BIS report

BIS - Quince’s Karafaye Black Quillan - A very handsome and mature male who came and conquered, he captured the ring with his presence, his coat gleaming in the sun and standing four square, he was not to be overlooked. A clean and well moulded head of excellent balance, slight but perceptible stop, flat skull, pleasant eye and neat ears which he used well. Adequate neck, front angulation and spring of rib, very fit and in superb condition, correct body proportions, well angulated rear and strong hindquarters, moved so effortlessly and true from all angles keeping his topline intact and showing off the overall balance of a well constructed dog, he was very well handled and his coat was immaculately clean and groomed to perfection.

Res BIS - French’s Breckamore By Design - Upstanding and well balanced blue merle dog, strong but well balanced head which was well moulded in foreface and he has a good expression and correct ears. He has a lovely reach of neck, correct front angulation, deep chest, well sprung ribcage, good loin and croup, correct hind angulation, moved effortlessly and soundly, correct coat and texture, in excellent condition, I loved the overall shape of this dog and he combines elegance and substance in perfect balance, a difficult decision, I just preferred the slightly more refined and clean head of the winner.

Best Puppy In Show - Tame’s Claudette (Imp) - A very pretty golden sable with a pleasing shape and outline. Clean and feminine head of good balance and a nice eye, correct stop and good underjaw, adequate front angulation, well developed in body with good bone and good hind angulation, moved soundly from all angles keeping her topline.

Res Best Puppy In Show - French’s Breckamore Besotted - A sweet tricolour puppy, balanced and very feminine head and a quite pleasant eye, her ears are a little light and her underjaw could be stronger, firm and well developed in body, adequate angulation, moved quite well although tended to lift her tail a little high which slightly spoiled her outline.

Best Minor Puppy In Show - Rutherford’s Riverside Song Jewel In The Crown for Kelbywood (Imp) - A promising sable boy of good shape and overall balance. Head of good length although a little strong in back skull, pleasant eye although slightly forward set, correct stop, good ears, adequate neck and angulation, good body proportions and well developed in body and bone, moved well.

Res Best Minor Puppy In Show - French’s Breckamore Besotted

Best Veteran in Show - Benton’s Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle - A lovely blue merle lady, very feminine and elegant, her head is very clean with parallel head planes, correct stop, flat skull, good eye and ears, she has a good reach of neck which flows into her firm topline, excellent body proportions and she is well angulated front and back, moved effortlessly and with drive which won on the day.

Res Best In Show - Jackson’s Sassari Made In Suffolk - Such a handsome and upstanding male, 10 years old and hardly showing his age, I loved his well moulded and very clean head, flat well filled skull, correct stop, beautifully moulded in foreface which was almost like touching velvet and his eye is the correct shape and placement giving him a most lovely expression, good ears, adequate length of neck, strong and correctly made body and lovely bone, excellent hind angulation, he moved very well although a bit more leisurely and not quite with the enthusiasm of the winner.

Lene Newman