Manchester Championship Show 2016
Rough Collies
I really enjoyed my day today with so many quality dogs, more like a Championship show.   Thanks to the patience of my poor exhibitors we finally got in the ring after 2.00pm.

Puppy Dog

  1. Edward’s Elshajo Blue Aramis Moon - Eight month old blue merle puppy dog of lovely clear blue colour.  Well placed and set ears, which he used well, nicely moulded foreface.  Good eye shape, correct conformation.  Moved and showed well.  Beautifully presented with neat feet which were snowy white.  Coming along nicely.
  2. Fairgrieve’s Muldoanich Highland Laddie - More mature sable dog of eleven months with correct eye shape and pleasing expression.  Good arch of neck and adequate length of body, good fore and aft angulation.  Covered the ground well.  In good coat which was well presented.
  3. Ferguson’s Trenic Black Opal.

Junior Dog

  1. Melvin & Jopson’s Leeamanway River Phoenix At Nithview - I really liked this beautifully presented golden sable dog. Lovely sweet expression with nice dark eye, a well moulded muzzle and good strong underjaw.  Good arch of neck into correct length of body.  Well angulated hind quarters.  Very attentive to handler and moved with enthusiasm.
  2. Fairgrieve’s Muldoanich Highland Laddie.

Post Graduate Dog

  1. Wray’s Takhisis Trick or Treat - Tri dog of eighteen months who I have admired since he was a young puppy.  Nice dark eye and sweet expression.  Good arch of neck and length of body.  Well laid shoulders.  Strong well angulated hind quarters allowing him to move with drive.  A little reluctant to use his ears today but his overall balance won him the class today.  Well presented, a very nice boy.
  2. Lochyer’s Redola Just in Time for Gataj - Another lovely golden sable dog I very much admire.  Smaller than 1 but it was a very close decision between 1 and 2.  Gorgeous expression.  Lovely foreface, sweet eye, correctly place stop, with well moulded foreface.

Good shoulder placement, and enough length of back for his size.   Well let down short hocks enabling him to move with drive.  I judged him as a puppy and am pleased he is coming on so well.  Very well presented which completed the picture.  Should have a bright future as he matures on.

  1. Wright’s Pelido David Weir.

Open Dog

  1. Cooney’s Jopium Stole my Heart at Lingwell - and stole mine too today as soon as he came into the ring.  I love his expression, correct stop and sweet eye.  A little reluctant to use his ears at first but did enough for me today.  He has good reach of neck and a strong level topline.  Good tail set.   Well groomed coat in excellent condition.  Shoulders well placed and drove well from behind.  I was pleased to award him Best Dog today.
  2. McEntee’s Imperial Des Beldones at Gerian (Imp) - another quality sable male who we haven’t seen the best of yet.  Good ear carriage and appealing expression.  Sweet well set eye, with good length of muzzle and enough underjaw.  Angles were good front and rear so he moved with purpose.  An attractive dog who should mature on well.  Runner Up Best Dog.
  3. Boyle’s Barrenclough Moonglow JW.


Puppy Bitch

What a lovely class of quality puppy bitches all of whom were deserving of a place.

  1. McEntee’s Be First Asta La Vista (Imp) - and she was today.  Very sweet tri puppy bitch out for the first time today and didn’t she do well!  Sweetest of expressions.  Well placed ears, in the right place, sweet eye and expression.  This young lady really strutted her stuff to take on her elder class entrants.  Short hocks, well angulated hind quarters.  Well fitted coat which was groomed well.  She didn’t put a foot wrong and I was pleased to award her PB and Puppy of Breed.
  2. Hodges  Jopium Love Heart - lots to offer with this attractive golden sable puppy bitch.  Very appealing feminine expression, nice dark eye.  Well placed ears and good underjaw. Stood and showed well, attentive to handler. She looked a picture and was beautifully presented as expected from this kennel.  Moved round the ring well.
  3. Margett’s Crème Anglaise.

Junior Bitch

  1. Wray’s Beldones Duchess of Dreams JW - I have admired this young bitch from the ringside since she was a young puppy and it is lovely to see her maturing on so well.  Very appealing head and eye with ears well placed and used to effect.  Well placed shoulders and upper arm.  Good reach of neck into level topline.  Well let down, short hocks.  In lovely coat which was groomed well.  She stood and showed non-stop.
  2. Foy & Hawkins Beldones Oh La La - Very close decision between 1 & 2, both exhibiting so much promise for the future.  This lovely golden sable, with soft expression, lovely eye and ear placement had many qualities.  Good reach of neck, well placed shoulders and strong well angulated hind quarters enabled her to move well.  Well presented.
  3. Hodges Jopium Love Heart 

Post Graduate Bitch

  1. Growcott’s Triburle Tissues And Issues at Lillyway - This young lady appealed as soon as she entered the ring and she did not disappoint on the move.  Attractive sable bitch with correctly placed eye, good underjaw, clean stop and well placed ears completed the picture.   Her shoulders and rear angulation were very good and she moved with ease. This was a large class with some lovely bitches but she was the best mover in the class today.
  2. Ross’s Rahlissa Fairytale at Samshernik - This young sable bitch appealed because of her lovely shape and substance, with super arch of neck and adequate length of back.  Good moulding, well placed eye and enough stop.  Adequate bone and good muscle tone giving her strong hindquarters.  Well presented.
  3. Hawkins Brilyn Glory Days.

Open Bitch

  1. Hawkins Brilyn Feel the Difference - I couldn’t go past this lovely five year old sable bitch who had all the qualities I was looking for.  Lovely soft expression, neat well placed ears, correct eye placement, with nice moulding with no sign of coarseness.  Super reach of neck and correct length of back.  Well balanced throughout and presented a lovely picture.  Super shoulder placement, well let down hocks and strong hind quarters enabling her to glide round the ring with ease.  I was pleased to award her BB and BOB.
  2. Margett’s Collingvale Caviar - I was delighted to judge this lovely tricolour in first rate condition who I have much admired from ring side.  She exuded quality and soundness.   Sweet expression which can hard to find in a tricolour.  She has a well rounded muzzle, good underjaw and lovely expression.  Good length of neck and enough length of body for her size.  She has strong well angulated hind quarters and powered round the ring.  Beautifully presented.  I was delighted to award her RBOB.
  3. Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator.

Margaret Shipp