Midland Collie Club Open Show
July 2016

I would like to thank the committee for asking me to judge. I had a lovely day and I was very pleased with my final line up. Judging was outside and the weather just held out until the end of the show. Many thanks to all exhibitors for your entry. I hope you all enjoyed your day.

I also enjoyed the pasta & meat balls for lunch (Thankyou Jan) and to finish fruits of the forest cheesecake which was delicious.I would also like to thank my 2 stewards Tracy & Linda.

Veteran D & B. 1.(1).  

MPD. 1.(1).  PD. 2.  1st. Page. Lynmead Amelie Bring me Back. 11 mth old s/w dog. Good length of head with a nice almond shaped eye.Very good ear carriage which he used. Nicely coated with good length of kneck & back.Moved o.k. 2nd. Knight. Chesterfield at Niknigh (Imp). 11.mth. s/w dog. Shorter in back & kneck than 1st. Nice fitted coat. Almond eye with well set ears. 

JD. 3 (1)  1st. Randalls. Ladnar Moondust. Tri dog of 15mths. Good length of head,clean through. Dark almond shaped eye. Good stop. Well set ears which he was a bit reluctant to use to-day.Good length of neck & back. Nice feet. Dropping coat which a lot were doing with this hot weather.Moved well. RBD. 2nd. Ferguson. Trenic Black Opal.  Another tri dog of 15mths by the same sire as 1st. Lovely rich tan on face. Nice eye. Ears could be better.Good shape.Long tail. Moved o.k.  ND.1. 1st. Knight. Chesterfield At Niknigh (Imp). 

GD. 1. 1st. Kenny. Lanlin Benji at Leeaund.  19mth. old s/w dog.Stood alone. Nice clean head, just enough stop with a dark eye. Well set ears. He was very unsettled as he arrived late and straight into the ring. Needs to tighen in movement. But with time will come on. 

PGD.5. 1st. Wells. Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon.JW.SH.CM. 3 Year old shaded s/w dog. I judged this dog 18 months ago and gave him a 1st in a big class. He has come on in leaps & bounds.Beautiful shaded colour which I love. Nice length of back. Love his head & expression.Well set ears which he uses all the time.Tight feet.Good tail set.Well presented Best mover in the class. Glad to award him BD & BOS. I believe he just won his 1st CC at Windsor.Well done. 2nd McLaughlin. Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow.JW.(Imp) Another nice Tri dog.3 ½ years old. Bigger than 1st all over. Good black coat. Deeper in stop than 1st. Nice eye and well set ears. Good length of back and tail. He moved well and was presented well. 3rd. Brown. Jazzman Du Clos De Seawind (Imp). 

LD. 1  1st. Ferguson. Ladnar Double Dutch. 4 year old s/w dog. Stood alone. Real rich red sable. Clean head with just enough stop.Nice shaped dark eye. Good ears. Enough kneck with a good length of back. Nice feet.In good coat. Well presented. 

OD. 3.(1)  1st Skinner. Nikal it’s Good to be Black. 5 year old Tri dog which I have judged before. Glad to see he was a bit happier than indoors. Not a big boy. Shorter in head. Nice dark eye and a good black coat. Ear set a bit wider. Good length of tail. Well padded feet. Moved well. 2nd.Phipps. Oakanmoor Just Do it. 6 year old Blue Merle dog (My only blue merle of the day)  Good colour with rich tan marking on head. Also shorter in head with wider set ears.Nice eye.Good length of back.Good tail set. Moved well.  

MPB. 1. 1st. McDade. Beldones Sweet Illusion with Lyndale. 8mth s/w bitch Good length of head with slight stop. Nice expression. Good ear carriage which she used. Lovely fitted coat. Needs to tighten in feet with a bit of road work. Moved O.K. 

PB. 3. (2). 1st. Tame. Claudette (Imp). 11mth old s/w bitch. Lovely dark eye with the sweetest expression. Clean head and good underjaw. Nice tight feet. Well fitted coat. Long tail. Used her ears well. Moved well.  Rearly liked her. One for the future. BPIS. 

JB. 5.(2). 1st.Margetts. Collingvale Crème Anglaise.15mth old shaded sable bitch.Love this colour. Same kennel as my BD winner.Loved this girl. She showed none stop. Same head pattern as the dog, but with a sweet expression. Lovely shape with a good length of kneck & back & angulation . Well fitted coat. Stood on tight feet. Glided round the ring. Glad to award her BB. & BIS. I believe she gained her last point for her Junior Warrant. Well done. 2nd. Tame. Claudette.(Imp). Won puppy class & BPIS.  3rd. Biggs. Aqualita Iridessa at Spirecroft. 

NB. 1. 1st. Biggs. Aqualita Iridessa at Spirecroft.. 14mth old.s/w bitch. Stood alone. Showed her head off. Long head with a slight stop. Good ear carriage which she used .Good length of back. Blowing her coat.Moved o.k. GB. 6. (3). 1st. Margetts. Collingvale Crème Anglaise.  2nd.Ross. Rahlissa Fairytale at Samshernik. 2 year old s/w bitch. Another nice lady. Clean head with almond shaped eye.Slight stop with good underjaw.Lovely body shape. Litter sister to my RBIS bitch. 3rd. Biggs. Aqualita Iridessa at Spirecroft. 

PGB. 3. (1). 1st. Skinner. Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal.  2 year old Tri bitch. Showed her head off. Loved her shape.Lovely head with a good shaped eye and ears right on top. Good angulation. Nice coat .Moved well.  2nd.Cozens & Buckley. Bhyllsacre Secret affair. 2 yr old s/w bitch. Lovely dark almond eye. Clean head with slight stop. Well presented. Moved well.

LB. 5. (3). 1st. Tame.Rahlissa Love Song.JW. 2 year old s/w bitch which I have given BOB to as an 8 mth puppy. She has grown up a bit. Still like her make & shape. Good length of head with a very sweet eye. Just enough stop. Uses her ears non stop. Good length of tail and moves rearly well. Just left her clothes at home. But still deserved.  RBIS. 2nd. Slater. Amelia Lynmead Lets Go to Stanlox. 5 year old s/w bitch. Clean head with a nice eye. Reluctant to use her ears to-day. Lovely coat. Good length of back & long tail. Nice feet. Moved well. 

OB. 3.(2). 1st. Brown. Riverside Song Fairy Tale with Mertrisa (Imp) 6 year old s/w bitch. Huge coat, a bit too much for me. I could not even see her feet. Very pretty bitch with a long fine head. Very sweet eye.Nice shape. Moved well.

Judge. Mrs.Doreen Pointon.