The London Collie Club Championship Show 12th June 2016
Rough Collie Dogs Critique – Judge Jayne Llewellyn (Salsina)

Minor Puppy Dog (6/0)

1 Hassock Camanna Cast a Long Shadow 8 month old tri of good size with a lovely outline.  Correct length of neck and back with good rear angulation. Lovely clean head with rounded muzzle, dark eyes which are correctly placed. Excellent bone. Would prefer his ears to be higher set . Lovely jet black colour. Moved ok and was well presented.

2 Shipp Tremara Celtic Son Another well balanced puppy when viewed in profile but did not move as well as my winner. Good bone and size with pleasing head qualities. Well presented and handled.

Puppy Dog (4/1)

1 Page Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back Very elegant in outline when viewed in profile. He is a good size and just enough bone. Lovely length of neck and back .  Very sweet expression with ears bang on top and exquisite dark eyes of correct shape and placement. Would like a more rounded  muzzle, and hope that this develops as he matures. Moved and showed very well and was presented to perfection.

2 Finney Bahatiview Bad MannersThis lad just didn’t want to cooperate today which was such a shame so it was very difficult to assess his movement due to his movement being so erratic. Lovely colour blue , of nice size with very good bone. Well rounded foreface with correct shape eye . Did not want to use his ears today at all.  Groomed to perfection as expected from this kennel.

Junior Dog (1/1)

Novice Dog(2/0)

1.Hassock Camanna Colour Me Perfect
This puppy turned out to be my star of the day. I really liked him in the class but had no idea he would end up being my reserve CC winner at this point. Just 8 months old but with the most fantastic outline. Plenty of bone and substance but still elegant. His head is clean with lovely flat skull, well rounded foreface and great eye shape and placement. He has one blue and one brown eye which is not one of my favourite traits as it can detract when assessing expression and I would probably like a little more stop. , However, his head is developing and hopefully the stop will come as he matures. His head has so many of the qualities asked for in the standard so I was happy to celebrate his virtues rather than concentrate on my own personal preferences. His rear angulation and front assembly are excellent. He moved ok in the class but moved better as the day progressed. Res CC ,BPIB,BPIS
2.King Telforth Timelord
2 year old who lacked the bone and substance I was looking for in a male. Nice shape with correct eye placement and correct ear carriage. Moved keenly with his handler but is weak on the back end and did not demonstrate any drive.

Graduate Dog (3/1)

1.Congdon Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (IMP RUS )JW
Nearly 2 years old Tri Colour with jet black coat . Great bone and body shape. He can appear to be lacking neck but it is there when you feel for it. His head is clean and refined but not fine. He has good moulding and nice dark well set eyes which are almond shaped. Would like his ears to be higher set but were ok when he decided to use them. Moved ok and was well presented. 
2.Spendelow Uffspring Untold 2 year old Golden Sable who is well balanced with a nice shape.  Did not have the bone that I was looking for. Great ear carriage and correct size and shape of eye but would like the placement to be more obliquely set. Moved ok and well presented.

Post Graduate Dog (6/0)
1.Mclaughlin Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow (IMP DEU) JW
I have looked at this dog from the ringside so many times and have always admired him. His class placings have always been very mixed and I have wondered why,  and I am still wondering.  In my opinion he is an impressive dog with great size, shape and substance and excellent muscle tone which is sadly lacking in so many males . He has a lovely outline with strong bone and good rear angulation.  His head handles well with lovely dark eyes, rounded foreface, flat skull and well placed stop. When he brings up his ears everything falls into place and he has the softest of expressions. Yes he does move a little close on the back but he powered  around the ring today and  I couldn’t deny him first place.
2.Scott Chantique Sunshine
More refined than my winner with less bone and smaller in size. Lovely head with ears on top but would like them to be tipped more. Loveliest of eyes and enough moulding. Well balanced with good neck to back ratio. Moved ok but  couldn’t match my winner in masculinity and general kerb appeal.

Mid Limit Dog (7/3)

1.Loader Redola Just For Fun 3 year old Sable who was ok for size with enough bone and the length of neck and back that I was looking for. Good angulation and appealed when viewed in profile when standing relaxed . Enough moulding , good stop correctly placed, ears well placed and used. Moved ok and was well presented.

2.Hendrick Mertrisa Emrys Destiny at Anpasch Lovely coloured blue merle with the softest of expressions. Well rounded muzzle, flat skull, enough stop and one of the few dogs that had a good underjaw. Had the length of neck and back that appeals to me with enough bone and size. Moved ok and was very attentative to his handler. Well presented.

Limit Dog (11/1)
I didn’t find this an easy class to judge as many of the dogs appealed to me for different reasons.
1.Sibbald Telforth Tony I love this dogs head and expression . He has such a sweet gentle expression with the sweetest of eyes, Flat skull, enough moulding and correctly placed stop. Would like a little more underjaw. His shape in profile is ok and for some he has enough neck and length of back for his height. For me his overall body shape lacks the elegance and overall appeal that I was looking for when looking at the exhibits in profile. Shown in full coat which was well presented. Moved ok .
2.Shipp Tremaro Catch A Star JW In my opinion this dog scores in the areas that my winner fails. He has a lovely balanced outline when viewed in profile and moved out well. His head handles well with good ear carriage and correct eye shape and placement. Does not have the moulding of my winner and his expression did not make my heart miss a beat like my winner did when he looked at me. I went with my heart but have no doubt these two would sometimes swap places under other judges.

Open Dog (9/1)
Both my first and second were of similar type

1.Congdon Monsolana Sundevon for Aaronwell (IMP RUS) Loved everything about this boy. He isn’t perfect but he has most of the virtues I was looking for. I have admired him from the ringside several times and I was over the moon when I saw him enter the ring today. I loved his overall size and substance.  When you get your hands under his coat he has a lovely length of neck and back.  His head is clean and well balanced with eyes of correct shape and placement, rounded muzzle and correct stop. His ears are well placed and when he pulls then up when alert he has the loveliest of expressions. Would like a bit more underjaw, and more muscle tone. Moved around the ring ok and was presented well. I was delighted to award him the CC, his 3rd giving him his title  (subject to KC confirmation). Well done and well deserved.
2.Collins Ch Triburle Celtic Touch Another lovely dog of similar type to my winner with the sweetest of expressions. Love his eye shape and placement . Ears bang on top when alert and flat skull with enough stop. He appealed for overall shape and balance and moved well. Has enough bone for his size but does not have the masculinity of my cc and res cc winners. Moved well and was presented to perfection as always from this kennel.

Veteran Dog (4/0)

1.Blackmore Magenta Monet I can’t believe this dog is now 8 years old. He is showing some age in his head and on the move  but he is still a lovely specimen of the breed. He has the softest of expressions with lovely moulding, neat ears bang on top of a flat skull. Correctly shaped dark eyes. Enough length of neck and back to his height but can appear to lack elegance when looked at in profile, due to the amount of coat he carries. This is a dog you need to get your hands on. He still moves ok and is in excellent condition. He is a credit to his owner. Presented to perfection as always .

2.Wray Takhisis High Voltage Another well known veteran who is a credit to his owner. Shown in excellent condition and presented to perfection. Blue merle of correct size. Lovely outline with good bone and substance. Head handles well with flat skull and ears bang on top of his head and used non stop. .  Presented and moved well but for me the expression of my winner made my decision for me.   

Jayne Llewellyn