East Anglian Collie Association Championship Show – Special Award Classes. – Abby Lusty

I would like to thank EACA for inviting me to judge there Special Award Classes at their championship show. A lovely atmosphere and superb venue. Thank you to the exhibitors for entering and for accepting my decisions.

Special Award Puppy Dog or Bitch (5, 0 Absent)

Ms A French’s - Breckamore Besotted. Smooth Collie, Tri bitch, 8 months. Lovely bitch, good size and shape with overall balance. She has lovely dark eyes, set well into a good flat skull with a well rounded muzzle. Lovely ears, which she used to her advantage. A little unsteady on the move, her first time in the ring, but settled into a decent stride with good drive from behind, as expected from her rear angulation and well muscled thighs. My easy winner of this class.

Miss Y McGrath’s – Seryphina Persuasion. Rough Collie, Sable bitch, just 6 months. A pretty and ultra feminine bitch who was having a lovely time. She has a lovely sweet, dark eye, clean head with a decent length of neck into well placed shoulders. Her overall balance is good and, when she eventually calmed down, she was very sound on the move. She is very raw and will take some time to develop but all the essentials are there. A promising puppy.
Miss M Mellish - Demelewis Dare to Tell

Special Award post Graduate Dog or Bitch

Miss M Benton’s – Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle – Rough Collie, Sable, 18 months. This bitch caught my eye as soon as I saw her and once I had my hands on her she did not disappoint me. Very pretty and feminine she has a good clean head with a decent flat skull of good length, lovely shaped eyes which, could be a touch darker, but were correctly placed. Her coat, although not profuse, was well fitted and had a beautiful harsh texture. She is very well balanced which reflected on her movement, which was effortless. I loved this girls drive and I am sure she could do a days work. A top quality girl who I hope to see again when fully mature.

Miss S Skinner’s – Samhaven Time Is Money at Nikal – Rough Collie, Tri, 2yrs. Another quality bitch who is just reaching maturity. She has a good flat skull with a well rounded muzzle and not a hint of coarseness. She has lovely dark, well placed eyes which along with her ears, when used, finished off a beautiful intelligent expression. Her coat is dark, plentiful, harsh and well fitted. She is balanced with good angles, front and rear. Her movement was sound, just preferred the drive of 1.

Mrs M & Mr E Smith’s – Rashel Follow Your Dream.

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch

Miss M Mellish’s – Demelewis Catchmydrift – Rough Collie. Blue Merle 5yrs. All male, this dog has plenty of substance and bone without being heavy or coarse. He is balanced with good angles and a decent front with a good depth of chest. He has a flat skull of good length, a well rounded foreface and dark eyes which are correctly set. He is sound on the move but was lacking in drive which could have been due to the heat. He has plenty of coat which was a good harsh texture but could have been a better colour. Overall I liked him for his type, balance and maturity.

Mrs J White’s – Mejola I am Persuasive JW – Rough Collie. Sable dog. 3yrs. Flashy dog, clean flat skull with lovely dark eyes. He is balanced with good angles and moved soundly around the ring. He has enough coat which is well fitted and has a good texture. I preferred the expression of 1 but really there wasn’t much to split these two boys.

Miss M Benton’s – Alopex Marionette At Oakestelle


Abby Lusty