National Working and Pastoral Breeds Society
Open Show

13th February 2016      

Smooth Collies
P ( 2)

  1.  BP. Norman’s  SEANUA SIGNATURE,  A fine upstanding, nicely maturing 11 month s/w dog. with flat skull, good stop placement, moulded foreface ear & eye placement and reach of neck. Good depth & spring of rib, front & rear angulation; well muscled.  Moved well with good front extension.
  2. Theobald & Norman’s  SEANUA SOFTLY SOFTLY, very feminine 11 month s/w bitch, litter sister to 1 and so many of his qualities apply. Nicely balanced head, level planes & sweet eye & expression. Good depth & spring of rib. Well muscled and moved true both toward & away.


J ( 3,2)

  1. BOB   Cole’s  STURTMOOR DREAM OF KASVELYN.14 month s/w dog, not a big boy but when settled showed a super masculine outline. Balanced head with level planes, moulded foreface; well placed and shape eye & good under jaw. Super reach of neck, depth & spring of rib & tuck up, straight front & good front & rear angulation & well muscled. True & light movement with good front extension & rear end drive.

PG. (3,3) Abs

  1. O. (3,2) RBOB.  Griffiths’  ALOPEX LITTLE SUMMER. Very feminine 7 year s/w bitch, with a lovely overall outline.  Her head is balanced with flat skull, good eye shape and placement and moulded foreface and although on the day reluctant to use her ears fully, she did enough to show a very sweet expression. Good depth of rib & bend of stifle.  Moved   lightly & true front & rear.

Bob Gay  (Judge)