Collie Club of Wales Championship Show Special Award Classes
April 2016

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge these classes at this fantastic friendly show and then also extend my thanks to the exhibitors who hung on for the classes right at the end of the day which I did appreciate.

Rough Collies

Special Junior Dog or Bitch

1. Blaikie’s Kourika Kosta Koffee

8 ½ month tri dog with superb dark, well set and shaped eye, fabulous ear size and set which he used to his advantage giving a truly sweet yet masculine expression with nicely rounded foreface and appropriate underjaw. Jet black coat, well presented. He has a good length of back to him but has a tendency to tuck his neck in as he looks up and I would like to see him tighten more in his rear musculature but hopefully this will come with age. He just had that little extra maturity over 2.

2. Page’s Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back

I was very pleased to be able to go over this young man having watched him from the ringside at a previous show. I have written in my notes ‘just lovely’ and he was a pleasure to judge with a super temperament. Very masculine in his type with outstanding bone and substance, there is no question he is all dog yet he still has a sweet expression with a dark eye that is both well shaped and placed. Pleasing length of head which is quite clean for one so young and a correctly structured flat skull. Very well presented and handled, he was tired as it was the end of the day but still moved soundly, especially for one so young. He is put together well throughout but just needs to grow into himself and I have no doubt will make a lovely adult.

3. Knight’s Chesterfield at Niknigh (Imp SRB)

Res Lockyer’s Aaronwell a Foxy Lady at Gataj

Special Post Graduate Dog or Bitch

1. Ross’ Rahlissa Fairytale at Shamshernik

Rich s/w quality bitch with lovely softness to her eye and expression. Ears used well. I liked her nicely ‘fitted jacket’ of coat which was well groomed throughout and is elegant but not too much and would enable her to do a day’s work. Nicely balanced proportions throughout with a lovely length of back to her and a good length of tail. Moved soundly.

2. Gladwell’s Jotars Blue Moon

Really eyecatching quality blue dog, almost two years old of good size and substance and a well broken colour. His head handles well throughout. Well laid shoulder and nicely angulated rear. His happy tail carriage just spoiled his outline for me on the move which was a shame as I was rather taken with him. Expertly shown.

3. Lockyer’s Gataj Sweet Surprise

Special Open Dog or Bitch

1. Lockyer’s Gataj Welcome  With a Kiss

Three year old blue bitch with a good length of back to height ratio. She has a clean head but I would like to see her ears a little tighter on top. Moved out well with a good length of tail which was carried well.

Hannah Walder (Hanvale)