National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society 

Championship Show
Saturday 16th July 2016


Smooth Collie.

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge this lovely breed, also thanks to all the exhibitors who valued my opinion enough to enter. All the dogs could move and it was very apparent that there were no short tails with the dogs on display.

Puppy dog (no entries)

Junior dog (1 entry)
1st: Eke’s Foxearth Flag Day: Well presented tri-colour, has a correct stop and eye placement, ear of correct size and a good length of neck. Laid back shoulders and rib cage forming nicely, has a correct top line and moved around the ring well. A good sound boy with plenty of muscle.

Post Graduate Dog (1 entry- Absent)

Limit dog (5-1)
1st: Cole’s: Sturtmore Dream of Kasvelyn: Well constructed sable dog, good head with a correct stop, good scissor bite, carried his ears well although did not want to show them all the time. Good reach of neck with lovely laid back shoulders, good strong pasterns, he moved very well and seems to be a very happy dog, making the handler work hard.
2nd: Czyzak’s: Cuba Libre Smooth Drinks (Imp): This was a well presented sable dog whom I liked as soon as he entered the ring, has a correct scissor bite, nice stop and almond shaped eyes with good reach of neck. Lovely top line and correct tail set. Front movement very good perhaps needs a little more muscle to enhance the rear movement but overall a good dog.
3rd; Benton’s: Oakestelle Vivaldi

Open dog (4-1)
1st: French’s: Breckamore Blushing Groom: Lovely upstanding sable boy, correct scissor bite and strong underjaw, has the correct stop and lovely eye placement, ears correctly placed and a good strong neck. Good deep chest and laid back shoulders, lovely length of body, good tail set, although did not want to show his tail all the time. Good turn of stifle which gave him the power to move around the ring with ease. Dog CC, BOS.
2nd: Williams’s: Ch. Foxearth Forward Thinking for Mcclelland. Another lovely sable boy with plenty of good qualities, good head with well set and correctly positioned ears, good reach of neck which enabled him to carry his head proudly. Good well laid back shoulders and good length to the body, movement was very good, rear movement just needs to strengthen to complete the picture. Dog RCC.
3rd: Winter’s: Sturtmoor Alexavier Odessy at Snowtrekka. Sh. CM

Veteran Dog or bitch (3-0)
All the veterans here today are a credit to the breed, still enjoyed their day out and can still compete against the younger dogs with no trouble.
1st: Benton’s: Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle: Lovely blue merle bitch 7yrs old, she still has all the qualities required of a good show dog, eyes correctly set and almond shaped, correct stop, good strong muscled neck and well laid back shoulders. Good deep chest and well sprung rib cage, good length to the body and lovely turn of stifle. Her movement is still very good and could keep going if asked, have admired her for many years. Best Veteran
2nd: Russell’s: Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan: Well shaped sable boy of 7yrs, good muzzle and ears placement, has a lovely arched neck and well laid back shoulders, good strong deep chest and well sprung ribs. Good length to the body and correct tail set. His movement for his age was very good.
3rd: Winter’: Sturtmoor Alexavier Odessy at Snowtrekka. Sh. CM

Puppy Bitch ( 2-0)
1st French’s: Breckamore Blossom: This young lady is 8 months old, and is a natural to the show ring. Has a correctly placed stop and eye set, ears correctly placed with the right amount of tip. Good length to the neck and correct shoulder placement, ribs and chest are still developing, good length to the body and correct tail set, her movement was very good for such a young girl, look forward to see her progress in the breed. BPIB.
2nd: Russell’s: Breckamoor Bittersweet for Koczkodan: very young tri-colour with a lovely head forming, correct ear placement and showed them all the time. Lovely reach of neck and laid back shoulders, at the moment she is still in the developing stages, hence a bit long in the back, but that will change with maturity, correct tail set, and her movement was very good for her age. Again one for the future.

Junior Bitch (2-1)
1st: Hartley’s: Foxearth Finnish Sprit at Jimjack: Very lively tri-colour enjoyed her time in the ring which is always nice to see. Lovely contrast between the black and white, good clean head correct stop and eye placement, good strong neck and well angulated shoulders, the chest is still forming and once finished she will look the part, correct length to the body and carried her tail well. Moved with ease around the ring.

Post Graduate bitch (2-1)
1st: Coates: Seana Scotch Mist: A really nice sable who has a lovely head, good underjaw with a correct muzzle and stop, did not show her ears all the time, nice well laid back shoulders with good strong pasterns, good well sprung ribs with a correct length to the body, nice turn of stifle and her movement was light and easy.

Limit bitch (3-1)
1st: Benton’s: Oakestelle Venus De Milo: She is maturing into a very nice blue merle, good clean head lovely almond shaped eyes and correct ear carriage, well muscled and arched neck, correct deep chest and well sprung ribs, good and correct length to the body with a good level top line, tail set correct, her movement is very good and could run all day long, a real show girl that always enjoys her time in the ring. Bitch RCC.
2nd: Forbes: Natalain Kilkenny at Willowhurst (Imp): Well constructed sable good strong underjaw with correct scissor bite, good head qualities and correct ear placement. Good length to the neck, well filled chest and well sprung ribs, lovely length to the body with a good tail set. Her movement was very good and attentive to her owner all the time.

Open Bitch (5-2)
1st : Hayward’s: Ch. Clingstone’s Hot Shot at Foxearth (Imp): Very well presented tricolour, this lady was a pleasure to judge, lovely head with the correct stop and lovely almond shaped eyes, her ears are correctly placed with the right amount of tip falling forward, good strong well arched neck, correctly laid back shoulders strong pasterns and lovely deep chest, her top line was excellent with a sweep over the loins and correctly set tail. Very good turn of stifle and very good on the move, I had no problem awarding her: Bitch CC, BOB. She also made the cut in a very strong Pastoral Group.
2nd: Coates: Alopex Blue Moon: This veteran lady did not look out of place in this open class, showed her ears well and nice head qualities, good length to the neck with well laid back shoulders and nice deep chest and well sprung ribs. Correct length to the body, has strong muscled rear quarters, which gave her a good length of stride on the move.
3rd Roden’s: Ch. Fortune Cookie from Breckamore.

Judge; Mr Tony Foster (Jaysur Collies)