Crewe and District Canine Association

Thank you to the officers and committee for their kind invitation to judge this show.  It was a lovely, outdoor show, enhanced by the quality exhibits, sporting exhibitors and glorious sunshine.

Rough Collie Puppy (3,1)

Two lovely puppies in this class and I was splitting hairs but on the day, the expression of the winner stole the place.
1st           Allen’s Lynmack Brooklyn Nights
11 month sable/white male.  A very appealing youngster with a lovely dark, almond shaped eye giving him a sweet expression.  He has a clean wedge head, flat skull and a nicely moulded foreface.  Well placed ears which he used well.  He has a lovely shape and good angulation.  Moved well.  Best Puppy.
2nd          William’s Kelmbri Stargazer

Rough Collie Junior (1,0)
1st           Allen’s Lynmack Brooklyn Nights

Rough Collie Post Graduate (2,1)
1st           McCormick’s Lynmack Let There Be Rock
I have judged this bitch before and in my opinion gets better every time I see her.  Her head is clean with no exaggeration, wedge shaped with a well moulded foreface and well placed stop.  Her eye is dark and almond shaped giving a very sweet expression.  Very alert and attentive to her handler.   She has a good reach of neck and lovely shape.  Her coat is of the correct texture and beautifully presented.  Moved with drive, effortlessly round the ring.  Best of Breed. Rough Collie Open (1,0)
1st           McCormick’s Lynmack All That Matters
A beautiful sable/white bitch who was sympathetically handled by her young handler.  She is such a sweetheart with the most melting expression.  Well placed ears which she used well.  Good reach of neck, well sprung ribs and good depth of chest.  Good bend of stifle and well let down hocks and sound on the move.  Beautifully groomed and she pushed her kennel mate hard in the challenge.

Shetland Sheepdog Junior (3,0)
1st           Edward’s Castlerose Star Turn
A very alert 8 month tricolour dog.  A very nice youngster who’s outline caught my eye instantly.  Nice wedge shape head, flat skull and well positioned stop.  Lovely dark eye of the correct shape and well placed.  Neat ears which he used well, he was very attentive to his handler.  Coat of the correct texture which was beautifully presented.  He moved effortlessly around the ring. Best Puppy.
2nd          Bladon’s Shellamoyed She’s the One
3rd           Barrowclough’s Milesend Millicent

Shetland Sheepdog Post Graduate (5,0)
1st           Ritchie’s Jaelis Mystique Reflection
A very sweet sable/white bitch.  Well moulded foreface and wedge shaped head.   Dark, almond shaped  eye which gave her the most melting expression.  Well placed ears which she used very well.  Good reach of neck, well sprung ribs and depth of chest.  Presented in beautiful condition and moved freely. Overall, a very well balanced bitch who could not be denied Best of Breed.
2nd        Edward’s Castlerose Star Turn
3rd           Bladon’s Kiemont Koney Kissed
4th           Ritchie’s Jaelis Mystique Mistress

Shetland Sheepdog Open (6,1)
1st           Ritchie’s Jaelis Mystique Reflection
2nd          Bladon’s Puncknowle Golden Sunlight at Kiemont
3rd           Barrowclough’s Milesend Musical Lady
4th           Edward’s Castlerose Madame Arcati       


Judge – Alyson Rae (Paridel)