate exhibitors travelling such long distances in easter traffic jams to exhibit under me .
Having a deep interest in the breed and having some association with this lovely breed i was rather concerned with the quality of the males present here today .. not that there weren’t some with excellent quality but overall their was such a mix bunch , head shape and general proportions so variant that it was impossible to find consistency . the bitches however gave me great hope and there was so much depth of quality .. i was in the higher classes spoilt for choice .. my bitch line up was most satisfying and any from veteran to junior could have walked away with the big green cards .
What i was looking for today was head proportions of the correct ratio without being too short , i did find many which do have the ideal muzzle to skull ratios but overall are too short in head and tended to be rather deep through because of it . Ear placements were a bit hit and miss . i was looking for animals with the correct proportions with good length to foreleg showing enough daylight underneath  . coat presentation was ideal however i found most lacking in muscle tone . i do hope you take my observations in the spirit they are meant .

1)ELSHAJO ARMANI MOON –to start the day with this handsome male did set the standard.. his head is so clean with good length and correct head planes,  good eye and sweet enough in expression , what he scored on was ideal balance and ideal proportions .. totally sound on the move. Particularly scoring in side gait .. rather short on coat today , considered  him in the challange for the cc .
2)LADNAR KINGS COUNTRY –another with good length to head, however his ear set is a touch wide , excellent neck and stands on top of himself displaying ideal bearings. Scored in side gait but couldnot match the hind action of the winner .

1)KOURIKA KOSTA KOFFEE—immature young man that still needs to settle and firm up . shorter in head and body than i prefer, excellent eye shape and position , ear set good but a touch heavy in carriage,  needs to firm up coming and going but has a good stride in profile , has time on his side .
2)SEA DREAMERS ONE AND ONLY FOR GEOSAMKA (IMP) – more length to head than one . with ideal muzzle to skull ratios ,  ears a touch wide , more mature in body  holds his shape , however could be cleaner coming and going .

1)ANGELFIELD THE REAL DEAL –has instant appeal for his overall shape, , length to leg and  upstanding outlook , glamorous full white collar enhances . head is correct for proportions and as he matures will  sweeten in expression . very moderate and balanced angles both ends evident when  he moves in profile action .. coming together nicely and as he tightens up more will end up a most handsome male , must have a great future . BP
2)ALANITA ACKER BILK FOR WESTOAK –scored on expression and overall maturity  dripping in coat for a youngster, excellent neck , but would prefer more length to foreleg for ideal balance . general breed type is good, however his front is not his fortune

1)KILCHRENAN KELTIC BRIER –scored on finish and maturity , in good coat and condition which gave him a massive advantage, well schooled and in hard body condition which was lacking in the entry today , scored in front assembly  and used himself well on the go around .
2)ERIJON EURASER – smaller frame and build to winner and lacking body and coat today , much preffered his head and overall movement .
2)MULDOANICH HIGHLAND LADDIE – lost to winner on size and substance, head is plain but of good proportions , sound on the move .

1)MONSOLANA BOUNTY TASTE FOR AARONWELL (IMP) –has tremendous impact on the stack with his glamorous collar and colour , super neck and ideal sweep over the loin , clean quarters, touch short in head for me  , and needs to carry more weight under that abundant coat for finish  . balanced outlook standing and moving .
2)ERJON EARLY EDITION – totally different type than the winner, at first when he went round i thought he would take this class on his lovely balance and excellent movement . such a good moving male with an easy stride and clean action all round , rather twitchy and not using his ears atall as we progressed,  head is different to the winner yet pleasing .

1)ANGELFIELD HEAVEN CAN WAIT JW –upstanding male whose static balance is so ideal , correct head planes with ideal length without being deep through , excellent eye and such good expression , ears however need to settle, scored on length to forleg and correct sweep over the loin ,  he moves steady and with accuracy , pleased me enough to win the RCC
2) CHELBORN SOUL DESIRE FOR TRIBURLE – another upstanding male who has excellent static balance , good length to leg and ideal proportions , preferred the length to head on the winner however this boy has such wonderfull carriage on the move , presentation was perfection , would have preferred better coat texture .. he felt a little wooly .

OPEN DOG (9,3)
1)CLOWNS COME ON OVER TO BALLAHANNA – the more you look at him the more there is to appreciate, not one to catch your eye instantly but so much to appreciate, dark heavily shaded sable whose over all balance is satisfying . his head is of good length and of correct proportions , would like better expression  which cost him in the challange for best of breed, ideal angles both ends with an excellent shoulder he tends to stand toeing in but doesnot move this way , handler needs to watch this . super quarters with the correct clean hind action , excellent drive in profile from his quarters and easily won this class to top the males to win theCC..  i believe he gained his crown too

2)CHELBORN DEPENDABLE – i see he is similar breeding to second in limit and displaying similar attributes, upstanding male with an ideal neck and general proportions good super presentation but not keen on coat texture,  scored in side gait but rather close behind  .

