London Collie Club Ch Show 12.6.16 BIS Critique by Miranda Blake (Judge)

Thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to be Referee and BIS judge. Thinking about it, I do have quite a long association with this club. I have very fond memories of playing in Pymmes Park in the 1970s while my parents were exhibiting, and of course I spent most of the 1980s and 1990s at the shows while mum was doing her Presidential duties.

Thanks to the general consensuses of the Rough Breed judges, I was only called on to decide Best Puppy. This I awarded to Mrs Hassock’s 8 month blue; CAMANNA COLOUR ME PERFECT. What an exciting find! He is a strong, yet elegant lad, with plenty of substance and coat of the correct texture. Although he has a blue eye, because it is correctly placed and shaped it does not detract from his alert and intelligent expression at all. He needs a firm hand, but his handler was getting the measure of him, and his movement was even more settled in the BPIS challenge.

The BPB was the Brookers’ LOVELY FLOWER DU BOIS DES AMAZONES FOR CORISIAN (imp FRA). A pretty little sable, who unfortunately was quite unsettled at the end of her long day. She does  not have the elegance or fitness  of the dog, and is still rather small for her age.

Best In Show: The Rough;  Mr & Mrs Blaikie’s KOURIKA KARRIZMA. It was her lovely dark eye-shape and melting, feminine expression that won her the day. The Smooth BOB was Mr & Mrs Hayward’s CH CLINGSTONE’S HOT SHOT AT FOXEARTH (imp FIN): Reserve Best In Show. Both these top quality tri girls are elegant in shape, with balanced heads and very fit, muscular bodies. It was a pleasure to watch them both move round the ring keeping level top-lines all the way. The Rough’s coat was beautifully presented – she sparkled. Many congratulations, she is beautiful and deserves to complete  her title.

Best Opposite Sex In Show: The Smooth; Cole’s STURTMOOR DREAM OF KASVELYN. A very promising young sable. Very well-balanced all through, with correct ears and a pleasing expression. I would like to see him when his head and body have filled out and finished – he should make a magnificent mature dog. He beat the Rough: Mr & Mrs Congdon’s MONSOLANA SUNDEVON FOR AARONWELL (imp RUS) with his sounder  movement, more balanced body-shape and cleanness of his head and lip-line

Best Puppy In Show: The Rough; CAMANNA COLOUR ME PERFECT. He also won the RCC – many congratulations.

The BPIB Smooth was Ms French’s BRECKAMORE BLOSSOM. A very elegant and feminine sable with a pretty expression., who moved as soundly as her construction implied. I would like a bit more condition on her – I just felt she lacked the bloom of the Rough.

Best Veteran In Show: The Rough; Mrs Humphry’s BRILYN KISS AT MIDNITE TO JAMESFAIR. This beautiful, feminine and elegant tri just floated round the ring – the best topline I saw today. She is in excellent coat and condition, with super muscles in her loin – it’s quite rare to find those when judging… Her excellent breed type won her the day over the Smooth; Ms Bell’s FOXEARTH FASHION GURU FOR KOCZKODAN. A big sable lad, he lacked the quality of the Rough, and looked far older than his just 7 years. I could see ribs – he needs to improve in body condition.

Miranda Blake