The Collie Club of Wales Championship Show

Saturday 2nd April 2016

Rough Collie Dogs

My thanks to Christine the Secretary and committee for the invitation.
A small entry so not fair really to make general comments about the breed – what I would say is that presentation on the whole left a lot to be desired.

Minor Puppy Dog (4 ent)
1st and best Dog Puppy was Pages Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back- s/w dark boy with a lot of quality about him, pleasing in head properties, good planes, correct for stop, eye shape and colour, ears bang where they should be, moderate neck, pleasing front angles, enough bone, good feet, correct body, ok hind angulation, good tail set and carriage, moved soundly out and back and with steady side gait, in pleasing well presented coat, showed really well and very confidently.
2nd Knights Chesterfield at Niknigh ( Imp Serb)-smaller sable boy of pleasing type and balance, good head with enough stop, good well set ears , moderate neck,balanced front and hind angulation, correct in body, tail  set and carriage ok, moved well enough but just needs to settle, in very pleasing well presented coat, nice temperament
3rd Hassocks Camanna Colour Me Perfect

Puppy Dog (1Ent)
1st Randals Ladnar Moondust- upstanding Tri boy in great coat and condition , good overall type, correct head planes, stop good, dark well  shaped eye and  lovely expression, neat small ears well set and carried, moderate neck, good withers, correct front angles, longish in back, ok hind angles, good tail set and carriage, moved soundly enough out and back but a tad reluctant on the side gait, well shown and handled and good temperament.

Junior Dog ( 2 entries)
Only two entered and completely different types.
1st Hollywoods Amalie Lynmead Say it Again- young sable boy who really took his time to settle in this class – eventually showing his sound movement, not a big chap balanced head but could be a tad longer, correct stop,pleasing dark well shaped eye, neat well set ears, neck ok, pleasing in front angles, sound in body of correct length, excellent well angulated hind quarters with neat short hocks, correct tail set and carriage, moved soundly out and back and showed good side gait, presentation let him down a bit
2nd Geddes Ingledene Spirits Arise- big upstanding tri boy in such super coat and condition, presented to a tee, found him to be a bit too much for me all over, stronger in head and deeper in skull, his movement was free and sound, showed well and lovely temperament.

Yearling (2 Ent)
1st Ingledene Spirits Arise
2nd Gladwells Jotars Blue Moon JW merle boy of pleasing size and substance,balanced in head , correct eye, ears good ,moderate neck, front angles ok, sound body, pleasing hind angles, tail length ok, moved ok out and back but tad restricted on the side gait and picking his tail up, showed and presented well.

Maiden ( 3 ent)
1st Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back
2nd Ladnar Moondust

Novice (2 ent)
1st Ladnar Moondust
2nd Chesterfield At Niknigh

Graduate (3ent,1abs)
1st-Wells Collingvale Crunchie At Terelimon JW ShCM sable boy who could be a bit more masculine, shortish head, correct stop, eye tad round, ears correct and well used, moderate neck, good front and hind angles, sound in body, good legs and feet, correct tail set and carriage,moved well enough out and back and steady side gait , in pleasing coat and condition, just needing to mature and finish, good temperament.
2nd Ingledene Spirits Arise

Post Graduate ( 1Ent)
1st Mellish Demelewis Moonchaser- good size and coloured tri boy, correct in head length and planes, muzzle could be fuller, well shaped dark eye, ears  neat but could be higher, correct neck length,good front angles, correct body length, excellent hind angles and neat hocks, moved ok away tad narrow coming on , just a tad narrow all through for me

Mid-Limit (1ent)
1st Wares Rowlands Paddy McGinty at Wassail - masculine sable boy, stronger in head type, good length, correct stop, pleasing dark eye, ears ok, neck ok, front angles ok, excellent bone and good feet, sound in body,good hind angles, tad square over croup coat didn’t help, tail length good, moved ok out and back but tending to crab at times, steady side gait with good tail carriage, in good well presented coat, pleasing type overall.

Limit Dog ( 1 ent)
1st Roads Alanita All That Jazz- upstanding tri boy with good bone and substance, excellent size , good legs and feet, pleasing head planes, correct stop, well shaped dark eye,correct neat ears well used, excellent neck,correct front angulation, tad longish in body, correct hind angulation, well set and carried tail, moved soundly out and back and steady side gait at time picking his tail up a bit, in super coat and condition, well shown and presented,

Open (8, 1 abs)
1st and Res CC Waterhouse Returned With Love at Amalie smallish boy with very pale head , length ok , correct head planes, well shaped dark eye, correct neat ears bang on top, excellent neck, excellent front angles, good straight legs and neat feet, sound in body of correct length, lovely croup, good tail set and carriage, excellent hind angulation with neat short hocks, moved so soundly out and back and lovely driving side gait which took him to first place in this class, presentation could have been better, good overall quality
2nd Smedley Ch Atendus Erasure- moderate sized sable boy of quality, similar in type to 1 ,balanced head, lovely well shaped dark eye, ears could be higher, moderate neck, correctly balanced front and hind angulation, sound in body of correct length, good tail set and carriage, moved soundly out and back and steady side gait, in pleasing coat and condition, pushing 1 all the way, worthy Champ.
3rd-Shipps Mystic Touch of Tremaro JW

Veteran ( 2 Ent, 1 Abs)
1st Dog CC and Res BIS Edwards Elshajo Armani Moon Top quality veteran Tri boy whom i have done well for in the past and today was certainly his day to shine- for me he stood away in the males, upstanding male of the correct size and substance and for me the only boy on the day who showed 'Impassive Dignity' as described in the breed standard- hes top quality and he knows it - cant believe that he has only today gained his third CC and Champion title - it was well overdue, his head is text book, correct parallel planes, correct stop, fabulous dark well shaped eye, flat skull, scores in length of neck, correct withers and superior front angulation, sound well made body which could be a tad shorter coupled, excellent croup, well carried tail on good length, neatest of short hocks with excellent hind angulation, he moved very soundly out and back and showed a steady smooth side gait at the correct pace, he was presented to perfection - added to all his virtues he showed his socks off for his adoring handler - what a fabulous rappore they both had together it was a joy to watch- for me he stood out and fully deserved his CC a decision that seemed to please his handler and the ringside - many congratulations 

Judge John Ritchie