1)BRILYN KISS AT MIDNITE TO JAMESFAIR – super tri bitch with such a pretty head, ideal ears and super eye , super sound on the move , tracking true in all directions . im surprised she is a veteran and not titled .

1)SAMHAVEN SUMMER RHAPSODY FOR GLENBOWDENE – a star in the making, brimming in breed type and she has leg underneath herself, glorious head and the sweetest expression  , super neck used to advantage and correct rise over the loin , won the class and best puppy bitch on her correct type and static balance, not so good on the move today  i suspect handler doesnot help , im sure this bitch can stride out if her handler didnot take such tentative steps herself .
2)jashika shine like a diamond – touch long and low in her proportions compared to the winner,  head is good and maturing well , excellent shoulder, like the winner a little uncoordinated on the move .

1)LYNMACK EDGE OF GLORY AT STREGATO –paints a very balanced picture stood, moderate through and through with nothing extreme about her, body proportions are good with enough detail in head, correct ears, moved steadily .
2)aaronwell azure betty –such a striking bitch who has instant appeal for her super coat and crested neck , scored on the stack but rather untidy coming and going, could have a better shoulder .
1)BELDONES FIT FOR FUN – every so often a star is born and this youngster fits the bill , for such a young bitch she is almost the finished article , put down to the minute to enchance her many virtues, this bitch has a glorious expression , and ideal moulding in foreface with a good underjaw, however is a tad short in head which cost her further consideration  in the challange  ideal for conformation and so good to go over, her angles both end are harmonious and this reflects in her movement .. a future champion of that there is no doubt .


1)ALDERMEADE CAMERON DIAZ AT LYNAIRE –Scored on her correct breed type , her head is just glorious, of good length with the perfect wedge, stop and eye position enhances, excellent eyes and good moulding to foreface, all contributing to that desired expression , ear set is good but a touch heavy  she has neck and ideal length to leg and sweep over the loins, stacked she draws the loveliest picture and moves so steady with her foot fall being correct however could move with more animation and drive,  couldnot match the coat quality and presentation of the cc winner today , however won the RCC  in a particulary strong bitch challange,.
2)chelborn touch of desire –scored heavily on movement and her first class presentation , however shorter in head and deep through which was my consideration for the placing .. quality bitch .

1)BRILYN PLATINUM LUSTRE – I wish I had more green cards than i had today , a blue with the most glorious markings and finish to her coat , had to be the best mover in the whole entry , her proportions are good and on hands on has conformation to match , totally accurate which is rare to see in the breed as she tracked fore and aft, nd her side gait is totally explosive, eating the ring up with her lovely stride,    her head is good with enough detail , touch heavy in her ears and a tad deep through .. im nit picking here to justify my decisions but one has seconds to make a decision on the ccs and another day i could have happily handed her the cc for her quality and movement , i do hope her crown isn’t far.
2)avonfair secret attraction –i really fell for this girl , so so unlucky to meet the winner who outmoved everything today .. her head is totally my cup of tea. Good length and of ideal proportions , correct moulding and set to ears and carriage, such a balanced outlook on the stand ,  steady over

1)FRENCH CH . ELOISE DES BELDONES –sometimes one gets mesmerised by an animal that walks into the ring and often proves a distraction where you have to remind yourself to look again and view things more clinically .. she totally stole my heart, her head is text book , correct length , depth and refinement without being weak or snipy , ideal eye and ear position , just enough moulding offsetting the sweetest expression , she just looked at me right .. her coat presentation and quality was ideal , and not overcoated hence her outline just flowed,  had good length to leg with enough daylight underneath , super croup and quarters.. i must confess i was initially concerned of her front action and chose to move the class a lot more than i would have to give her every opportunity to improve or fail ,, however she got into her stride the more she went and did enough to please, however her hind action is super.. thrilled me enough to win the BCC and BOB
2)CHELBORN KISSN DESIRE –shorter through her head and general proportions than the winner but excels in quality , her presentation and conditioning is excellent and this reflects in her movement, totally sound in all directions and her foot fall in profile is absolutely accurate.. another who i see isn’t a champion and im sure its a matter of time before she gains her crown .

Tan Nagrecha